How to have an eye care routine in the toxic and polluted environment?

Author : mubinfaisal
Publish Date : 2022-01-12

How to have an eye care routine in the toxic and polluted environment?

Our eyes are what depict the beauty of our face. Having a good eye care routine and using the best eye care products are the least things we can do to keep our eyes healthy. But the polluted air and environment pose a serious threat to our eyes. How can we protect our eyes from damage of toxic air?

Eye care routine and prevention

It is a well-known fact that our eyes are one of the most important organs of our body. Not only medically, but looking at it from the point of view of beauty, our eyes set the shape of our face and our personality. Our eyes are somewhat like the preface of a book. They say it all about our emotions and our face.

Because of such a high importance of our eyes, it is not surprising that many people try to take care of their eyes in multiple ways. Some people look after their eyesight, some others look after the skin under and around the eyes, while others simply focus on both.

Having an eye care routine helps your eyes stay healthy and look good. Even the skin around your eyes can ruin the image of your eyes and face which can cause less confidence in many. But apart from certain activities that may lead to such problems, there is one major factor that may result in problems for which the solution seems to be an eye care routine and the usage of the best eye care products. That factor is pollution.

Air pollution and its effects

According to many people, air pollution has been building up all around the world ever since the rise of industrial era. Our air has been polluted to the point that it has become toxic for us and our body. And the organs that are outside our body have more exposure to these toxins in the air.

Pollution has become a huge problem considering that all sorts of diseases are on the rise because of our polluted air. This polluted air acts as a catalyst of different infections that not only infect our respiratory system, they also cause skin and eye problems. Even our hair is affected because of the toxins and particulate matter in the air.

Our main concern for now is eye health so we will focus the impact of a toxic environment such as ours on our eye’s health. To protect our eyes from the damage of our toxic air, it is a must to adopt some kind of eye care routine to avoid any kind of ailments or infections of our eyes.

It is thought that air pollution is a major contributor of eye problems in all age groups. This is because air pollution can lead to irritation in the eyes, redness, puffy eyes and cause watery eyes because of the air’s effect on our tear hole. It is said that most common compounds which cause these problems may be nitric oxide, sulphur, and nitrogen dioxide.

Eye care tips in polluted environment

While it may be quite difficult to totally avoid the pollutants in the air, you may be able to minimize their effects on your eyes so that your eyes can stay healthy and your eyesight remains intact.

It may not be possible to ensure clean air surroundings but there are ways to keep your eyes clean and healthy. We will discuss a few ways you can take care of your eyes and keep them healthy and well.

  1. Don’t rub your eyes

Many people have the habit of rubbing their eyes when some particulate enters them. It is a wrong habit and should be avoided at all costs. Rubbing your eyes may help the toxins enter your body or react with your eyes. Instead you should adopt the habit of wiping your eyes with a wet cloth or washing your eyes thoroughly with water. Washing them properly can reduce the risk of toxins being able to affect your eyes.

  1. Cool compress

In case of any inflammation in or around your eyes for any reason, you should first apply cool compress to your eyes to reduce the inflammation as much as possible and then proceed to look for other solutions if necessary.

  1. Use eye drops

Eye drops are very important to lubricate your eyes and help your eyes stay clean. They also remove toxins from your eyelids and tear hole to prevent any infection or eye problem.


Our eyes are a precious organ and they let us see this beautiful world. But the deteriorating environment and pollutants in the air can damage our eyes and contribute to various eye problems. The least we can do to protect our eyes and their health is to follow a proper eye care routine and use best eye care products. You can try these ideas of eye care and help yourself against eye problems that are on the rise.

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