Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 2 The Birth of a New Captain America!

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Falcon and Winter Soldier Episode 2 The Birth of a New Captain America!

In the first episode of the series Falcon and Winter Soldier, which aired last week, we were introduced to various kinds of conflicts and characters that will be present throughout the series. Then, at the end of the premiere episode , we are surprised by the presence of John F. Walker (Wyatt Russell) who was introduced as the new Captain America by the United States government.

So, in the second episode of the series Falcon and Winter Soldier, which airs this week, we are invited to get to know more about the new Captain America. Even though it is not yet detailed, we are shown several moments that explain John Walker's background before becoming Captain America and the moments when he acts using that identity.

In addition, in this second episode, we are finally shown with a duet between Sam Wilson (Anthony Mackie) and Bucky Barnes (Sebastian Stan) which many people have been waiting for. They also work together to trace the whereabouts of the Flag Smashers group, which often causes trouble. Oh yes, in this second episode we can also begin to see racial issues which are reportedly the main conflict of the series.

So, curious about the excitement of the second episode of the Falcon and Winter Soldier series ? Come on, see the KINCIR review below!

The introduction of a new Captain America that looks different
Since the second episode began, we have been presented with an introductory moment with the figure of John Walker as the new Captain America . He even appeared on a talk show to introduce himself to the world. At the event, it was explained that Walker was a soldier who had won three medals of honor and was chosen to be the successor to Captain America by the government.

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From this moment, we can actually see the big difference in attitude between John Walker and Steve Rogers when he became Captain America. You see, at that moment Walker appeared to be a person who wanted to be famous by using the superhero identity, while Steve Rogers was better known as a very low-profile figure .

Then, in terms of strength it is also explained that Walker is just an ordinary person without superpowers like Steve Rogers, but he has a capable body and fighting ability. This can be seen when he was easily defeated by the Flag Smasher gang who turned out to be Super Soldier. In addition, he also appears to be using a gun to attack his enemy, which is certainly different from Steve.

Furthermore, Walker's way of operating as Captain America is also very different from Steve Rogers. You see, Walker does everything on orders from the government like a soldier while Steve is part of the Avengers who can be called a freelance superhero . Sure, Steve used to work for a government agency, but he ended up leaving because he was disgusted by the rules.

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Oh yes, in this second episode we are also introduced to Lemar Hoskins aka Battlestar, John Walker's colleague when he was in the military and also helped him when he became Captain America. In the comic version, Hoskins is Walker's sidekick when he became a US Agent. In a way, Hoskins is John Walker's 'Bucky' as Captain America.

While watching the film Captain America: Civil War (2016), we were shown a very entertaining moment between Sam Wilson and Bucky Barnes. Starting from Bucky who asked Sam to raise his seat while in the car to the moment of their fight against Spider-Man. Well, in the series Falcon and Winter Soldier , you will be presented with more of their moments together.

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The hilarious duet between Sam and Bucky is starting to be felt in the second episode. The interaction between the two is made in an intriguing way like a pair of very close friends. Starting from Sam who often teases Bucky to the Winter Soldier who looks disgusted by his friends' jokes. The duet between the two of them also successfully stole the attention in this episode or even in the following episodes.

Even though it was intriguing, the duet between the two of them still couldn't produce a neat cooperation when fighting against the enemy. However, it seems that this collaboration will appear in the next number of episodes. You see, the duet between Sam and Bucky is similar to the buddy cop films , where they often argue for ridiculous reasons at first, but they work together nicely at the end.

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Bucky's Personal Reason for Captain America's Identity

In the first episode, Sam Wilson is said to be hesitant and finally chooses to retire Captain America's identity and shield in retirement. However, the United States government took advantage of his decision to appoint John Walker as the new Captain America. In fact, Sam is far more entitled because it was inherited directly by Steve Rogers at the end of Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Sam's decision not to use Captain America's identity made Bucky Barnes quite angry and had several times confronted Sam about it. This isn't too surprising either, as Bucky is Steve Rogers' close friend. However, it turns out that there is an even more personal reason why Bucky is angry that Sam just gave up the shield.

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During a therapy session between Sam and Bucky, the Winter Soldier reveals that Steve trusted Sam to be his successor for a reason. Bucky is angry that the shield is his friend's greatest legacy, but Sam just throws it away. At this moment, Bucky was even more angry because he thought that if Steve was wrong in judging Sam, Steve was also wrong in judging himself.

What Bucky meant by Steve said that he believed that he was not the Winter Soldier who killed people anymore. Given that in this series Bucky tries to atone for his sins as a Winter Soldier and searches for his identity, of course Steve's words are very influential. That's why Sam's reasoning not to become Captain America at Steve's request is also very important to Bucky.

In one of the moments in the second episode of the series Falcon and Winter Soldier, we are taken to the Baltimore area, United States. When he just got there, Sam Wilson was immediately called by a small child as "Black Falcon" even though he was actually the alter ego of his superhero only Falcon. The addition of the word " black " in the designation is suspected because Sam is a black person .

From this simple scene alone, we have begun to be presented with the issue of racism which is said to be one of the main conflicts of the series. Because, this simple designation seems to make a superhero who comes from the black race must have a label that shows his skin color on his alter ego. In fact, this does not apply to superheroes who generally come from the white race.

Then, the issue of racism increased when we were introduced to Isaiah Bradley, who is known as the first black Captain America in his comics. Because, despite replacing Steve as a hero with the Super Soldier serum in 1950, Bradley was instead jailed for 30 years. In fact, Bradley is not considered a hero at all because no one knows about him.

This discrimination against Bradley can also be attributed to the United States government which instead chose a new Captain America from the white race instead of supporting Sam as his official heir. From this, the government seems unprepared or even unwilling for people of the black race to become symbols of heroes. Of course, it will be very interesting to see how this racism issue is resolved.

The existence of Power Broker and its Future with John Walker

In this second episode, we are presented more with the Flag Smasher group led by Karli Morgenthau and it is revealed that they have Super Soldier powers. Then, towards the end of the episode, they seem to be being chased by an organization called Power Broker. Well, the organization likely has close ties to the Flag Smasher group.

Because, in the comic version, Power Broker is an organization that provides power beyond Super Soldier to individuals or their clients. Well, the reason Power Broker pursues Flag Smasher could also be because it has something to do with the superpowers possessed by this criminal group. It could be that Flag Smasher members stole serum or tools to increase the power of the Power Broker.

However, the potential involvement of Power Brokers in this series doesn't stop there. You see, in the comics, one of the clients given this power is John Walker and also Lemar Hoskins. Given that Walker and Hoskins don't have superpowers in this second episode, they will most likely get this ability from Power Broker to defeat Flag Smasher.

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