Enjoying Dark Comedy in the Early Episode of Drama Vincenzo

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Publish Date : 2021-02-22

Enjoying Dark Comedy in the Early Episode of Drama Vincenzo

One of the draKor releases in February 2021 is Vincenzo . Vincenzo is a drama that tells the story of an Italian with Korean blood, Vincenzo Cassano (Song Joong Ki) who returns to Korea after the death of his adoptive father, Fabio Cassano.

As a mafia lawyer and trained to become an Italian mafia, Vincenzo was educated to be able to look after his family and keep his father's property very well. One of them is by storing family wealth in very unexpected places. Gold in bullion has been stored quietly for 5 years under a nearly empty and unkempt building, Geumga Plaza.

Five years earlier, Vincenzo returned to Korea and purchased a building that had nearly gone bankrupt. When he returned 5 years later, Vincenzo decided to use one of the rooms in the building for a while, until it was time to tear down the building and take all the gold bullion in the basement. 

Unfortunately, even though not many live in the building, some of the remaining tenants don't want to move. And decided to stick with it. The cuteness begins!

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On the 1st floor of the Geumga Plaza building is used for business. There's a laundry, there's an Italian restaurant, there's a dance studio, the Jipuragi law firm and a piano lessons. There is also a temple. The basement building filled with gold bars under the Nanyak shrine is a comedy.

When Vincenzo walked down the 3rd floor to get acquainted with the residents, I immediately thought of Hustle's Kung Fu. There is a funny impression there. 

The slow steps of Vincenzo and his attorney are the same as Stephen Chow's when they took a bold step towards the apartment which he had to demolish without knowing that the apartment manager is a married couple who are famous for their living legends as kung fu masters. Have you watched Kung Fu Hustle, right? How many times? Hehehehe .. I've been more than 4 times. And still laugh every time you watch this film .

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Some of the dark comedies in Vincenzo's drama that were recorded in memory and brought laughter, include:

When he arrives in Korea, Vincenzo, who can be very violent, ends up taking sleeping pills, having his expensive clocks and belongings confiscated, and left in an unknown location.

"My sweat gathers on my feet, that's why my feet are always wet ," is a sentence from one of the building occupants when they were gathering. Ha ha ha...

At a music course, Vincenzo was surprised to see a young woman playing the piano with her hair all over her face. When he arrived at the building opposite the one owned by a single mother and her son, Vincenzo was too surprised to see their argument that he jumped face to face the music course and saw .... the woman playing the piano had pressed her face against the glass. Hahaha ... Shocked. Jumbo portions!

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Or, the termination of the family relationship between the daughter, Hong Cha Young (Jeon Yeo Bin) and her father, Hong Yoo Chan (Yoo Jae Myung). 

Yoo Chan, who owns the Jipuragi law firm, sent a legal termination letter because his daughter who works at the law firm Wusang became his opponent in court and often supports expensive clients without caring for the interests of the crowd. 

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Even though it rarely happens, when 2 lawyers who really understand the law do it it sounds funny. Moreover, when there is an agreement that each party may not keep family photos.

Or when Yoo Chan who visited his client in prison routinely every month for 5 years so as if he was visiting his wife.

Or the sudden appearance of several residents in clear glass. Ha ha ha ha...

Of course, even though comedy appears in some parts of the scene, this crime drama (also) still displays a cruel side. Such as shooting in the dark, revenge, oil doused using propeller planes, burning plantations, blown up cars and cars hit by trucks very hard.


Making comedy material is not easy. Showing it without seeming to force funny is even more difficult. Especially if the audience can understand the comedy element in this drama and laugh too. But the actors' acting skills deserve appreciation. Really!

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This drama (planned) will be broadcast with 20 episodes. With several supporting players who often have strong characters, this drama is like presenting a family gathering event. Hehehe .. :) Oia, you can see Ok Taecyeon too. Her face was highlighted at a distance, her hair was made to fill her face. Can't wait to see how many more life satires will come up to be laughed at.

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