8 best video editing apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop in 2022

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8 best video editing apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop in 2022

You can edit videos on your phone using these apps. The best video editing programmes may be found here. As a result, we've put together a list of the finest apps for Android, iPhones, and iPads to help you get the most out of your editing.

When it comes to video editing apps for our mobile devices, we're spoiled for choice these days. There were a time when working on videos meant being tied to an enormous editing suite, which was loaded with bulky dials and slots for big cassettes. Fortunately, things have moved on since then.

There was still a need for a highly strong PC that was beyond of reach for most people even after the advent of digital technology. Since the finest video editing applications are so powerful, you can accomplish just about anything with your smartphone or tablet.

There are still some bottlenecks, so we say "pretty much everything." The apps that operate on mobile devices aren't all the same, either. In order to assist you, we've put together an ever-evolving list of the best video editing apps for Android, iPhone, and iPad.

It's possible to use any of the options listed below for on-the-go'sketch' capabilities, or even full-fat editing if you're willing to put in the time and effort required.

LumaFusion is now the greatest video editing program on the market because it combines desktop-level functionality with surprising ease of use. We recommend checking out the rest of our list to see which mobile video editor is best suited to your needs, as this one isn't currently available for Android.

Also, keep in mind that we've compiled lists of the finest video editing laptops and desktops for Windows and Mac (or workstations)

1. LumaFusion

LumaFusion is the smartphone app that stands for professional-level video editing on the desktop. However, while it's not quite enough to throw your PC out the window, we've heard of editors utilising it to complete full projects — and it's simple to see why.

If you're looking to make editing on your phone easier, LumaFusion isn't going to make things simpler. Up to six tracks for video/titles/graphics/audio and audio, as well as six additional tracks for layered effects, music, and voiceovers are available. Even on an iPhone, tracks can be locked, buried, and muted to keep everything under control.

Even when working with 4K material, the magnetic timeline provides a useful overview and allows you to move to any point in your edit with ease. You can also play with with the numerous effects, colour correction tools, and audio mixing options. Because this is a one-time purchase rather than a subscription, even the hefty up-front fee isn't so bad after all.

You should go with LumaFusion unless you don't like the interface or it's too much for your needs, in which case you should look elsewhere. We think it's the best video editing programme out there right now.

Consider using LumaFusion, but are put off by the high cost? LumaFX creates a standalone app for for $0.99 / 99p / AU$1.49 / 99 cents.

2. KineMaster

At first, it's scary to open KineMaster because it immediately tries to charge you for an annual subscription. However, it quickly becomes apparent that this is strong software that anyone can use, regardless of whether or not they choose to pay for it.

The software is easy to use, and it makes excellent use of the available screen area. For rapid access to media, audio, and overlays, a huge preview is flanked by a toolbar (undo, settings, etc.) and a camera-like record button with icons around it. Even on a phone, it appears crowded but works well.

All the tools and assets are available for free, however exports are watermarked. At the very least, you now have the option to test before you buy.

If you decide to pay, you may expect to pay roughly $23 / £19 / AU$38 a year for the best professional-oriented Android app, especially if you use the assets store. Although iPhone and iPad owners should continue with LumaFusion.

3. iMovie

For years, iMovie on the desktop has been known for its ability to combine ease of use with high-end features. In comparison to Final Cut Pro, it's a lot less powerful. You may also say the same with its mobile version.

iMovie places clips on a single-track timeline when you load a collection of clips. If you don't enjoy looking at thumbnails, you can pinch to zoom the timeline and rearrange the clips.

If you're using the regular or lower third title editor, you'll be able to change the fonts, colours, and backgrounds. Additionally, you may apply filters and transitions, modify clip speeds, add audio overlays, and experiment with split-screen, green-screen, and picture-in-picture effects.

As a result, iMovie doesn't quite make the cut for the title of "greatest video editing app" in our book. Trailer templates that teach individuals about film construction and shot types are intended toward newbies, as are the user-friendly but limited interface. It's still a useful tool for jobbing professionals, however, because it's fast, efficient, and light on distractions when it comes to organising clips and figuring out narrative flow.

4. PowerDirector

PowerDirector, like KineFusion, asks that you unlock your cash as soon as you start it up, and it's around 50% more expensive. For those who aren't using Apple hardware (or KineMaster on Android), you'll discover an easy-to-use programme that falls somewhere in the middle of LumaFusion and iMovie.

When you import a clip, it will automatically be placed on the timeline. Select one and you'll be given access to a number of tools via the edit button. Because of its speed and minimal interface, it's easier to use than iMovie or even KineMaster. Early on, you're joined by comic-like thought bubbles that show you exactly where everything is. So, if you're a total newbie to video editing, this might be the greatest option for you.

PowerDirector is similar to iMovie in that it allows users to jot down ideas rather than produce a polished product. It's powerful enough for serious amateurs without becoming overbearing. However, it appears to be more suited for Android, given that iPhone/iPad users can instead choose the superior LumaFusion (pro) or iMovie (consumer).

5. clips

An attempt has been made by Apple to blend iMovie's ease of use and elegance with the speed and efficiency required to produce social media-friendly video content. Even while its methodology is significantly different from typical video editing, it nevertheless manages to get you right in the middle of the action, allowing you to concentrate solely on what's most important.

Clips would prefer it if you filmed all of your video within the app, but you can import previously taken material. Simply by positioning the clip in your viewport and scrubbing to where you'd like to begin pressing the record button, you may capture exactly what you want.

The rest of the programme is a smorgasbord of amusing extras, such as cartoonish filters, text overlays, Memoji head replacements, and live titles. However, Clips features an useful feature set that properly blends fun and creativity while allowing you to create little social network-friendly videos in a matter of minutes.

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8 best video editing apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop in 2022

8 best video editing apps for mobile, tablet, and desktop in 2022

- You can edit videos on your phone using these apps. The best video editing programs may be found here.

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