Netflix has released another original superhero film The one titled Project Power

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Publish Date : 2021-03-15 00:00:00

Netflix has released another original superhero film The one titled Project Power

Superhero films are getting more and more hype in Hollywood. Especially, ever since the Marvel Cinematic Universe had success with its Avengers. Which eventually became the highest grossing film franchise of all time. Netflix, currently the largest paid movie streaming service, also doesn't want to be outdone. They played in the superhero film genre earlier.

After last July's success with The Old Guard, starring Charlize Theron, this August Netflix has released another original superhero film. The one titled Project Power. What can be enjoyed starting last Friday (14/8).

Compared to other superhero films, the premise raised by Project Power is rather unique. Namely, about strong drugs in the form of capsules. Which if swallowed will make the user have certain super powers. However, only in duration of five minutes.

Yes, you could say, the mysterious capsule was a kind of superhero version of Viagra. Which if consumed can be immediately (sorry) hardened, but only five minutes. After that letoy again.

The effect caused by the pill called Power also varies from person to person. We will only find out after using it. Some can disappear, some are immune to bullets, some become fire humans, some become giants, etc. However, there were also those whose bodies exploded and died instantly after swallowing them.

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Although the effect was only brief, the impact caused by the mysterious capsule, which was circulating illegally in New Orleans, was extraordinary. Many criminals are using it to commit criminal acts. The situation in New Orleans became chaotic because of it.

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That, in turn, makes a policeman (Joseph Gordon-Levitt), a former soldier (Jamie Foxx), and a drug dealer (Dominique Fishback), accidentally, team up. To track down that superpower pill maker.

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Apart from its quite unique premise, the main attraction of Project Power is its two main stars: Jamie Foxx and Joseph Gordon-Levitt (JGL). Even though this film is filled with intense action scenes, the two of them are able to give a touch of comedy to their respective characters.

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Moreover, there are also newcomers. Who is a rising star and attention stealer in this film. Namely: Dominique Fishback. Who is 29 years old, but is able to act as a cute ababil girl. The one who is good at rapping.

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In fact, you could say, the character played by Dominique Fishback was the real superhero in Project Power. Because he was the only person who didn't swallow the superpower pill earlier. So, there are no super powers that he brings out in this film.

His innocent and innocent figure seemed to carry a message: That, in truth, we don't need superpowers to become heroes. Because all we need is courage. To defend the truth and help others in need.

Dominique Fishback's own appearance, although still quite smelly in Hollywood, did not seem awkward in acting with JGL and Jamie Foxx. That much more senior. In fact, he is able to be the glue for the two well-known actors. So that the chemistry that exists between them feels quite thick in this film.

Another positive thing about Project Power is the action scenes and visuals that are quite interesting. Especially, every time someone swallowed that superpower pill. The scene is shown in slow motion. To show the super power effect produced by the pill.

The action scenes and gunfire are also quite exciting. Which is peppered with a few explosions. Sirs who are fans of action films, maybe, will like this Project Power. Moreover, if watched on a large cinema screen. Not streamed on a small gadget screen.

However, unfortunately, some of the positives were not supported by a reliable scenario. The flow of Project Power, which was actually filled with many conflicts, went very fast. There is no deepening of the story. Everything is too compacted. It was like rushing to be consumed in its nearly two hour duration.

The antagonists who are presented are also less kicking. They seem to be only a patch in this Project Power. For those who expect a fierce battle between superheroes and supervillains, get ready to be disappointed. Because there really isn't.

Moreover, the ending is also normal. The closing match scene, you could say, didn't live up to expectations. Project Power, in the end, was just an action film with a sci-fi spice. The superhero element is less pronounced. Which, perhaps, would be more suitable if used as a television series alone.

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