Introducing Yelena, the Anti-Marleyan Who Manages to Break Paradises Beliefs

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Introducing Yelena, the Anti-Marleyan Who Manages to Break Paradises Beliefs

The last season of the anime Attack On Titan seems to have not finished introducing new characters. After Gabi, et al, who emerged as potential heirs to the giant Marley, Anti-Marleyan volunteers appeared to be the new spotlight in episode nine which aired on February 8.

Anti-Marleyan is a group of Marley soldiers who desire to fight back their own allies. It was Yelena, the Anti-Marleyan leader, who first came to Paradise Island to negotiate with the reconnaissance troops. 

Her figure is depicted as a woman, blonde hair, with a distinctive half coconut shell cut. 

Despite entering the enemy cage, Yelena didn't seem to have any fear. His calm speaking style made him immediately trusted by Hange Zo, the new leader of the reconnaissance squad after Erwin Smith's death on Maria's wall.

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Marleyan first to negotiate with the Paradise Soldiers

Who could believe the words of the enemy who had carried out the attack first? 

As has been described in the previous s eason , the conflict between Marley and Eldia has occurred since thousands of years ago. This was due to the presence of the first titan, Ymir Fritz, who became Eldia's new weapon in battle. Eldia's victory made other countries hold grudges, and Marley was no exception.

However Eldia's power did not last long. Since the 145th King Fritz decided to go into exile in Paradise Island, Eldia's power has gradually collapsed. In the absence of his leader, Eldia faltered and immediately used Marley to attack back. Marley even took over the power of Eldia, the Titan derivative of Ymir Fritz as a weapon of war.

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Today, the Eldians live in power and serve Marley. Most of them were forced to become soldiers. But even more unlucky, they were indoctrinated to hate their own brothers, the Eldians who lived on the island of Paradise. 
Marley instilled the idea that Eldian Paradise was a demon that could threaten the safety of the world because it had hundreds of colossal titans ready to attack at any time.

Not only that, Marley had also sent Eldia warriors to investigate Titan on Paradise Island. The three warriors even managed to destroy Maria's wall, which is the initial journey of the Attack On Titan anime story. 

This caused the hatred between Eldia in Marley and Eldia in Paradise Island to increase rapidly.

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This also made Yelena's arrival as Marley's army seem impossible for the Paradise Soldiers to accept. If it weren't for Hange Zo, the new leader of the Scout Army who happily accepted negotiations, Yelena's existence might have been wiped out from the start. 
Luckily Hange has an open mind. His passion for innovation and research kept his mind from being filled with hatred. He was not skeptical about receiving information, even if it came from the enemy. 

Hange even insisted on supporting Yelena's plan, even though it had been completely opposed by Paradise's top council.

This made Yelena the first Marleyan to successfully negotiate with Paradisan. Wow, let's give applause for her!
A turning point for technological advances in Paradise

Yelena's success in negotiating with the Paradise Soldiers did not just happen. Yelena offered strategy, accommodation, and of course knowledge, which ultimately became a turning point for technological advances in Paradise.

As we know, due to living confined within the walls for a hundred years, the technology on Paradise Island has not developed much. 3D Maneuver Gear is perhaps the most advanced weapon that Paradise has. The weapon was proven to be able to fight the titan, but not to kickstart an alliance.

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In episode eight which aired on January 25, it is seen that the equipment of the Paradise warriors has undergone rapid development. They even have an airplane, which was once a race on horse-drawn carriages.
This aircraft was a great help to the escape of Paradise soldiers in the Marley shelter district. The design is not kidding, each soldier has a link that can take them to follow the course of the plane.

Not only planes, Paradise's weaponry seemed to have been upgraded  many times over. This is evident when Hange tries the Marley pistol that Yelena handed over in a negotiation attempt. 

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Shots have become a mainstay weapon in this attack operation. One of the shooters who were notorious for their ill-fated success, was killed in episode eight ago, Sasha Blouse .

Then, can we trust Yelena for the mission of saving mankind as well as the island of Paradise? You may find the answer in the next episode of Attack on Titan. 
For those of you who can't wait, let's join hands because ... I'm the same.

In closing, let's make a fist on our chest in honor of the soldier who has been killed during the last season: Shinzou wo Sasageyo!

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