Which Essential Oils can be beneficial for different kinds of skin?

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Which Essential Oils can be beneficial for different kinds of skin?

Many beauty products are used for skin care. Some of the best skin care products utilize the benefits of natural ingredients and substances. Sometimes essential oils are often recommended for their broad range of benefits. Let’s see how essential oils are beneficial for your skin.

Beauty Products

When we look around ourselves, we see the world changing with every minute. The lifestyle of human beings has changed with each era and a bit more so ever since the industrial revolution. Skin care is astonishingly one of those things that have been around from the start of history of mankind.

The earliest human beings knew that washing hands and face can rinse away the dirt which can irritate our skin pores. Today the concept of skin care and using beauty products is changed altogether. The fashion and glamour industry encourages the enhancement of your appearance based on your attire and your skin glow.

Beauty products started as natural ingredients such as fruits and berries and eventually ended up synthetic products with chemicals to preserve and enhance the beauty of your skin. It has become the normally accepted standard of beauty all around the world to have a smooth, soft and glowing skin. And the beauty industry is researching all sorts of techniques, chemicals and ingredients to help more people achieve their desired beauty standards.

Skin care through Essential Oils

Skin care is the number one priority of many due to the changing environment. The increase in pollution and depleting ozone layer is a major factor in affecting our skin so we need to understand that it is necessary to save your skin from toxins and harmful microorganisms.

Essential oils are the extracts of different seeds, flowers, and leaves. Essential oils have effects that have a broad range and can be used for many purposes. The aroma itself of many essential oils can boost the body functioning. Enhanced brain functioning is one of the major effects of essential oils and aromatherapy is catching attention day by day.

There are some applications of essential oils for skin care as well so let’s see which essential oils work for our skin care and in what way are they beneficial for us.

  1. Lavender

Lavender is a flower with a very sweet aroma which often helps relaxing the nerves and can help sleep for those who have trouble sleeping. Lavender essential oil is very beneficial for dry skin in various ways. It can help in building the optimum moisture level on our skin and act as an anti-inflammatory substance.

It may have natural hydration properties to help moisturize the dry skin in moderate quantity.

  1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood essential oil is for it anti-inflammatory properties on the skin and can act as a good moisturizer for the dry skin.

  1. Chamomile

Chamomile also has similar properties as it can be used for the dry skin as well. It can increase the moisture level of the skin while propagating its anti-inflammatory properties due to a substance called azulene present in it.

  1. Clary Sage

Oily skin can be a tough nut to crack because it feels more awful than dry skin especially in summers. Clary Sage oil may have remarkable qualities to control excess sebum and to prevent acne breakouts. It can also act as an anti-aging oil and reduce wrinkling or prevent them altogether. This all may be possible due to the active compounds in the Clary Sage oil such as linalyl acetate and geranyl.

  1. Frankincense

Frankincense oil can help preventing acne breakouts while lessening the oil content of the skin, that is why it is useful for oily skin. It can also provide fats for the aging skin which can make the skin look younger.

  1. Cinnamon

Cinnamon oil is filled with anti-oxidants. One of the anti-oxidants in cinnamon oil is cinnamic acid. The anti-inflammatory effect due to the anti-oxidants present in the cinnamon oil helps in preventing inflammatory acne such as nodules and cysts. It is very beneficial for the oily skin.

  1. Peppermint

Another problem that we thoroughly encounter is the skin rash. Skin rashes may occur due to dryness and the friction or abrasion that is caused by rubbing skin on skin. Peppermint is known for its minty flavor which helps with the headache and calming the nerves.

The soothing cooling effect can help as an analgesic for the skin. Not only that but the skin rashes can be cooled down and act as an anti-inflammatory substance to ease up the redness or inflammations following the rashes.


Essential oils may have a lot of benefits through aromatherapy and topical application on the skin. The effects on the skin can be correlated to the usual benefits of the source. What’s more, you can utilize essential oils of substances for the kind of skin you have or the skin problems that you may be suffering from.

If you find your skin type here, you can try one of the related essential oils to help increase your skin health and boost your confidence in the long run. We hope your skin stays healthy and beautiful through your skin care routine.

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