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Where will I start? Maybe I'll start by saying Zack Snyder's Justice League  or what is also known as Snyder's Cut is one of the most ambitious films ever. Not in terms of the superhero genre  , but from the film itself. Starting from a plea of ​​DC comic fans asking to release  Zack Snyder 's  cut and ending with a new film that far exceeded my expectations.

As we all know,  Justice League … you could say it's a film that we should just forget about. Especially considering that the DCEU (DC Extended Universe) released quite good films afterwards such as Aquaman and  Birds of Prey ,  Justice League  is a memory that we have buried deep. And has  Zack Snyder's Justice League  managed to make amends for its predecessors? I confidently say yes, he did it.

Actually, how this film runs in its story is not too different from  Justice League . Bruce Wayne ( Ben Affleck ) wants to build a team of several superpowers to fight the threat that will come after the death of Superman ( Henry Cavill ) in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice where he sacrifices himself to kill Doomsday. The enemy in this film is still Steppenwolf ( Ciarán Hinds ) who wants to collect the three “Mother Boxes” to destroy the world.

So what really is different? Of course the biggest thing is the duration. By doubling it to 4 hours, which even beat  The Irishman ,  Zack Snyder did not hold back anything in the vision he poured in this film. 4 hours may sound intimidating, but every moment of its duration has convinced me that the 4 hours I spent was not wasted.

More duration means more opportunity to expand each character in it. The main problem in  Justice League is how thin each character is explored. Cyborg ( Ray Fisher ) and The Flash ( Ezra Miller ), who incidentally are newcomers to the DCEU, were not given the opportunity to shine. In  Zack Snyder 's Justice League , all that changes.

Cyborg, or whose real name is Victor Stone, has a much bigger role than before, and I can even say that it is very vital in the story. The deepening of his character is also very good, where we also learn about his creepy and sad past for how he can become a Cyborg. From previously unclear goals, he is now an important and solid pillar in his team. The film also carefully explains what his strengths are and how he can help his team, which I think is really cool.

Likewise with Barry Allen or what we know as The Flash, where he also gets a much better character immersion than before. Maybe his past is not as intense as Victor Stone's, but Barry's role here is not only to be a humorist but also to be a character that is much more involved than before, even his role shows a very powerful power from him that can open up a lot of possibilities for the future of his character in DCEU.

Apart from the two, what I really enjoy finding change is the antagonist, Steppenwolf. Not only is his physique much more threatening with his armor, but his character is also much more intense thanks to Zack Snyder who took the film's time to tell his story, where he wanted to be accepted by Darkseid, who for the first time appeared in the DCEU and played by Ray Porter via  motion capture . Today, we understand much more about his motives for doing what he does.

Maybe those who don't really get the benefits after finding an extension of the duration are the two main characters, Diana Prince or Wonder Woman ( Gal Gadot ) and Bruce Wayne. Wonder Woman does find her own scene at the beginning of the film, which is cool but not useful for the continuity of the story. Likewise with Bruce Wayne who actually rarely shows his skills and has his own time for his character. Both are still cool, but there is no big difference between them.

Zack Snyder 's Justice League  also has a darker tone, in contrast to its predecessor which looks more family friendly, and we can see from the fight. Every fighting action I can say is much more devastating, much bloodier, much more spectacular and extraordinary, like how when Steppenwolf against the Amazon troops which is one of my favorite moments where in this film is much more brutal and more kicking than before.

And not only does the part of the fight seem to have changed, but this film also has a much better visual effect than before, and with a  ratio  of 4: 3 which may sound strange because usually superhero films  want as wide a screen as possible and not like  The Lighthouse However, the size that resembles this box does not reduce the viewing experience and the bigger the TV you use, the more beautiful the visuals of this film will look. Trust me, that ratio adds uniqueness to this ambitious film.

Its much larger duration also gives Zack Snyder time for each of his characters to mourn Superman's death, something we've never seen in previous films. Especially for Superman's lover, Lois Lane ( Amy Adams ) and his mother, Martha Kent ( Lois Lane ). In this way, we understand more intimately how the impact of Superman's death on those closest to him. Here, Superman is not only depicted as a tool to combat crime but also as someone who has a heart.

4 hours is not a short duration, and such a duration can easily lose the audience's concentration. but what happened? I never feel bored. When the film finished, I was also amazed by how I was able to watch the film in its entirety, and it was all thanks to  Zack Snyder who made good use of every moment in the film.

One of the biggest surprises this film has is how many new characters appear in it. Although I will not mention anyone, even though I really want to, all the new characters that appear in it open up a lot of very interesting and also very broad possibilities for the DCEU universe , so that even the end of the film Zack Snyder continues to tease his fans about what is to come. in the future.

But some elements in it are still difficult to find a role, such as how Superman's costume turning black is not explained to the audience even though it looks important or how some of the new characters that appear do not contribute anything to the story, such as how Martian Manhunter ( Harry Lennix ) who is not. secrets will appear and only shift the focus of the story, like how in a scene that reveals one of the people from a moment that should be touching is him in disguise.

However, Zack Snyder 's certainty, who has been very solid in telling his story, can easily put aside all the ugliness that we encounter. He knows with his vision what kind of film he wants to convey, and with this film, he manages to tell a superhero story that is both ambitious and epic. By balancing an intimate and touching drama with powerful and spectacular action, this is a superhero film  that has won back the reputation of the superhero team  called "Justice League".

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In the end, this is a work of a father who had to leave his own project because of his daughter's death. Fans loudly and eagerly encouraged him to finish a project he had left behind, and he managed to make up for any doubts he had and dedicate the film to his daughter. Both in front of and behind the scenes,  Zack Snyder's Justice League is a very personal story and a historic moment for the world of cinema.

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