Casual Discuss Sisyphus The Myth, Uploaders from the Future

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Casual Discuss Sisyphus The Myth, Uploaders from the Future

Hi, this time I am back with content Bahas Relax Before I discussed the Korean drama entitled VICENZO, played by Song Jong Ki, Ok Taecyeon, and Jeon Yeo-been, which was able to attract the attention of K-drama fans. Well, this time I will also discuss a drama that is still ongoing and no less interesting to watch ...

Sisyphus: The Myth ...

Yup, the drama title that we will discuss this time is Sisyphus: The Myth. This drama is one of the interesting Korean dramas to watch this year. Moreover, a  genre full of mystery, with a combination of science and technology, action, and drama, is able to stimulate andrenaline the audience and make them even more curious. I also feel it hehe ...

Well, this drama first airs on Wednesday, February 17, 2021 on the JTBC channel and can be watched on the Netflix channel . This drama has aired until episode 8, and this drama always airs every Wed and Thursday at 21:00 KST (South Korean time) on the JTBC channel.

Sisyphus: The Myth tells the story of an engineer named Han Tae Sul who is very genius, especially in the fields of science and technology. Han Tae Sul is also a co-founder of a well-known company in South Korea, namely Quantum and Time Company. However, even though he looks perfect from the outside, Han Tae Sul also has a dark side to his life, he is still faced with the death of his older brother named Han Tae San 10 years ago.

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Then, one day Tae Sul discovers a hidden secret regarding his brother's death. Finally he also decided to investigate his brother's death and find the truth. Well, this is where the initial conflict in this drama is shown. Han Tae Sul also meets Seo Hae who will help, protect, and accompany him in investigating the case of his brother's death.

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I'm not going to talk more mengenari story and plot of this drama, will be at risk of  spoilers dong wkwk

However, I will tell my readers, why do you have to watch this drama on the sidelines of your busy life! who knows can entertain you all ... entertaining jokes: v

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Here's why you should watch this drama!

First,  played by the best actors and artists.

It has become common information for fans of drakor ( Korean dramas ) since the first drama Sisyphus: The Myth was aired if one of the main characters was played by Park Shin Hye .

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Park Shin Hye… if you follow previous drama series that have been played by beautiful actresses, such as The Heirs in 2013, of course you will be familiar when reading or hearing the name Park Shin Hye. The actress who was born in Gwanju, South Korea on February 18, 1990, plays the role of Seo Hae. In this drama, the character Seo Hae, played by Park Shin Hye, has a mysterious character. Besides that, she is also a woman from the future who has a strong character, she is also good at fighting, a sniper, can make and assemble bombs, and so on. In essence, the figure of Seo Hae in this drama is a strong woman.

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Next, there is one of the senior actors with oppa taste , Cho Seung-woo who plays the character Han Tae Sul. The actor who was born in Seoul, South Korea on March 28, 1980 mentioned that this is a drama project for the first time he has competed acting with Park Shin Hye. In this drama, Cho Seung wooplaying the role of Han Tae Sul who is a genius, but also easy-going. It can be seen from the first episode, where Han Tae Sul is able to repair a nearly crashed plane using his intelligence, especially when he is very skilled in technology. One more thing, even though Han Tae Sul is the founder of the Quantum and Time Company and he is the director, he is always attached to the fashion of his t-shirts and trousers and he also rarely participates in meetings with company executives. Even so, he is also responsible for the company, yes, even though he is also an annoying director character.

Apart from the two actresses and actors above, the drama Sisyphus: The Myth is also enlivened by actors who are no less cool too. Starting from senior-to junior class actors, such as Sung Dong II, Tae In Ho, Chae Jong Hyeop, Jung Ha Joon, Kim Jong Moon, Heo Jun Seok, Kim Byung Choon, Lee Jae Won Su, and other players.

Second , the "Bureau of Control" houses handsome soldiers.

One of the things that attracts the attention of viewers from this drama is the presence of players' faces who have amazing visuals. Since the appearance of the Bureau of Control soldiers who are members of the Bureau of Illegal Immigration Check, the audience is on the lookout  for their characters. In fact, both Twitter, Instagram, and Tik Tok residents mentioned that they are like a matchmaking bureau because of their good looks, and their amazing action in this drama.

Third, directed by the director of Kece. 

Do you know the drama  City Hunter which aired on the SBS Channel in 2011 with the cast Lee Min Ho, or the drama  The Legend of the Blue Sea in 2016, or also the drama The Master's Sun which aired in 2013?

Yaps, behind the success of the drama I mentioned above, the drama Sisyphus: the Myth is also the work of a director who is already familiar in the world of Korean drama, namely Jin Heok.

Fourth, a mixture of time travel and the Alternate Universe

If you look at one of the posters for the drama Sisyphus: The Myth, there are silhouettes of Park Shin Hye and Cha Seung Woo who are seen standing at a mysterious gate. Yaps, this drama tells about one world with two lives. In addition, this drama also tells about a time travel with an amazing plot twist , such as the slogan written on the poster, namely "One world, two futures,".

As a viewer, I have watched this drama up to episode 6, and it is true that both the entire storyline, the character of the players, and the visuals of the depiction of this drama are able to make me think hard and be amazed. Apart from that, I think as an audience I can also learn about technology from this drama, because according to the director he even consulted with experts so that he was able to create a realistic future appearance according to the theme of this drama.

Fifth,  Easter Eggs are full of surprises. 

When I saw and watched the Sisyphus: the Myth teaser , I was very surprised because in it the character Seo Hae listens to the song Spring Day from the current best-selling boy band, who else but BTS. In fact, Seo Hae also really likes and collects BTS photos, seen from several scenes he took photos of BTS in the midst of war. This also attracted a lot of viewers' attention, because apart from having Easter eggs which are full of surprises, this drama also still has mysterious  scenes  that have not been revealed until now. One of them is the figure of Sigma whose name began to appear on the surface since episode three onwards. And perhaps, this is one of the triggers of the conflict Sisyphus: the Myth

Hmm ... getting more curious isn't it ... with me too hehe

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