More than Family, Emotionally Draining Comedy Film

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Publish Date : 2021-03-13

More than Family, Emotionally Draining Comedy Film

Again, from Korea , a film or drama made by this ginseng country deserves a thumbs up. One of the new Korean films released in 2020 and selling well in the market is entitled, " More Than Family " . The film, starring former Girls' Generation girl group Krystal Jung, has successfully attracted a large audience. The genre of this film is actually family, but it is interspersed with a lot of comedy in it and also several scenes  that can drain the emotions of the audience.

This film begins when Krystal Jung, who plays Kim To-Il and Shin Jae-Hwi, who plays Jang Ho Hoon, is having a love affair. But they are both dating Kim To-Il's position as a private tutor and Jang Ho Hoon as his 19-year-old student. One day the two of them had an 'accident' which made Kim To-Il pregnant. For months Kim To Il and Jang Ho Hoon hid this from their parents.

And in the end, when Kim To-Il was 5 months pregnant with her stomach getting bigger and bigger, they finally got the courage to tell their parents the truth. Starting by telling Kim To-Il's parents first, and of course Kim To-Il's pregnancy resulted in great anger from his parents. They worry a lot about the future of their son as well as Jang Ho Hoon.

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Because the anger of Kim To-Il's parents could not be overcome, finally Kim To-Il and Jang Ho Hoon turned to informing Jang Ho Hoon's parents about Kim To-Il's pregnancy. Very different from the response of Kim To-Il's parents, both Jang Ho Hoon's parents happily welcomed Kim To-Il's pregnancy. They consider it natural that children dating at that age are basically unable to hold back their lust. So that makes Kim To-Il happy.

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But the problem is not over yet, Kim To-Il's parents still can't accept it. Because the husband of Kim To-Il's mother was his stepfather, Kim To-Il decided to look for his real father, who even forgot his face because they had not seen him for 15 years.

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Kim To-Il started to come out of the house dragging his suitcase, planning to go to his grandmother and grandpa's house first in hopes of getting a clue. But when he got there, Kim To-Il didn't get anything, not even photos of his biological father. With this intention, Kim To-Il began looking for his father in a city far from Seoul. Kim To-Il only remembers his father's surname and also his job as a technology and home economics teacher at a school. In short, Kim To-Il could not find his real father after going around asking several teachers at the school.

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However, because almost every day Kim To-Il bought and ate  acorn jelly at a restaurant, he was always bullied by the girls at the restaurant. Like telling Kim To-Il to do his schoolwork and so on. One day Kim To-Il asked where his parents were, and the girl answered that he only had a father, and when traced the daughter's father was Kim To-Il's real father.

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It did not stop there, after successfully finding his biological father, Kim To-Il's girlfriend or Jang Ho Hoon disappeared and could not be contacted for several days. This confused both parties and decided to look for Jang Ho Hoon. And this is where the family relationship is tested.

Actually the film "More Than Family" is quite simple and in accordance with common events that usually occur in society. It is different from other Korean films or dramas where the character is usually a child of a rich person, of noble descent, and so on. "More Than Family" is more about family life in general, interspersed with laughter. This simple film with the acting of extraordinary players is highly recommended  to watch.

The message that we can take from this film is if not all life goes smoothly, especially life after marriage. Towards the end of the film, we can see the reason why Kim To-Il's mother chose to divorce her husband. And also we can see that here the blessing or support of the family is very important. Kim To-il's parents, who were angry when they found out that their daughter was pregnant, finally helped when Jang Ho Hoon disappeared.

The quite iconic scene is when all the players are gathered on the badminton court towards the end of this film . There, all the families had arguments with each other about Kim To-Il who decided not to marry Jang Ho Hoon. There was an inner debate there, but after Kim To-Il thought and got a spiritual shower from his mother, they finally decided to get married. 

Besides being funny, this film can also make the audience moved with their family relationship. Although they often argue, but on the other hand they love each other. The strength of Kim To-Il and Jang Ho Hoon's love here can also be used as motivation, if in a relationship there must be problems and they can resolve it as well as possible. This light film with a good setting  and an interesting story is a must for you to watch!

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