Reading the Turnside Phenomenon of the Hollywood Film Industry

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Publish Date : 2021-02-22

Reading the Turnside Phenomenon of the Hollywood Film Industry

There's no limitations on creativity.If we discuss films , presumably no one can deny that the Hollywood film industry is the mecca of the majority of the film industry on earth. I don't know how many big screen films that have been released by Uncle Sam's domestic film industry and how many of their booming films have broken Box Offices records, call it The Avengers, Avatar, Titanic, Starwars, The Lion King, and so on.

Talking about films, not only the writer or maybe you are aware that there is a phenomenon that is happening in the realm of Hollywood there. Do you know these films, such as Deadpool (2016 and 2018), Venom (2018), Joker (2019), Maleficent (2019), Cruella (2021), and Morbius (2022)?

When you read those films, it comes to your mind that there is one thing they have in common, namely films where the main character is evil.

Let's discuss each of them. Hearing the names Deadpool, Venom, and Morbius, fans of Marvel Superheroes certainly know that these two characters are villain figures from Spiderman. Likewise with the Joker who incidentally is the mortal enemy of the DC Comics character, Batman. Meanwhile, Maleficent is a villain from the Sleeping Beauty story and, like Cruella, is the antagonist of 101 Dalmatians.

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As we know that each character or character has a host or subject from a film that has a big and well-known name. However, what is interesting to note here is how these characters and characters can live outside of their shells or can have side stories made for filming.

So is there really a "turnside" phenomenon in the Hollywood film industry? Or is the presence of these films deliberately presented to meet the expectations of big screen lovers?

If we trace and observe, Hollywood films are often influenced by how an event occurs or the hegemony that is trending in their film world. As an illustration, the films Armageddon and Deep Impact, 9/11 films, 2012 films, Olympus Has Fallen and White House Down films, The Avengers and Justice League films, and others.

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Reflecting on the films of the antagonist characters I mentioned earlier, accidentally it is like forming a "timeline" of the direction of the Hollywood film industry which is experimenting or has indeed been in the process of developing a story that is Out The Box.

Let us study together. Hopefully everyone knows the words "truth will defeat evil" and "good will always win" which are often the jargon of films with heroic themes and defenders of truth.

But have you ever thought like this, for example, why do the heroes always win and the criminals always lose? Why didn't the villain win like that? Or have you ever thought that an antagonist can do good and then have a film made?

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Maybe not a few who think something crazy, right? Why not go with the flow and why try to go against it?

The answer is only one that the entertainment industry is an industry that demands creativity and sometimes to be creative, you have to be broad-minded to open up all possibilities.

From the results of these crazy ideas, there can also be successful films , such as Deadpool, Venom, Joker, and allowing other films to follow.

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But again, if we discuss industry, it is closely related to money and crazy ideas will not work if there is no flow of money to produce it or a projection of the nominal amount that will be obtained. If the originator of the idea must be able to present and project that the crazy idea is possible and can be successful in the market.

Take Deadpool and Venom as an example, who in the film becomes a hero. Regarding this, it can be said that it is very, very possible because in the realm of Marvel Superheroes and Spiderman they have adapted the term multiverse or alternative world. Whereas the Joker does not use the multiverse concept, the Joker film is more about exposing the public's curiosity about the birth of the mysterious Joker psychopath.

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Furthermore, about money, before the crazy idea is executed, the originator must prepare everything that allows the film to be successful in the market, such as film scenarios, selecting actors / actresses, when the momentum is right, and so on.

From that, in other words, in the world of film, everything that can generate money is very possible to be realized. And why the Hollywood film industry is able to do all of that is because they have cultivated a variety of creativity and therefore they just need to take care of it so that it grows and grows.

From the brief discussion above, hopefully there will be a lesson for the national film industry that the potential or opportunity for local films to sell in the market both at home and abroad is very open. It's just that the question returns, whether Indonesian cinema people dare to explore their ideas or is it just enough with the existing conditions.

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