Mr. Korean drama . Queen scored the highest rating

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Publish Date : 2021-02-22

Mr. Korean drama . Queen  scored the highest rating

history in her broadcast for tvN   and became a hot topic of conversation among Korean fans. This colossal drama wrapped in comedy is not only an ordinary spectacle, but also a refreshing entertainment for the audience.

The humor that is deliberately presented creates another color in the saeguk drama which usually seems heavy. Intrigue, conflict, and politics are still presented, but are packaged in different forms.

Since the beginning of the screening, there have been many harsh criticisms directed at the drama produced by YG STUDIOPLEX because it is considered to insult the historical record of the Joseon dynasty which is protected by the South Korean government and has been recognized by UNESCO. Despite the harsh criticism, Mr. Queen is what kind of drama?

Mr. Queen is a drama set in the Joseon Dynasty which was led by King Cheol Jong . This drama has 20 episodes that ended on February 14, 2021, as well as a spin-off episode . However, the production party emphasized that this drama was only inspired, not to duplicate.

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Jang Bong Hwan is a chef who lives in modern times, as a result of accidentally falling into a swimming pool and drowning, he meets the spirit of a woman, when he awakens his soul is trapped in the body of the woman he met when he drowned. Suddenly Jang Bong Hwan was in the Joseon Dynasty era .

Instead of not being able to return, inevitably he must follow the flow. She became the figure of Kim So Yong , an empress chosen to be the wife of King Cheol Jong , who made the ladies and gentlemen in the palace shake their heads as a result of her actions.

His soul was a little disturbed when he found out that he was going to marry the KingCheol Jong . Since marriage, he has been involved in many problems in the palace.

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The Cast Are Loves

1. Shin Hye Sun

This beautiful 31-year-old actress is the iconic main character , Kim So Yong . A calm empress then becomes a little wild because of the soul of Jang Bong Hwan in her.

His love was rejected by King Cheol Jong  because the king loved Empress Jo Hwa Jin very much .

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2. Kim Jung HyunKing Cheol Jong is played by this 30 year old actor. The king who is depicted as the political puppet of Queen Sunwon , the consort of the late Kim Sunjo.

As a king, he is required to always do anything neatly and with dignity. However, after living together with Kim So Yong , he experienced many changes.

Some time ago Kim Jung Hyun greeted Indonesian citizens through CNN Indonesia . He also did live Instagram  several times to greet his fans.

3. Na In Woo

Being Kim So Yong's cousin who loves the queen so much is the role this 1994-born actor got. Apart from playing the king and queen, the character Kim Byeong In also stole the show. The reason is that the cast of this character is so interesting, plus his successful acting that breaks the hearts of the audience.

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Sadboy is the nickname for this character played by the alumni of the Dankook University Department of Performing Arts .

He is known to broadcast live on Instagram along with Shin Hye Sun .

4. Seol In Ah

This 24-year-old woman plays the concubine of King Cheol Jong and becomes the king's first love, named Jo Hwa Jin . In Mr. drama . Queen he is told as a relative of Queen Mother Jo .

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At first he had a hidden plan with the king and Prince Youngpyeong to trap the queen. However, it was time that made Jo Hwa Jin aware that the man she loved loved the woman he had lived with.

According to Indonesian netizens , Seol In Ah is similar to Nikita Willy. What do you think?

A cameo

In addition to several actors who are loved for their acting, good looks and beauty. There is also a special appearance of Choi Jin Hyuk as Jang Bong Hwan. Even though it's only a cameo, its role is quite a breath of fresh air in this drama.

Filming Location Secret

Many think that the location of the lake where Kim So Yong ended his life was in the same location as the palace and people's houses. In fact, the lake and surroundings of the royal palace were in different locations.

1. Guangnamji Pond

2. MBC Daejanggeum Park

Every story has lessons to be learned. Apart from these quotes from the dialogues in Dharma which you can quote, there is one big message implied:

" Some say the outside world is cruel. In fact, the immediate environment is the most violent. The opponent is in a comrade. There is no one person who can be completely trusted in this world but yourself. However, the power of love can change everything ."

There are those who have not been able to move on  from Mr. Queen?

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