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Since  Mad Max: Fury Road was released in 2015, I have become one of the viewers who really believe that  Charlize Theron is a really promising action star  . His drama or comedy films are good, but every action film  he stars in always manages to entertain. Just look at  Atomic Blonde , where he turns into someone as deadly as John Wick .

Now  Charlize Theron is the main star in  The Old Guard , Netflix's newest film directed by Gina Prince-Bythewood  ( Beyond the Lights ). He plays Andromache the Scythia, or as Andy is usually called. Here, he leads a secret squad of four where all members are immortal, which means immortal. They have lived for over hundreds of years, with Andy being the oldest of the four.

The four of them do have unique traits and pasts, so that they are able to keep this team interesting to continue to be followed. Besides Andy, there is Booker ( Matthias Schoenaerts ) who has lost someone he loved in his life. Likewise with Andy, so that the two of them, despite continuing to utilize their strength, always find it difficult to fight the feelings of grief that always enveloped them.

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Then there are Nicky ( Luca Marinelli ) and Joe ( Marwan Kenzari ) who have lived from the time of the Crusades, where they had previously killed each other constantly because they were in different camps, but interestingly, they have now become inseparable lovers. Indeed, there are many action films that use the concept of a group like this, but The Old Guard managed to make the team interesting and different from other films with a similar concept.

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While on a mission for Copley ( Chiwetel Ejiofor ), former CIA, Andy and his team apparently entered a trap that Copley had planned to prove that this team was a group of people who lived eternally. Copley also plans to catch the four of them and hand them over to Merrick ( Harry Melling ), the head of Merrick Pharmaceutical who aims to research the four in order to get a cure for all kinds of diseases.

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At one point Andy and his team had a dream simultaneously, when in Afghanistan there was a marine who had just risen from the dead, a young woman named Nile Freeman ( KiKi Layne ). Andy, with alacrity, immediately came and fetched him to join the fun team. Eternal life is fun, right?

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With his short black hair, nimble and deadly movements and a really cool ax, Andy does look like a perfect action character . Not only that, his past also adds to the aura of mystery in the film and again makes me think, how long have Andy and his friends lived?

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There is a conversation between Andy and Nile that perfectly creates a mysterious aura about Andy's life. As Nile prayed, Andy asked, “You prayed? God doesn't exist. " "My God exists," replied Nile. Andy then continued to reply "You know, there was a time when I was worshiped as a god."

From the characters alone, I was curious about how this film would go. But, doesn't it mean that if the characters can't die, then all the action in the film will be wasted because we know they can't die? This is where this film feels smart because it still tries to provide an explanation of something that has the potential to make the film feel odd.

Andy explained that even if the wounds he and his friend received can heal instantly, there will be times when the wounds won't close by themselves and they can die like ordinary people. Maybe today the wounds received could be healed, but tomorrow the eternal life they had could be lost and they could just die.

That way I can still feel, even though they have a very big advantage, the feeling of danger that always looms over them every time they encounter an enemy. Every time I get shot or stabbed by a sharp object, I immediately think, “Is it now time that they are no longer immortal? Is it the time for them to die, after living so long? "

The fighting part in this film is really exciting, it doesn't need to be debated anymore. Especially when it comes to close combat, like when Andy fought a group of people wearing vests with weapons. With a sword in the right hand, and a gun in the left hand, the scene again shows how talented Charlize Theron is in killing people with quite a complex choreography.

However, what I might regret about this film is the use of the music. Wait a minute, the music in this film is really fun, I agree with that. But imagine if the music in this film, instead of using electropop music  from various musicians, uses epic and adrenaline-shaking music like music from a composer who really knows how to evoke a scene with music, like Hans Zimmer's music .

Adapted from a comic with the same name,  The Old Guard  is indeed a very interesting comic film because it is not only an exciting action film  with a unique story, but also prepares to become a film that will have a  sequel because it still has a story that can be continued and become something. that is bigger than this film. And if the first film is this good, then the sequel idea looks both tantalizing and promising.

Not only does this film have the potential to start a  new franchise , but  The Old Guard has also succeeded in making a concept that may be used by other films (especially superhero films  ) feel very fresh. Especially with a story that manages to make the concept look different and the characters are very exciting to follow, making this an action film  that is suitable to accompany summer at home.

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