What are some of the wonderful uses of turmeric for skin care?

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What are some of the wonderful uses of turmeric for skin care?

Among other things in life, skin care is essential to have in your daily routine. Using the best skin care products is fine but have you thought of using turmeric for your skin? What benefits does the substance have for skin care? Let us see how our skin and lives can become so much better.

Turmeric; the Healing Gold

It would not be unfair if it was branded as the healing golden powder that is worth a lot. Turmeric is supposedly a spice that was initially used in Indian food. It is still taken up as an ingredient in everyday foods and cuisine.

This spice is being rediscovered by the West due to its amazing uses but in South Asia, it is a well-known remedy and cure from centuries. Humanity owes a lot to turmeric because it is a natural healer for our body, from the inside and the outside.

Let us study in detail the wonderful benefits of turmeric for our skin.

  1. Glowing skin

Before we list down all other benefits, let’s start with the most apparent and obvious one. Turmeric is great for skin whitening. Turmeric may not only help make your skin glow, but it can also even out the tone of your skin.

Turmeric is often used on weddings for bride and the groom to make their skin glow. Moreover, if you use your eyesight a lot, study or work till late at night, you probably have a bad night routine. A disturbed sleeping schedule can lead to dark circles under the eyes. Turmeric’s quick action may remedy the dark circles in a month and gives you an even skin tone on your face.

Many skin whitening products and those that claim to erase the dark circles often use turmeric in their ingredients for the related purpose. Turmeric can stand out of all the substances that may help your skin glow.

  1. Anti-oxidants

The anti-oxidants found in turmeric may be primarily responsible for the glowing skin. They also can help fight a lot of medical problems including skin problems. Anti-oxidants are essential to counter the free radicals that attack our skin and make it dull or cause inflammation.

Anti-oxidants tend to have anti-inflammatory properties as well. In the case of turmeric, the anti-oxidants found can also cause anti-inflammation, reducing the puffiness of eyes due to sleep deprivation. It also keeps the skin healthy and may reduce the risks of skin problems that arise due to oxidation.

  1. Slow Hair Growth

While discussing skin care, the one most irritable problem of our skin is the unwanted hair. No one likes a hairy body and people spend most of their money trying to shave their body hair more than you can imagine.

Turmeric can act as our saviour in this matter as well. Turmeric has wonderful properties that can help solve the problem of body hair. Studies show that applying turmeric or curcuma oil can help lessen the growth of body hair. Turmeric essentially stunts the growth of hair on the body, reducing the need to shave or wax it off.

The time it takes can vary from person to person depending upon the skin type and hair thickness.

  1. Reduces Scarring

Turmeric has healing properties which, when combined with the anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, create a god-like healing tendency. Turmeric is often used to reduce the scarring that may appear on the skin.

Usually when we discuss scars, what comes into our minds are the scars that are created due to the wounds and injuries. Turmeric however can heal any kind of scarring. The worst scarring you can deal with turns out to be the acne scarring, which becomes a permanent problem staring at you through your mirror, if not helped with.

Turmeric can help reduce this type of scarring as well, leading to a smooth skin on the face. Scars that form due to chicken pox or other facial problems can also be reduced to an extent by the proper use of turmeric.

  1. Healing Properties

Turmeric is quite underrated when it comes to healing wounds and injuries. It should be used more in such scenarios because whether you apply it externally or have some oral intake in any form, it can help heal wounds by increasing the cell multiplication process.

It also wards off the inflammation that may be accompanied by the wounds which create scars in the first place. Turmeric can be used normally to boost cell production as well to have a healthier body if old cells are removed and new cells are created to replace them. Old and dead cells can act as toxins in our bodies.


Turmeric has abundant uses and it has miraculous powers when it comes to healing. We will recommend using turmeric if you want to use them for any above mentioned benefit.
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