Most Amazing And Surprising Places in Myanmar

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Most Amazing And Surprising Places in Myanmar

Mandalay Royal Palace

When choosing where to go in Myanmar, in addition to numerous pagodas, you should pay attention to the Mandalay Royal Palace, which is located 150 kilometers northeast of Bagan. Once in the 19th century, the palace was built from teak wood and served as the residence of the kings of Burma. However, at one time it was defeated by Japanese aircraft, and everything that can be seen now is a remake. Of the former buildings, only the fortress walls have been preserved. In the main building today there is a museum where you can see the royal throne and the bed of the monarch.

Stupa Mingun-Paya

Near Mandalay, in the Mingun settlement, there is the largest unfinished pagoda - Mingun Paya. The construction of the stupa promised to break all records - the construction was to become the world's largest pagoda, and its height was to reach one and a half hundred meters. But the construction was never completed, and there are two versions explaining this moment. According to the first version, the king was predicted to die immediately after the completion of construction, and according to the second, there simply were not enough funds for the construction. Be that as it may, the stupa remained only one-third built.

The ancient city of Mrauk-U (Mrauk U)

Mrauk-U is one of the largest ancient cities, once a major seaport, where merchants from all over the world flocked. Since the ancient city attracts numerous visitors, all conditions for the guests of the country are created here. For example, you can wander around souvenir shops, take photos, visit local shops and mini-restaurants, where local and European cuisine is presented. But most tourists still go to Mrauk-U to see the unusual old pagodas, which here are distinguished by their massiveness and strength of the walls - the temples were built so that, on occasion, they could withstand the longest siege.

Damayangji Buddhist Temple

Among all the sights of Myanmar, the Damayangji temple enjoys special honor. According to the legends, the construction was carried out under King Naratu, who killed his father in order to come to power. And in order to atone for his bloody sin, he decided to build a huge pagoda. Today, Damayangji is the largest temple in Bagan and is available for tours. But only the external galleries of the temple and 4 balconies are open for inspection, while the internal premises are walled up for unknown reasons.

Taung Kalat Monastery (Mount Popa)

At the top of Mount Popa, which is a dormant volcano, rises a beautiful spiritual landmark of Myanmar - the Taung Kalat Monastery. The building itself is an example of an exceptionally harmonious combination of human work and the creation of nature. The dormant volcano, the last eruption of which took place several millennia ago, is now observed from afar - its peak is visible for several tens of kilometers. Today the monastery attracts countless streams of pilgrims, being one of the most revered sanctuaries in the country and in the world. In order to get inside, you first have to climb up a long staircase of 777 steps.

Mingun bell

Mentioning what to see in Myanmar, it is impossible to ignore the huge bell in the village of Mingun, which is the second largest in the world. The history of its existence goes back 2 centuries - it was cast for the huge Pathodauji pagoda. The alloy for the bell was made by local craftsmen according to a special recipe, from five metals, which even included silver and gold. The bell was mounted on strong supports, which were later damaged by an earthquake. The pillars collapsed, but the bell remained intact, and today anyone can strike the bell so that it will overshadow the surroundings with its clear, deep sound.

Pindaya Caves

The small town of Myanmar Pindaya is famous for its caves, located on a hill a couple of kilometers from the city center, and revered as the most important Buddhist shrine. From all sides, galleries lead to the entrance to the caves, passing through which you can admire excellent views of the surrounding park. The caves themselves, with a length of more than 1.5 kilometers, have many branches. Passing through the labyrinths of caves between countless stone sculptures of Buddha, visitors find themselves in beautiful halls with underground lakes, hanging stalactites and Buddhist altars of amazing beauty.

Irrawaddy River

The great South Asian river, the largest in Myanmar, is the Irrawaddy River. In the old days, the Irrawaddy became the basis for the emergence of civilizations that had a major impact on the culture of the East. For centuries, this river has been the most important water artery and the basis of the life of the population, and has been used as a transport, trade route, source of food and drink. Traveling along the Ayeyarwaddy is a unique chance to see the life of local peoples from the inside, as well as visit the most interesting places and important sights of Myanmar located in nearby settlements.

Sights of Myanmar: what else to visit in Myanmar

The attractive force of Myanmar with its magical sights is great. But in addition to historical and cultural, there is a great variety of natural attractions of Myanmar - numerous mountain ranges and plateaus, picturesque river valleys, caves, lakes. The nature of Myanmar is filled with the energy of life. Below is an overview of what to see in Myanmar for those who managed to get their first impressions of getting to know the country.

Ubein Wooden Bridge

Ubein, which is the longest and oldest wooden bridge, has become one of the symbols of Myanmar. The date of the construction of the bridge is unknown today, but presumably it was 1850. Teak wood was used for the construction of the structure. The length of the bridge is 1200 m, and it consists of 2 parts, docked at a slight angle. Today it is a popular tourist attraction and the most famous attraction in Myanmar. Once here, you can buy various souvenir paraphernalia, sit on the covered veranda, walk along the bridge.

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