Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) - The story of the Hedgehog with the speed of 480 km / h.

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Sonic the Hedgehog (2020) - The story of the Hedgehog with the speed of 480 km / h.

Besides Nintendo, there was also a game console from Sega. One of the flagship video games is Sonic the Hedgehog which is also the mascot of the console to fight Super Mario Bros on Nintendo. Sonic the Hedgehog became one of the best-selling video games of all time. This franchise counts as having earned 5 billion dollars in coffers in 2014. Then it's no wonder that in 2013 plans to make a film have started.

Sonic the Hedgehog airs midnight show February 22, 2020 and starts regular broadcast February 26, 2020 in theaters.
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Sonic (Ben Schwartz) is a hedgehog from a planet far from Earth that can run at supersonic speeds. He fled to earth because there was a group who wanted to take his strength. On earth he chose to live in a small town with only hundreds of residents in Green Hills, Montana.

Even though it's safe there, Sonic feels lonely. The climax is when Sonic plays baseball alone, he runs lightning fast around the field, creating high electrical power and making the entire city go out of light.

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The United States government then sends a genius Doctor Robotnik (Jim Carrey) to investigate the incident and finds out that Sonic is the culprit, this doctor then wants to get Sonic's powers. An incident made Sonic have to ask for help from Tom (James Marsden), a sherriff in the city to escape from Doctor Robotnik's pursuit.

When the trailer was first released to the public, almost everyone criticized and made fun of Sonic's tall and slender figure, let alone his teeth that were like human teeth. Too different from the video game. Fortunately with the speeding system, the animation design is changed so that it really resembles the shape in the video game and the quality is really satisfying, unlike before which was like a nightmare.

For viewers who don't play the video game, they can still enjoy this Sonic movie, because it is quite light and with just a few explanations at the beginning, we can follow the direction of the film where we want to go.

The character of Sonic is indeed quite fun and quite exciting to see Sonic running around the world at a speed of 480 km / h and doing various ordinary human activities in 24 hours in just a few seconds. But unfortunately the characters are sometimes annoying and tend to be selfish. He has a bucket list that he wants to do whatever he can, one of them is by making a fuss at the bar. It's annoying because she seems to be forcing Tom to come with her to get her rings back so she can teleport to another planet. So that the audience cannot invest in the character.

Unlike the case with the figure of Pikachu in Detektive Pikachu, who is truly lovable, even though the story is the same as usual, it is too light and easy to forget like Sonic. To make matters worse, the chemistry with Tom, played by James Mardsen, is practically zero, there is no buddy movie nuance in this film. So that there is no emotional connection, especially the emotional scene in this Sonic movie.

The best thing is the figure of Jim Carrey as the eccentric, crazy and super genius Robotnik Doctor. Jim Carrey is like being reborn like his role in the 90's. The expression and expression on his flexible rubbery face were shown again, his trademark comedy in interrupting people's conversations was very, very funny. Jim Carrey also performed a really entertaining dance in a scene. The Sonic the Hedgehog film confirms that he's not finished yet and hopefully there will be other Jim Carrey films.

Apart from the figure of Jim Carrey, slow motion scenes like Quicksilver in the X-Men movie are very interesting to watch. How the audience seemed to enter into Sonic's lightning fast world that was displayed at human speed.
Final Conclusion: The

bland chemistry between Sonic and James Mardsen, the usual story and too light, to the sometimes a little annoying Sonic character. But overall the Sonic the Hedgehog film is actually quite fun seeing the various actions from Sonic, plus the super funny and comical appearance of Jim Carrey that reminds him of his glory in the films of the 90s.

Lots of popular video games have been adapted into feature films, but have failed. Whether it failed in the eyes of the audience, fans or the benefits of the film itself, especially the Sonic The Hedgehog film directed by Jeff Fowler and assisted by Patrick Casey and Josh Miller, which was their first debut in making a Box Office film.

Paramount and Sega are brave enough to take big risks for this film, especially after we know that this film has been delayed due to Sonic's overly realistic character model.
Paramount Pictures changed the form of the previously creepy Sonic character to resemble the original character in the video games and fans were very happy about that.

Then what about the film itself?
Ben Schwartz succeeded in filling in the voice of Sonic which was similar to the original character from Sonic himself and James Marsden who played Tom Wachowski, a cop as 

The villain, Dr. Robotnik, played by Jim Carrey, has very memorable acting and deserves to be included in the list of iconic villains. Then, several other actors have their own memorable moments throughout the film.

Broadly speaking, this is the origin story from Sonic with a storyline in the style of the PG-13 version of the Deadpool film, which is beautifully presented. The message about friendship conveyed by this film is easy to understand, the selection of jokes in the film is still acceptable, elements from the original video games (such as the use of rings, stages in games) are also included according to the needs of the film, and several easter appear. eggs from pop culture during the heyday of the Sega Genesis console to add nostalgia.

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