5 Recommended Netflix Series Movies You Must Watch

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Publish Date : 2021-02-23

5 Recommended Netflix Series Movies You Must Watch

During this pandemic, you definitely need an exciting spectacle to accompany your home quarantine. Here are 5 must-watch Netflix series films :

1. Stranger Things

Stranger Things is a horror and science fiction film adapted by The Duffer Brothers . This story begins with the loss of Will Bayern who entered the world of Upside Down and shocked the city of Hawkins. Will's mother (Joyce) and the Chief of Police (Hopper) immediately rushed to search the city, followed by her friends, namely Mike, Dustin, and Lucas. In the middle of their search, they meet a girl named Eleven who has supernatural powers. He helps Mike and the others find Will.

Upside Down is the world of The Mind Flyer, a monster figure in the spotlight from the background of this film. After Will was found, it turned out that The Mind Flyer still haunts them and has moved their nests to several places, one of which is the “StarCourt” shopping center . An exciting and adventurous storyline makes this film favored by many audiences from children, teenagers, to adults.

Based on sources from Wikipedia , the film Stranger Things was also able to win an award at the Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Dream Series  in 2016 and won 18 nominations for the 69th Primetime Emmy Award . For the latest season in season 4, there has been no confirmation when it will air, but you can still watch it from season 1 to season 3.

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2. Money Heist

The red costume and mask made a lot of social media media. Money Heist was getting more and more popular among Indonesian audiences. Not just ordinary people, but influencers enlivened by cosplaying as a member of a criminal group and being made quite entertaining (funny content). Another name for the movie Money Heist is La Casa De Papel . This film adaptation from the country of Spain tells the story of a criminal group that robs a bank of money, two of them named Tokyo and Rio who fall in love with each other. Their love story who is intoxicated by romance makes them often thwart theft missions.

The leader of the gangster group is led by the El Professor named Sergio Marquina, he is the mastermind behind all criminal cases. His intelligence in leading the game made El Professor and his men escape the police chase. However, that did not make them give up and throw tantrums again. Currently, Money Heist is entering its 5th season and is still in the stage of filming. Hopefully their shooting will run smoothly according to health protocols to stay safe from Covid19 transmission. 

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3. The Crown

For those of you who like films about the British empire, The Crown is the right choice to watch, this film can also help improve your English skills, especially in speaking a British accent. Taken from the life story of The Royal Family , surely there is a picture of the storyline of this film, huh?

The main character played by Claire Fox as Queen Elizabeth II  (young version) and Matt Smith as Prince Philip (young version) made this film admired by many people. They managed to portray the role of 'world figures' with extraordinary acting. The two of them create harmonious chemistry as a husband and wife. Other cast members are Olivia Colman, Tobias Menzies, Helena Bonham Carter, Emma Corrin, Josh O'Connor, and Gillian Anderson who have joined in several seasons. Early in 2021, several of them won nominations at the Golden Globe Award including the film The Crown with a Best Television Series nomination and the SAG (Screen Actors Guild) Award event , Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series.

Regarding the storyline, The Crown series has elements of politics and women leadership, so it's no wonder that the audience is mostly adults. In my opinion, some episodes have a slow and melancholic plot, which makes it take the audience a long time to finish.

What caught the most attention was that Peter Morgan had recreated the scandal of the romance between Diana Spencer, Prince Charles and Camila. You can watch it in season 5. This scene made the royal party get criticism from loyal viewers of The Crown. However, according to news from the news media, the storyline is still under consideration whether this film is fiction or non-fiction.

4. Lupine 

Different from the previous serial films, Lupine is a light film to watch because until now there are still 5 episodes. The duration is not more than 1 hour, so completing it does not need to take two or three days.

Taken from the story of the book The Adventure of Asene Lupine , the main character is played by Omar Sy who plays Assane Diop. He intends to take revenge for the death of his father in a detention cell by posing as a cleaning service. Assane works at the museum to steal Marie Antoinette's necklace. Not only that, Assane also disguises himself in several unique characters such as food delivery service and fugitives. Thanks to Assane's clever tricks and agility in playing undercover characters, he always escapes the police chase.

This film is much loved by loyal Netlfix viewers and they ask to immediately work on season 2. However, Netlfix has just uploaded season 2 posters on social media such as Instagram and Twitter. There is no information when it will be broadcast.

5. The Umbrella Academy

According to my analysis while using Netflix and other social media, there are still many Indonesians who haven't watched The Umbrella Academy series. This can happen because there have been many superhero genre  films such as The Avenger and X-Men. Even though this film has the best and cool cinematography. But the matter of films really depends on each person's taste.

The Umbrella Academy tells the story of 7 siblings who are adopted from one of the heads of the family. Since childhood, they were taught by their father to have superhero- like powers . Genk The Umbrella Academy is led by Number Five, then the other members are Luther, Klaus, Allison, Vanya, Diego and Ben. Unfortunately Ben had fallen in the middle of season one. In the middle of the story, some of them experience a complicated and one-sided love story. But take it easy, romance  here is not exaggerated like Indian films or Indonesian soap operas.

For lovers of fantasy genre films , The Umbrella Academy is suitable to watch while filling your spare time. Currently, the ones that can be watched are season 1 and season 2. Season 3 is still in the making process.

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