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Every few minutes while watching  365 Days , I always laugh inside because of how bad this film is. I didn't read the novel that was the inspiration for this film, but I do know that 365 Days is a film that not only multiplies toxic masculinity  but is also a wordy film to tell what it wants to convey: a pornographic film.

This toxic masculinity  is depicted in a character named Massimo. Played by actor and singer Michele Morrone , Massimo is a handsome Italian mobster with a body that is said to be "sculpted by God." Unfortunately, at the beginning of the film he and his father are attacked by the enemy mob, and cause the death of his father.

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Before being attacked, he saw a beautiful woman on the beach which eventually made him obsessed with looking for her. Ever since he was injured being attacked, he always imagined that strange and mysterious woman.  She is Laura ( Anna-Maria Sieklucka ), who is having a boring relationship with her boyfriend.

This wasn't a romantic film, so Massimo didn't want to waste time winning Laura's heart. He is a mob boss, so he just kidnaps Laura to his luxurious residence. He gave Laura 365 days to fall in love with him, and if during the year Laura did not love him, he would be freed.

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If the story sounds absurd, then that's how I feel. With almost two hours in duration, I always had to feel confused about how this illogical story could go on for so long. I never thought of kidnapping someone and making him fall in love, but that's what Massimo thought.

He is what people often call  toxic masculanity and the film also heralded that character because of his good looks. One scene that surprised me was when he was boarding his private plane, and for some reason he just asked one of his flight attendants and forced him to have oral sex. Can this be classified as rape? But after that the flight attendant just smiled and looked satisfied.

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His very bad nature is also made worse by his very unreasonable behavior and very tacky dialogue. He said that he didn't want to touch Laura if Laura wouldn't let him, but he also choked and groped her and said that he wouldn't be gentle with her. So what does he want, really?

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With Massimo,  365 Days has highlighted the worst of masculinity that might just appear as a fantasy in the mind of a perverted man. Seeing someone kidnapping someone and forcing them to fall in love within a year is just a dangerous fantasy.

In the character Laura also  365 Days romanticize a kidnapping. While films with other abduction themes usually portray the victim as someone with a damaged psychology over time, it is different from Laura, who acts normally and even teases Massimo.

Here, Laura might want to be described as a victim who has Stockholm syndrome. Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological reaction that occurs when a kidnapped or hostage victim shows signs of loyalty or sympathy with the perpetrator. Stockholm , the film of 2018, is a film based on a true story and also takes on that theme.

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Usually the victims, prior to being hit by Stockholm syndrome, will try to run away and fight back. In contrast to Laura who only showed little signs of resistance, and that only happened on the first day. After that, it was as if he was hypnotized by Massimo and even teased Massimo several times, either by bringing himself closer to Massimo in the shower or by dressing openly to a nightclub.

Not only is the story very bad and the characters are no less bad, but I also had problems with  editing in this film. Every few scenes, a piece of music begins. Some scenes continue, more music begins. This film feels more like a music video featuring exciting scenes.

As of this writing, 365 Days is one of the most searched films on Netflix even though it is not a Netflix production film. Every time I open the application, this film appears at the front. Whenever I want to type to find a movie, 365 Days comes at the top. I understand because there must be a lot of viewers who are curious about this Polish film. But unfortunately, I have to say that 365 Days is the worst film of 2020 by far.

Unfortunately, he did not get this success in his love life. Her lover, Martin (Mateusz Lasowski) never prioritizes Laura and is more concerned with work and friends. Laura's patience was running out, she then gave Martin the last chance to improve their relationship by taking a vacation together to Sicily as well as celebrating his birthday.

When kidnapped, Massimo tells Laura about Martin's rottenness. He also gave Laura the opportunity to fall in love with him within 365 days. However, if within 365 days Laura doesn't fall in love with him, Massimo promises to release him.

Will Laura fall in love with mob boss Massimo? You can watch 365 Days on Netflix since 7 June 2020.  However, remember, this 365 Days film is categorized as an adult film and should only be watched if you meet these standards.

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