15 Reliable Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting (2022)

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15 Reliable Managed WordPress and WooCommerce Hosting (2022)

Anyone who has used WordPress will agree that it is the simplest and fastest way to get your site up. But is it enough to have a complete and popular site for yourself?

No way. You need to worry about web design, content management, marketing strategy, and more, but most importantly, you need reliable managed WordPress hosting.

A decent WordPress hosting provider nowadays costs only a few dollars. But you want quality and reliability managed hosting.

So, here are some of the most popular and reputable managed WordPress hosting services. So let's compare WordPress hosting below.

We hope that at the end of this piece, you will have decided which managed hosting service is best for your WordPress or WooCommerce site.

Managed WordPress Hosting

This is a critical question, and the answer is right here. When is the perfect moment to purchase a solid managed WordPress hosting?

Weirdly, your website grew faster

Inexponential growth in your site traffic

You want a hassle-free WordPress site for personal, blogging, or business usage.

Your WordPress site cannot be offline.

Your site is lagging and you need fast technical support.

You want your server to expand with your business.

Why a Reliable WordPress Hosting Service is Important

Now you know when to use decent managed WordPress hosting. But do you realise how vital it is? Let's see.

Fast loading sites help you rank higher on Google and well-managed WordPress hosting helps you achieve this. To improve site speed, all reputable hosting companies employ CDN, caching plugins, and reduce picture size.

Full-proof security: With continual security breaches and hacker risks, site owners need this. Professional managed WordPress hosting also provides a high level of protection for your WordPress site.

Expert customer service: It's possible you need expert counsel or immediate assistance with WordPress hosting. And this is what you get with managed WordPress hosting.

No more daily content, themes, plugins, or data loss due to catastrophes. You also don't want to lose out on new features. Premium standard managed WordPress hosting includes daily site backups and regular automated updates to keep you ahead of the game.

Your visitors won't be impressed if your WordPress site continually going offline or unavailable due to traffic spikes. But with a high-quality WordPress-managed hosting, your site will never go down, regardless of traffic.

the most reliable wordpress managed hosting

Here are some of the best managed WordPress hosting services. These are all high-demand WordPress managed-to-host services that you will likely love using.


WordPress . org says this managed hosting is powerful enough to handle any WordPress site. It has a powerful online administration tool, automatic updates, and a competent expert support team.

To get started faster, you can choose from hundreds of themes that best suit your business. Not to mention it's constructed in a WordPress staging environment for testing before going live. Enable a secure managed WordPress hosting experience at a low cost.

Features & Highlights

  • with hosting plans 1 year free domain
  • Free email address with WordPress Hosting
  • WordPress auto-update & install
  • Hundreds of WordPress themes
  • Security with skilled help

Our Verdict: It handles almost all WordPress sites well, but there may be some dashboard difficulties. This managed hosting server is appropriate for all types of professional WordPress sites.


This is one of the most well-known and oldest managed WordPress hosting providers. The organisation is known for its great customer service and secure servers. It offers shared, dedicated, and cloud-based hosting. The firm employs highly competent WordPress hosting pros who keep your site safe and secure.

For example, one-click restore and free hacking scans are included in all hosting services. It may have had some issues in the past due to its expanding infrastructure, but it has now stabilised and shown to be one of the most secure and reliable managed WordPress hosting services.

Features & Highlights

  • Ai-friendly for both newbies and
  • If your site is hacked, they fix it for free.
  • Flexible and scalable for high traffic sites
  • Updates, monitoring, and scanning for site security
  • Auto-migration & amazing client service

In the end, the added security, reliability, and customer support clearly outweigh the extra cost. So whether you want to build a basic personal blog or a complex high traffic business site, WPEngine will provide you with tremendous scalability and performance.



It is believed to be one of the most affordable managed WordPress hosting providers. Its low-density servers claim to speed up page loading without caching or CDN configuration. Manage any site material quickly and easily with its dynamic content management functionality. Your site loads faster with WordPress Cloud hosting.

Its tools include one-click restore and backup. Fully prepared for abrupt traffic spikes or enhanced scalability. Easily access all free email accounts, hosting settings, and files through a single interface. This site hosting platform's secure yet user-friendly design allows you entire control over your usage with monitoring and provision of helpful additional resources.

Features & Highlights

  • Mailboxes a
  • Managed hosting that works
  • Cheapest hosting plans
  • Drag & drop website builder
  • Automatic backups with file-level restore

Considering the features, security, and functionality it gives at such a reasonable rate makes up for its additional domain. If you want good managed WordPress hosting at a low rate, Hostgator may be the option for you.



Couldways promises to give the best cloud-managed WordPress hosting. The hosting includes the latest PHP versions, MYSQL database, and more. It contains a built-in caching plugin called Breeze that provides seamless speed for WordPress sites. Improve server response times with CloudwaysCDN and boost site performance.

Firewalls secure the servers, adding an extra degree of security for your WordPress site. It also includes automated backups. It offers two-factor authentication to protect your site from outsiders. You may use its one-click cloning feature for servers and apps. It has many WordPress staging regions, allowing it to test and develop without affecting the actual site. Enjoy free server migration and make the most of its hosting capabilities for your WordPress site.

Features & Highlights

  • With sophisticated cache
  • PHP 7 ready servers
  • Scale seamlessly with 1 click
  • Managed backups and website cloning
  • Unlimited staging site creation with GT

Verdict: Even if it is a little too technical for some. But for many, this option is adaptable and accessible. Mostly because it doesn't require long-term commitment. Small to medium-sized businesses, or even personal blogs, can benefit from Cloudways managed hosting.



This WordPress managed hosting is a favourite among consumers seeking sophisticated WordPress managed hosting. This managed WordPress hosting service has progressively climbed the ladder. It now provides premium solutions to huge corporations. A highly optimised platform for most businesses, it provides.

With fully managed PHP 7, LXD, and Ngnix technologies, you get a WordPress server intended for super-fast loading. Hosting with a highly secured network to help protect your site from online dangers. From server hardware to software, it is built with next-generation infrastructure in mind. The server runs on Google Cloud Platform for premium network connections. Its free migration service makes switching from another hosting provider a breeze.

Features & Highlights

  • With a secure server and a developer-friendly platform.
  • Using cutting-edge technology
  • Secure backups and a current server
  • Flexible infrastructure enables scalability
  • site monitoring with hack protection

Our Verdict: Good for those who wish to leave scaling choices open. Even if some of its packages are very expensive, if you want a simple yet powerful managed WordPress hosting, Kinsta is undoubtedly the hosting you want to choose.




Known as a safe and reliable WordPress hosting provider with free SSD storage and CDN for speed optimization. Free migration allows anyone to get started faster. With premium hosting, you get free automatic backup and anti-malware protection. Keep your server's security patches up to date.

It includes premium plans with important features for WordPress hosting. Anyone can create a great site with the BoldGrid available in all plans. Make the most of your site's hosting server with its free installed WordPress. The server stack comes in hot for maximum performance. With the premium themes provided, you can easily edit your content and use any WordPress plugin.

Features & Highlights

  • Unlimited Email & Domain
  • Safe upgrade and site backup
  • Support for hosting and design
  • Customize content with free themes
  • No limitations on WordPress plugins

Our Verdict: A hack-proof server and one-click setup provide a user-friendly and multi-functional hosting service. Also, if you need to use WordPress plugins or create a flexible and cost-effective site, this managed hosting may be a fantastic choice.

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