Here we are shown how Wanda shaped his reality

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Here we are shown how Wanda shaped his reality

Who watched the third episode of WandaVision yesterday? Well The fourth episode this time is still focused on Geraldine. Even the two main characters Wanda and Vision are no longer the main characters in the fourth episode!

For those of you who are still confused about who Geraldine really is, in this fourth episode your question is answered. Geraldine turns out to be Monica Rambeau, aka lieutenant trouble, a character who appears in Captain Marvel .

In the movie Captain Marvel , Monica Rambeau was a small child. He is the son of Maria Rambeau, best friend of Carol Danvers (Captain Marvel). But in the fourth episode of WandaVision, Monica Rambeau is all grown up.

For those of you who haven't watched it, watch out for Spoiler Alert !!

This story begins with the ending of the third episode, when it was thrown from the real world of Wanda Vision on WestView. The screen looks black transition and continues how the world after Avenger: Endgame. When the "Blip" occurs, half of the world's population that is missing appears while the other half is 5 years older.

Monica Rambeau was in the hospital, sitting by the patient's bed. When he returned from Blip  he was confused, his mother Maria Rambeau should have been in bed after undergoing cancer surgery. When he left the room, the missing people reappeared and even the hospital became overwhelmed.

She asked all the nurses at the hospital about her mother's whereabouts, but no one knew. Then, came Dr. Harley, the doctor who operated on her mother. From Dr Harley, Monica Rambeau finally found out she's been through the blip.

Sadly, his mother died 3 years ago or 2 years after Monica disappeared. It is known, Maria Rambeau died of cancer that returned.


The story began to shift at the SWORD command headquarters, aka the Sentient Weapon Observation Response Division. Monica Rambeau turns out to be a captain at SWORD. She was the first to appear after the "Blip" incident at SWORD headquarters and met a SWORD Director named Tyler Hayward.

It is known, SWORD was previously an agency engaged in the creation of technology to be aware of extraterrestrial activity activities. The events of Infinity Wars, made this agency change to no longer "create" but to "Observation" and "Response" due to unexpected threats from outer space. But Monica realizes that outer space is not only a threat but also an ally.

Like Agent Carter who founded SHIELD, it turns out that Maria Rambeau founded SWORD and Monica grew up in this agency .. But after the "blip" Monica Rambeau's condition was not good. He is no longer allowed to serve in the air or in space, he is now only allowed to do terrestrial tasks, aka events that take place on earth.

a guideline for when missing personnel return. Because of this protocol, he was assigned to work with the FBI on a missing person in New Jersey. From here, it is known that Wanda's WestView location is in New Jersey. In fact, at the scene of the crime scene he became acquainted with Agent Woo.

For you Marvel fans , Agent Woo has appeared on Ant-Man and The Wasp. He's an FBI in charge of supervising Scott Lang as house arrest. You can watch Ant-Man and The Wasp again if you're curious!

The reason WestView City is being monitored begins because Agent Woo lost a witness to one of the cases he's handling. However, Agent Woo felt an oddity because when he asked the witness's relatives and friends, no one knew or knew the witness's name. This was the reason he had to come to WestView to find out for himself.

In fact, when he was at the location, he discovered a new mystery when he asked the local police. According to local police, there is no city named WestView in New Jersey, even though the police are from EastView, aka the city next to it.

The mystery grows when Agent Woo is unable to make contact with all residents on WestView and people outside WestView experience some sort of selective amnesia.

WestView residents were the starting point of this case being investigated by the FBI and SWORD Monica Rambeau trying to conduct surveillance with camera drone helicopters to find out what was happening in the city. But suddenly the drone disappeared and seemed to enter another dimension.

When Monica realized there was some kind of protective energy field, she tried to get closer and touch the energy field. It turned out to be a mistake. He was drawn into the energy field. Agent Woo who knows Monica is sucked in, reports it.

24 hours after Monica's disappearance came several scientists who were experts from various fields, from artificial intelligence to astrophysics.

Well ... anyone can guess who astrophysicists came to research. Yep, Darcy! Darcy is a friend of Thor's girlfriend Jane Foster. Darcy came to the location because SWORD invited him. 

It is also known that SWORD continues to send drone helicopters with cameras to conduct surveillance. They did this after Monica Rambeau entered Wanda's reality. They want to know what's going on in there. What happened to Monica Rambeau.

From Darcy it is known that this location emits some kind of radiation from Bigbang, the time when the universe began. From this radiation, an audio video broadcast signal is detected. But this broadcast signal is only detected from tube tv and not flat tv. This is probably because the radiation emits a UHF signal.

to find out what was going on in the city of WestView. This includes sending officers wearing PPE uniforms to enter the sewers that penetrate the city. The hope is, sending officers inside with various equipment can help. Even this officer is given a safety rope. But in fact, the safety rope broke while passing through the energy field created by Wanda.

When all was confused, Darcy was watching Wanda like he was watching an old era situation. Darcy then emphasized to agent Woo, Vision is not a person who falls into the "blip" category, but should really be dead. In this story, it is known that Darcy is watching Wanda and Vision in a sitcom. The sitcom is the same as the first episode of WandaVision.

From the appearance of the sitcom, the FBI and SWORD teams identified who were seen on the sitcom. Starting with Wanda and Vision, two Avengers figures and began to develop to recognize several residents in West View City. 

In fact, in Agent Woo's handwriting on the blackboard, it turns out that the two agency teams suspect this anomaly was masterminded by the Skrulls, an alien nation that appears in Captain Marvel . Apart from that, some unanswered questions are why the area experiencing this anomaly is hexagonal, why is it a sitcom, is the vision still alive then does this happen in the same time and space?

In this fourth episode, Agent Woo asked whether this is an alternative reality. This implies what is busy for Marvel lovers , an alternative reality that had appeared in Spiderman Far From Home. This has also raised speculation about how WandaVision will relate to the third Spiderman film and Doctor Strange Multiverse of Madness.

Many people thought it was true. What happened when the first and second episodes were missed. Who is the SWORD officer who oversees tv and notes in the ending of the first episode is Darcy.

Then, who spoke on the radio to greet Wanda in the second episode turned out to be agent Woo. Agent Woo is finally able to communicate with the residents of WestView because of Darcy's idea. According to Darcy, this can be done only once in an episode and when an old radio appears in the episode, it kind of hijacks the radio signal when the sitcom is broadcast.

The story continues when Darcy and agent Woo watch the third episode of Wanda Vision when Monica as Geraldine suddenly says the word "Ultron" when Wanda's twins are born. In fact, in reality the sitcom was like the era of the 80s sitcom. Obviously, the word ultron was not a thing of the year.

From here, we can know what happened to Monica after the ending of the third episode and how she got out of Wanda's reality. It turned out that Wanda used her strength to push Monica Rambeau through walls, fences and was pushed out of the energy field Wanda created.

 when he reconstructed the big hole that Wanda had driven out Monica Rambeau. In fact, in this episode, Vision was shown as a living corpse. Vision's condition is like when Thanos was killed, the head where the mind stone has a hole and is gray.

The ending of the episode, which lasts more than half an hour, closes when Vision offers Wanda to move to another place if she wants. But Wanda insisted that everything was under control. 

Exciting right! You should watch WandaVision on Disney + to find out more details. Of course, it is suspected that the next episode will be even more epic

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