Why is Tea Tree Oil Worthy of being Part of your Skincare Regimen?

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Why is Tea Tree Oil Worthy of being Part of your Skincare Regimen?

Using natural oils for skincare was once reserved for women with a traditional mindset. But now the skincare world seems to be singing praises of oils and their miracles. Amongst these oils, tea tree oil has become the beauty cure-all du jour with the standing of being a godsend for acne woes.

Here we give you a swift trip of the qualities of tea tree oil along with tips on how to pull out its benefits in your daily skincare gig.

Anti-bacterial and Anti-inflammatory

Owing to its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, this essential oil is commonly used in skincare products. It can be used to treat acne issues, cleanse the skin thoroughly and heal wounds and inflammation. It comprises the antiseptic compound called terpenin. This does not only kill bacteria, but also fights fungus, virus, reduces scalp dandruff, itching and fungal infections.


Long presaged for its acne controlling properties, tea tree oil is one of those skincare products everyone has been familiar with. It is used in diluted form with other carrier oils to kill acne-based bacteria.

It’s a common ingredient found in anti-acne skincare products. These include face washes, creams, body washes and toners. Besides controlling breakouts, it is also used to combat excessive oil formation on the skin.

It is effective in reducing acne based lesions. All you have to do is mix a few drops of tea tree oil with any other carrier oil. Apply on the spots with a cotton ball. You can also prepare a mask. Just mix in some tea tree oil in fuller’s earth clay and yogurt and apply on your face.

It’s Natural

Tea tree oil is a completely organic skincare product. Derived from the tea tree plant, its oil is completely natural with no synthetic ingredients. So if you want to avoid the application of any chemical based skincare products you should opt for tea tree oil.

It’s Mild

If synthetic acne treatments like benzoyl peroxide don’t suit your skin and cause dryness and irritation, you can try tea tree oil. It’s gentle to the skin and gets readily absorbed too. You can also dilute it with some water, if your skin is overly sensitive.

Strengthen and Brighten nails

Being a powerful antiseptic, tea tree oil is effective in fighting fungal infections on the nails. It also expels the yellow stain your nail paint has left on top of your nails.

Soothe Irritated Scalp

The antifungal properties of tea tree oil help it soothe itchy scalp and reduce dandruff. It does this by scrubbing off dead skin cells and the dandruff causing yeast. You can massage your hair with tea tree oil combined with another carrier oil of your choice. You can also use a shampoo containing tea tree oil as an ingredient.


It’s very reasonable. It cures your skin issues at a fraction of the cost of other skincare products.

Amplify your Moisturizer

Owing to its purifying effect on the skin, the oil is a great add on to your moisturizer. You can mix a few drops of the oil to your moisturizer and prevent acne breakouts, keeping your face clean and clear. This is a better option than buying a skincare product with tea tree ingredients. You will know that you are using 100 percent organic tea tree oil on your skin with as much amount as you can.

Produce your own Toner

You can also use this oil by mixing it in with your toner. Simply mix two drops of the oil with water and apply on your face using a cotton pad. It’s going to strip away the makeup residue and will leave skin feeling fresh and hydrated.

Invigorate your Eyes

Because of its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, you can use these oils as eye wipes. It will be great for refreshing tired eyes and maintaining the hygiene of your eyelids. When used on your eyes, it will provide a zingy uplifting feel and an impeccable way to rejuvenate your eyes.

You can also treat acne prone oily skin with a skincare product containing tea tree oil. Like a tea tree oil based face wash for instance.

When applying on the hair, combine a few drops of tea tree oil with a carrier oil and massage on the scalp.

How Often Should I Use It?

There is no right or wrong answer to that because everyone’s skin reacts differently to it. Though you might like to test it on a patch of your skin to make sure it doesn’t tingle your skin. You can then add it to your skincare regimen accordingly.

Things to Keep in Mind:

  • Tea tree oil is basically prepared for acne on oily skin. So if you have acne on dry skin, do not use tea tree oil to treat it because it will further dry your skin and aggravate your acne. Consult your dermatologist before you use any over the counter skin care products. Also since quality differs between the manufacturers, always use a natural variant of the oil.
  • Always bear in mind that tea tree oil should not be applied directly on the skin, because it will cause irritation. Dilute the oil with another oil like olive oil, coconut oil etc. before you apply it on your skin.
  • Tea tree oil is photosensitive. This means when it comes in direct contact with sunlight, there is a marked change in the way it affects the skin. If you step out in the sun with tea tree oil applied on your skin, it will react with the ultraviolet rays and lead to sunspots, rashes, blisters and even burns. So it’s best to apply it only at night time.

Since you now know the numerous benefits of tea tree oil for your skin, there’s no reason why you wouldn’t include it in your skincare routine.
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