Anime Review High-Rise Invasion, Trapped in a World Full of Masked Killers

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Anime Review High-Rise Invasion, Trapped in a World Full of Masked Killers

Watching anime is still a favorite of young people and even adults today. Evidently, there are many articles about anime reviews in. Apart from the trend of Korean dramas, anime is still a trend in various circles.

I think the writer hasn't watched anime for a long time. The last anime the author watched were " A Whisker Away " and " Kimi No Nawa ". The author himself likes anime because the story is unique and is always peppered with a beautiful fantasy touch. It feels like, when watching anime, we will find a world without borders there.

It turns out that there are many interesting things from the anime series, especially about the duration. Compared to Korean dramas, anime series are actually shorter and denser, perfect for watching during spare time or rest time.

Not long ago, an original Netflix anime aired, entitled " High-Rise Invasion ". The author himself is interested in the anime because it raises the theme of being trapped in an unknown world. The theme has been taken in the series " Alice In Borderland ". The difference is, " High-Rise Invasion " is trapped in a world full of masks.

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" High-Rise Invasion " tells the story of Yuri, a high school girl who suddenly gets trapped in a strange world. He finds himself in a skyscraper, and the surroundings are lonely. Suddenly, he was chased by the Masked Man and he met a strange person who had given up on his life.

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Luckily, he was able to call his sister, Rika Honjo. Her brother tells her that the world she is in right now is a cruel world and she must be able to save herself. Yuri Honjo finally got up and began to face the masked humans who were ready to attack him.

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However, he did not have enough weapons and the enemies he faced were very formidable. Finally, he tried to find allies to help him get out of this strange world. Many challenges await, will Yuri and her friends be able to get out of that world?

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High-Rise Invasion has a compelling premise and very strong beginnings, filled with mystery and suspense.

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This anime series opens with a neat story but is a little tiring. How he builds tension in the series, but ends up in vain. The audience was not given an idea why Yuri could enter this world. Fortunately, that only happens in the first episode.

The second episode onwards, the series is getting more and more interesting. Especially when Yuri meets Mayuko, the writer can feel Yuri's character  build-up and how the character changes in Mayuko who only cares about herself to care about others.

The supporting characters also make the atmosphere in this series even more exciting. Moreover, each character has different strengths. Like, Yuri who was good at shooting, Mayuko who was good at using knives, and Kuon who could shoot railguns through tall buildings. Many other characters are the main attraction in this film . So that the audience can feel the strong solidarity between the characters.

The mask humans in this series are also unique and diverse. There are four categories of masks, ranging from angry, smiling, flat, and expressionless masks. Each of them has its own advantages. Each character of the mask from episode to episode is displayed gradually and has a different level, so the audience will not be bored with the actions of the masks.

Even though they are evil, masked humans still have a human side and still have human traits and skills in general. The difference is, human skills are used as a sadistic way to fight their enemies. Such as volleyball masks, swimmer masks, chef masks, and others that attack humans with their respective skills.

Not all masks in this series are evil. There are some masks that don't attack, like the flat face mask. Also the mask is broken, which later allows the humans who wear it to remember who they are and can get the power of the mask without the need to be evil.

The setting shown focuses on the roof of the building and inside the building. I don't know what the reason is, none of the characters here go downstairs or onto the highway. As if there were no stairs in the building. They have to cross a rocking bridge to move from one building to another.

The strange world they entered was also very similar to the real world. There is rain, heat, food and more. There are no striking differences between these worlds. 

This series becomes even more interesting with the emergence of the term "Candidate for Gods" where in the future, people who become candidates for gods and succeed in becoming gods will be able to come out and destroy the world. The antagonistic character that we thought was a mask from the start, turns out to be an ordinary human who feels superior and wants to control everything.

The fight scene in the ending is also very satisfying. The tension that can be felt coupled with the effect of the anime which is not rigid makes the audience feel excited when watching it.

However, this series did not escape from shortcomings. Many scenes may not need to be highlighted. At the ending, when the fight scene was over, it felt too rushed so that it still raised various questions in the minds of the audience. 

" Who created this strange world ?" 

" Will Yuri and her friends get out? "

This series shows that with courage and togetherness, we can face the various challenges that exist. By strengthening each other, we will be able to develop ourselves into better people.

This anime indirectly depicts the world today which is filled with the ambition of wanting to reach the highest power. Many people use humans as masks to gain power. But behind that, there are still people who fight for the truth and uphold justice.

The author feels, " High-Rise Invasion " is not suitable for those of you who don't like sadistic scenes. Every murder scene that is shown is completely vivid and will probably make some viewers feel scared by it.

Overall , the writer himself hasn't watched this fun anime for a long time. With a theme similar to the " Alice in Borderland " series , coupled with sadistic scenes and also various characters, and various human masks, it will make you feel the tension in each episode.

The author highly recommends this anime series, especially for those of you who like anime with short episodes.

You can watch " High-Rise Invasion " via Netflix. The series has 12 episodes and a duration of 25 minutes in each episode. Suitable for those of you who are looking for exciting shows in your spare time.

Will this series continue into season 2? I don't know, there has been no confirmation from Netflix itself. Judging from the ending, the writer himself hopes that there will be a season 2, because there are still many things that can be explored more deeply in this anime series.

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