How to have healthy nails naturally?

Author : mubinfaisal
Publish Date : 2022-01-12

How to have healthy nails naturally?

Nobody wants to have body part in bad shape. We all want each and every part of our body to look healthy and in perfect shape. One particular, which is noticed a lot, is our nails. It is believed that the condition of nails speak volumes about a person’s personality. Therefore, people do everything in their capacity to hide their nails if they are in a bad state. Because sometimes it might happen that, you are in an important meeting and you want to make a good impression for the meeting to go good. Thus, you notice every tiny detail that can derail the meeting and if the nails are not good, you try to hide them. Well, not anymore, we have some tips, which can make the nails healthy and bring a natural shine to them. Read on to find out!

Olive Oil:

The first hand foremost thing that one needs to do is dip the nails in a bowl of water with few drops of olive oil in it. After start caressing the nails gently. This will remove all the dirt and residue from the nails and restore their natural shine. This has to be done on daily basis.

Rose Water:

The second thing that one needs to do apply rose water to the nails. This will bring a permanent layer of pink on the nails and it has to be done thrice a week.

Petroleum Jelly:

Petroleum Jelly may already be a must thing for a lot of people. But what most people do not know is that the jelly texture can be very good for the nails. Whenever one takes a bath, the skin absorbs the water, which makes it dry. Just as one uses jelly all over the body. Use it over the nails as well as this practice will give a shiny appeal to the nails. Therefore, remember to include your nails as well the next time you take a shower.

Baby Oil:

Now you might be thinking what is the need to put baby oil when we are using petroleum jelly. Well, shower is not only time when our nails are exposed to water. During the course of our, there are numerous occasions when nails are exposed to water. Hence, to avoid the negative effect of this. Apply baby oil several times in the day on your nails. As this will help keep the natural texture of the nails intact.

Lemon Juice:

Touted to be a natural cleaning agent. Lemon Juice is great at removing dust and dirt. All one has to do is dip the nails in a bowl of lemon juice. Then after a few minutes pour some warm water and few drops of vinegar in the bowl. Grab a brush and gently rub the nails. Wash the hands after doing the process for few minutes. This practice has to be done only once a week as that brings more than enough shine to the nails.


No matter which part of the body it is. Drinking water is crucial. Our body works on water. The more water we drink the better our cells are able to flow the blood to different corners of the body. Hence, same is the case with the nails. The primary the nails go pale is that one does not drink enough amount of water. Thus, make it a point to drink at least 1 gallon of water daily.


No, you do not have to dip your nails in it. Yogurt is rich in nutrients that can be very good for the nails. Thus, make it a point to eat a bowl of yogurt every day from now onwards and hopefully within a few weeks’ time, you will have shinier and healthier nails.

Toothpaste on the nails:

This might be the first time you would be hearing that toothpaste could be applied to the nails. Well, brushing the nails from the toothpaste is a good way to remove the entire dirt and dust residue from nails. This can be done on daily basis but not to the extent that the natural texture is rubbed off the skin.

These are some of the tips that are found to be fruitful in bringing the health and shine to the nails. Now, there are organic products in the market as well that can do all this. However, it is always good to go natural with the body. When the nature has given us all the things that we need, we must attend to them first. Moreover, nothing in the list is inaccessible or rare. All the elements may be already in the house and even if not, they are easily available in the market. Thus, start the process and make your nails shiny and healthy.

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