How to get rid of wrinkles under eyes?

Author : mubinfaisal
Publish Date : 2021-12-10

How to get rid of wrinkles under eyes?

All of us live busy lives. Our day is full with lots of work and sometimes the night is also occupied by our work and if we are not working at night, then we obviously need some kind of entertainment and thus we attend to movies and TV shows. This heavy workload takes a toll on our body and some us end up having wrinkles under the eyes. This makes our face dull and gives a very bad impression about our personality. Something which none of us can afford to have. Specially the one who work in a corporate environment, you have to look good in order to perform well in the meetings. You appearance plays a vital role in your overall performance. Hence, to tackle this we tend to do various things, which sometimes work and sometimes do not. However, after reading this article, I am hopeful that you will be better versed to get rid of this problem.

What really causes this?

In order to understand how we can get rid of it, we first need to understand how we end up having them.

Excessive exposure to UV:

Ultraviolet rays are never good for the skin and if we are exposed to them excessively, then that can be very damaging for our skin. As it removes the layer of collagen from our face and causes it to go wrinkled. Therefore, try to take the precautions when going out from now onwards.

Give your face a break:

Many of the lines on your face are made up due to your facial habits. Many of us have a habit of either furrowing our brow or keeping a constant smile, which give rise to lines on our face. Another thing that plays a spoilsport is our pillow. It is believed that as we grow older it becomes difficult for our skin to go back to its original shape and it instead adopts the shape that we have while sleeping. Therefore, it is highly advised to not sleep with pillow on your face and rather place your back head on it.


I know you already knew smoking was bad for many reasons. Let me give you one reason. A lot of your skin health is damaged by smoking. It loses its color, collagen and natural touch and goes pale and dull. Hence, if you are a smoker then you need to stop it right now.

How can you get rid of it?

Now that you have understood how wrinkles come over your face. Let us understand how we can push them away.

Facial Yoga:

Open your laptop and go over the internet. Search the term ‘facial yoga’ and read thoroughly about it. It is believed that there are certain facial movements that can help in bringing the skin to its original shape and get rid of the loosened skin. Do not go very heavy, as it is your face, you cannot afford to have any kind of dislocation. Thus, search it up and start doing facial yoga.

Put a sunscreen:

This is very important, if you desire to get rid of the wrinkles. Excessive exposure to the sun causes our skin to lose its natural color and touch. It rather becomes dull and pale. Hence, make it a habit of putting sunscreen to your face whenever you go out.

Drink lots of water:

Your body is highly dependent on water. Many of the bodily problems that people suffer from are due to lack of drinking enough water. Your skin also depends on the amount of water you drink. It is recommended that you must at least drink 8 glasses of water a day to keep it healthy and lively.

Moisturize regularly:

Our skin also loses its oil due to exposure to sunlight and ultraviolet rays. This causes the skin to go dry and rough which is very irritating. Always keep a moisturizer along with you and when you notice it going dry just use it over your skin to give it needed oil.

Maintain your diet:

Diet is very important when it comes to anything that is related to the body. Whatever you eat, will ultimately decide the appearance of your skin. Hence, it is urged to skip the oily foods and eat more of the vegetables and meat.

These are some of the tips that you can take to treat your wrinkles under eyes. I am hopeful that these will help you and make you look better. There are several other remedies as well, that you can do to get rid of the lines and wrinkles. In the end, it is always about the appearance of your skin. If it is getting better then you may keep doing what you are doing and if it does not, then you may attend to the above-mentioned tips.
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