The Rise of the Mafia Genre with THE IRISHMAN, Martin Scorseses Best Film

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Publish Date : 2021-03-12

The Rise of the Mafia Genre with THE IRISHMAN, Martin Scorseses Best Film

Martin Scorsese. Who doesn't know him? Whether perhaps from his signature mafia films like Goodfellas or Casino , or his frequent collaborations with Robert De Niro on Taxi Driver or Raging Bull , or perhaps from his recent comments on Marvel, Martin Scorsese is one of the biggest names in the world of cinema.

27 November he again hit the world with what I can say is one of the best films of the decade and his best film Martin Scorsese. The Irishman , a film that was acquired by streaming giant Netflix because of its enormous budget and other film studios that were hesitant to take it.

Is it crazy to call this Martin Scorsese's best film? If you look at past films, such as The Wolf of Wall Street , The Aviator or some of the films I mentioned above, all of these films are very, very good films with perfect quality and amazing players. However, The Irishman was able to go through all of these films and provide a new experience for me.

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What experiences do I mean? What experiences can The Irishman offer that other films don't have? Experience to follow someone's life while on various themes at once. Friendship, loyalty, family, betrayal, regret, all these themes are perfectly covered in this 3 hour and 29 minute film.

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This epic film is not only made by a reliable director, but also stars film players who are no less legendary than Scorsese. Robert De Niro and Joe Pesci, who have collaborated many times before with Martin Scorsese, appeared in The Irishman with Al Pacino, which is the dream of film fans because this is the first time Al Pacino has collaborated with Scorsese.

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Tells what this film is about? The Irishman tells of a man named Frank Sheeran (Robert De Niro), a truck driver who is involved with a criminal organization headed by Russell Bufalino (Joe Pesci), and ends up working under Jimmy Hoffa (Al Pacino), a leader of the United States trade union.

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For 209 minutes we see how Frank, who was originally a soldier, later worked as a meat delivery truck driver and entered the criminal world deeper and deeper together with Russell. Throughout his journey in the criminal world, he also met other powerful people played by veteran film players such as Angelo Bruno (Harvey Keitel), Tony Pro (Stephen Graham), Felix DiTullio (Bobby Cannavale), and Fat Tony (Domenick Lombardozzi). .

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By using digital de-aging technology that can change the face of an actor to be younger, The Irishman can confidently tell Frank's life decades before and instantly change the face of De Niro and the other cast to look younger, and the results are quite amazing. . If I don't know what De Niro really looks like, then I will believe that his young face is his real face.

Robert De Niro, long after we didn't see him play the film that really drew us into his world, is back to collaborating with Scorsese after 24 years. He is no stranger to playing in films of the same type, such as Goodfellas or Once Upon a Time in America , but his performance at The Irishman is one of his best performances.

Whether when he plays Frank who is still unfamiliar with the criminal world to himself who always takes care of Jimmy after knowing the intricacies of the criminal world, De Niro can perfectly demonstrate his acting skills in portraying this quite complex character, someone who believes that action speaks louder. than words. At the end of the film, De Niro can close the huge story with just his gaze. A blank but meaningful gaze and the story behind it.

Then there's Joe Pesci. Yes, Pesci, who has retired from acting since her last film, Love Ranch in 2010, again appears with her collaborators, De Niro and Scorsese, where the three of them have often made films together. Here, he again plays the character of a mobster, namely Russell Bufalino.

Combine De Niro with Pesci and you will have a masterpiece. With skill, Pesci can play Russell with an iron fist while leading his organization, but can also show his vulnerable side when he sees Frank's child because he cannot have children with his wife.

Scorsese, De Niro, and Pesci are the perfect ingredients for a mafia film. And not only that, this film also stars Al Pacino who is like them, he is also no stranger to crime-type films, call it The Godfather or Scarface where in both films he becomes a firm leader of a criminal organization.

Not much different from The Irishman , where Hoffa's character is a trade union leader. He is someone who is very confident, even his self-confidence often gets him into legal problems and problems with other criminal organizations. Hoffa is a character who also often throws humor that can lighten the weight of this film, making The Irishman a film that is not boring, and that's all thanks to Al Pacino's natural talent.

Seeing the film The Irishman , this film is like a poem. With beauty, Martin Scorsese makes this film run rhythmically and despite its very long duration, there is no dull moment from every second. And just like a beautiful poem, The Irishman has its own tempo that can raise or lower the tension, so that the film can run without even faltering.

Really crazy when you think about it. How come after years of career, this is Al Pacino's first collaboration with Martin Scorsese. And it's quite sad to think, is this the last time we see how the four maestros do something that only the four of them can do, namely making a work that is touching, funny, moving, and tense.

Let's hope that these four genius individuals still have something to offer us in the future, for they are the ones who can revive a film genre that may have died long ago, a film genre that is guaranteed to be perfect if it has one of these. this fourth, the mafia genre.

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