Summary of Seven Samurai, a black and white film about love and sacrifice

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Summary of Seven Samurai, a black and white film about love and sacrifice

Watching old films , especially those that are still black and white, has become a special pleasure for me. Yesterday I tried to watch a black and white film. Even though the picture is black and white, the film makes my watching hobby more colorful.

Because all this time I have watched color films. Anime, superhero films and Asian dramas are films with attractive colors. So when watching a black and white film, it feels completely different.

Watching black and white films can make the audience more focused on the story. Especially for me, who is easily distracted by attractive visuals. It sometimes makes me forget what the story is about.

The black and white film I watched yesterday was Seven Samurai. Judging from the title, it seems that this film is from Japan. And after watching it, it's true from Japan.

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This film was released around the 1950's. But I happened to see an article on the BBC, that Seven Samurai is the best foreign language film.

Because of that best label, I became curious. What is it that makes this black and white film get the first rank out of a hundred films?

Then I started watching it.

First Samurai

As the title suggests, the film Seven Samurai is about seven samurai. At the beginning of the film, the audience will be introduced to an old man named Kambei. 

Kambei's intelligence when saving the girl, was witnessed by Katsushiro. This young man was amazed by the way Kambei fought. So he decided to learn from the senior.

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Kambei's greatness was also witnessed by a delinquent named Kikuchiyo. His body was tall, manly, and strong. He felt rivaled by Kambei's greatness. So he challenged Kambei to a duel, but Kambei didn't respond politely. Then Kambei and Katsushiro left Kikuchiyo who was heartbroken.

Save the Farmers

Kambei's fame invited peasants to rent his services. The farmers asked Kambei to save the village from bandits invading. Kambei agreed, but he couldn't do it alone. He needed seven samurai to save the village from dozens of violent bandits.

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Second Samurai

Kambei as the leader of the samurai. He looked for other samurai who were willing to help him against the bandits. After failing for a while, his efforts paid off. A man named Gorobei becomes the second samurai.

Third and Fourth Members

The two samurai then split up. They found friends again. Kambei managed to persuade a fat man named Shichihiro. Meanwhile, Gorobei successfully hooked up an ordinary capable samurai named Heihachi. So there are four samurai.

Kyuzo, the skinny samurai refused Kambei's invitation. The reason for that was because Kyuzo liked to fight for satisfaction, not to help people. But at the right time, Kyuzo came to join and became the fifth member.

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Kambei's student, whose name was Katsushiro, was not included in the group because he was too young. However, after discussing it with the others, Kambei accepted him to become the sixth samurai.

Youngest child

Only one person is needed. But because time was limited, Kambei decided that six was enough. When he was about to go to the village, suddenly the thugs who asked for the duel appeared.

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The drunken Kikuchiyo still wants to duel Kambei, but is instead teased by the other five samurai. Even so, the seven samurai had formed after Kikuchiyo were received in a unique way. Already complete.

Ingenuity Against Riding Bandits

The seven samurai with their swords arrived at the farmer's village. They are tasked with saving the village from bandits hiding in the mountains. After observing the location of the village, they made a precise strategy.

This is where I got more interested in continuing to watch.

The western village had barbed fences to prevent the bandits from passing. The southern village, which had a lot of rice fields, was turned into a swamp so that the bandit's horses could not advance. Kampung Timur, the bridge was cut so that the bandits could not cross the river. So the bandits' only entrance was via the north, where seven samurai awaited them.

When I saw the above scene, I remembered the game Plants VS Zombies. Because the game also uses regional defense to defeat its enemies.

Shino and the Romance of a Samurai

In the farmer's village, there is a beautiful girl named Shino. He was asked by his father to disguise himself as a man in order to survive the lusts of the bandits. While walking in the forest, Shino accidentally ran into one of the samurai. They share rice and care. Love begins to grow, though in secret.

Why? Because Shino's father didn't like seeing his son making out with samurai. In his father's mind, samurai were not much different from bandits who took away the wealth of farmers.
The lover too. He didn't dare to tell other samurai for fear of being expelled from the samurai group. So the couple made love secretly.

From this I see, even though other people don't agree, if it's called any love will be done. It's all for the people he loves, even if he has to sacrifice himself.

Tactical Fighting Way

This part I like.

As planned, the bandits came from the north. Seven samurai assisted by a farmer await the bandits on the path. The warriors were hiding behind a rock.

They then let the two bandits through. Only then did they come out to intercept the bandits behind them. The cohesiveness of farmers and samurai managed to drive the bandits back into the forest. Meanwhile, the two bandits who were allowed to escape were killed by a farmer who had been waiting in the middle of the village. This success was repeated so that the number of bandits decreased.
Samurai Starts Falling Down

The bandits know that they are being framed. So they decided to attack at full force. The war is now happening in the middle of the village. Thanks to the help of mothers, the bandits were outnumbered. But that success came at the expense of the samurai.

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