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British director Guy Ritchie had been in doubt when failing commercially while working on a spy movie The Man From UNCLE and adaptation of the story of the legendary King Arthur after successful passing dwilogi Sherlock Holmes , starring Robert Downey Jr . Fortunately, in 2019, the film in collaboration with Disney, which is a live action adaptation of Aladdin, achieved great success with revenues of more than 1 billion dollars.

The blessings of this success seem to have resulted in the Miramax studio's trust in Ritchie to produce a film with the theme of the world of crime and the world of gangsters which is the root of which is based on his own story and script. This film with top class actors in the figures of Matthew McConaughey, Charlie Hunnam, Henry Golding, Hugh Grant to Colin Farrell entitled The Gentlemen will be shown in Indonesian theaters starting February 19, 2020.
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Mickey Pearson ( Matthew McConaughey ) is the largest marijuana businessman in the UK with assets of up to billions of dollars. Feeling tired of doing business and wanting to spend his retirement with his wife Rosalind (Michele Dockery), Mickey also intends to sell all of his assets consisting of 12 secret marijuana fields, planting systems to distribution systems and a buyer list to Matthew Berger (Jeremy Strong) for 400. million dollars.

In the midst of negotiations between the two, unexpected problems emerge one by one, starting with an attack on one of the secret marijuana fields, the appearance of another buyer in the ambitious Dry Eye (Henry Golding) until the advent of tricky journalist Fletcher (Hugh Grant) who wants to blackmail. Mickey goes through his assistant Raymond (Charlie Hunnam) and makes the situation chaotic. The involvement of a gym trainer with the nickname Coach (Collin Farrell) with his men who like to act randomly and dragging the name Lord George (Tom Wu) the heroin dealer also makes the situation even more precarious and threatens the lives of Mickey and Rosalind.

Using the storytelling pattern that characterized his early career, such as in the films Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch , the scriptwriter and director, Guy Ritchie, seemed to repeat his winning formula in the film The Gentlemen . The difference is this time he uses the services of top actors to play in comedy drama genre films in this criminal world.

Based on a story designed by Guy Ritchie (Revolver, RocknRolla) with Ivan Atkinson and Marn Davies and based on a script written by Ritchie himself, this film, which is actually a simple premise, is written in an attractive writing structure using a flashback pattern with inserts of imaginary scenes through the narrative. dialogue is delivered between two Fletcher characters who are trying to blackmail Mickey through his assistant Raymond.

The eccentric character Fletcher, played by Hugh Grant (Notting Hill, Love Actually) and Raymond, played by Charlie Hunnam ( King Arthur , Pacific Rim) with the OCD character and being intrigued by Fletcher's courage, makes the interaction between the two which takes up about 30% of the film's duration to be interesting. Moreover, Fletcher's style of telling stories with comedic spices and a little offending the film industry makes his comedy feel meta or makes fun of the film itself.

The characterization that is often the key in Guy Ritchie's independent films is indeed the key in this film. Each character has its own characteristics and uniqueness that makes even though the number of characters in this film are countless, they can still be remembered thanks to their various characteristics.

Matthew McConaughey 's Mickey Pearson   (Interstellar, Dallas Buyer's Club) who is the central character is the axis. His tough character as an American criminal leader who runs the marijuana business in America stands out. His precise steps and maintaining business ethics and his calm attitude in dealing with problems are in balance with his love for his wife, Rosalind. So bucin, Mickey was willing to retire for Rosalind.

Rosalind himself is no less interesting. As the wife of a crime boss who owns her own auto business, the character played by Michelle Dockery (Non-Stop, Downton Abbey series ) is seen as a woman who is firm and cold-handed. Not with beauty she was able to conquer Mickey, but with her dominant attitude and character. Rosalind is the author's favorite character in this film.

Colin Farrell 's Coach (Minority Report, The Lobster) loyal to his men, Henry Golding 's Dry Eye ( Crazy Rich Asians , Last Christmas ) is crazy and acts full of surprises for his ambition, Jeremy Strong 's Matthew Berger (The Big Short, The Judge) is stylish and cool, down to the minor but important characters of Lord George (Tom Wu) , Big Dave (Eddie Marsan) or Phuc (Jason Wong) , all of which have interesting characterizations and important moments in the 113-length film. this minute.

The plot that goes back and forth will indeed more or less challenge the patience of the audience to enjoy this film until the end, but believe me the many dialogues that come out and the jumping scenes that require more concentration will be delicious in the final quarter of the film when all the stories converge at a climax. satisfying and giving crazy conclusions.

Technically this film has the strength in good editing techniques in the figure of James Herbert ( Aladdin , Edge of Tomorrow) , a regular editor of Ritchie, who shows his reliability in providing good transitions in a film that is quite complicated in this storytelling. The use of various slow mo scenes to support the dramatization of the film also feels good and effective.

This cinematography by Alan Stewart ( Aladdin , Mary Poppins Returns), which is also a subscription to Ritchie, also deserves thumbs up for the quality of its attractive camera movements, not only beautiful landscape images but also playful when working on video clips of ridiculous gangs of gym members. The production and artistic design, the costume team, the make-up team also worked well with more notes given to the music arrangement team who provided lots of fun soundtrack songs plus a theme score composed by Christopher Benstead ( Aladdin , Gravity) which successfully raised the mood of the audience, especially in the middle. both films.

Final Conclusion
After proving his ability to produce $ 1 billion films, director with indie roots, Guy Ritchie, returned to his roots by writing and directing the film The Gentlemen . This crime drama with a touch of typical British comedy that is full of sarcasm and harsh words with a unique and intriguing characterization has a simple plot but is told in an attractive and complicated way. Concentration is the key and the audience will feel a cool film, with a fun plot and full of madness. The Gentlemen will be broadcast regularly in Indonesia on February 19, 2020.

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