Did you know strawberries have innumerable skincare benefits?

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Did you know strawberries have innumerable skincare benefits?

Strawberries make delectably healthy cocktail snacks. Nevertheless, did you know that strawberries have a place in your skincare repertoire, too? This juicy red fruit is packed with essential nutrients like vitamins A, C and K, magnesium, calcium, folic acid and potassium. Moreover, they are known as the antioxidant powerhouses and possess tremendous inflammatory impact.

We have listed down a few ways you can incorporate strawberries in your skincare regime:

Brighten complexion

Strawberries consist of sodium ascorbyl phosphate. It is a rich, water-soluble source of vitamin C. This is what renders strawberries effective in enhancing glow and revitalising lacklustre skin. They also deliver a dosage of alpha hydroxy acid, which is known to reverse signs of aging.

Strawberry and lemon mask

Strawberries contain vitamin C which helps in giving a radiant complexion. Lemon juice is a natural astringent which helps fade blemishes and dark patches.

In a bowl, mash some strawberries with a fork until you achieve a smooth consistency. Stir in a tablespoon of lime juice. Mix thoroughly until well combined. Apply the mask on your face using a sanitized brush avoiding the eye area and let it sit for 10 minutes. Wash off with warm water.

Diminish acne

Strawberries comprise a skin-care miracle element called salicylic acid. It is a common ingredient in most acne based skincare products in the market. It aids to unblock pores and increase cell turnover, resulting in cleaner and gradually vibrant skin.

Strawberry and honey mask

To treat acne, make a mask using a mashed strawberry and a tablespoon of honey. Honey stabilizes the bacteria on the skin and accelerates the healing process of acne lesions. Apply the mixture to your face with clean hands or using a sanitized brush. Leave it on for 20 minutes. Rinse off with water.

De-puffing eyes

If you wake up in the morning with weary, puffy eyes worry no more. They possess astringent properties, i.e. they help the capillaries in the skin surface to contract. This means, you are safe from hangover eyes!

How to use

All you need to do is slice a chilled strawberry and keep it on your eyes. The chilled strawberries will give a soothing sensation to your eyes and constrict the veins in your skin surface.

Manage the skin's elasticity

Strawberry averts the collapse of collagen that is amassed beneath the skin surface and enhances collagen production as well. Enriched collagen increases the elasticity of the skin and reduces the visibility of fine lines and wrinkles, giving you a youthful glow.

Moisturizes the skin

It deeply nourishes the skin, without congesting the pores. It also recovers the skin barrier that helps lock in moisture. Thus helping the skin restore its softness. Thus incorporating a strawberry infused moisturizer in your skincare regime would keep your skin nourished at all times.

Strawberry, honey and cream mask

Honey is a natural humectant. This means it locks in moisture and nourishes the skin. Cream nurtures and rejuvenates withered skin. It lubricates dry skin and gradually moisturizes it.

All you need is 2 to 3 mashed strawberries and a tablespoon of fresh cream and honey. Combine the ingredients together in a container. Smear the mixture on your face and leave it on until it dries up. Rinse off your face using warm water. Pat dry.

Treating certain skin conditions

Strawberry oil treats skin conditions like eczema, sunburns, acne, psoriasis, cellulite, stretch marks, dermatitis etc. Not only this, it also treats dry hair, scalp and brittle nails and chapped lips.

Aromatherapy and therapeutic massage

Strawberry oil has a distinctive, garden fresh and sweetened smell. This unique fragrance arouses the senses and is used as a base oil in aromatherapy and as a diffuser to create a calming environment. It is also used in oil fragrances and many skincare products.

Guards the skin from ultraviolet damage

Strawberries consist of ellagic acid and anthocyanin. These powerful antioxidants give it the strength to fight free radicals and shield the skin from harmful sun exposure. Ellagic acid constrains some enzymes that contribute to the breakdown of collagen and reduces inflammatory reaction. Anthocyanin gives strawberries red colour when they are ripe. It scavenges free radicals that break down elastin fibres and collagen in the skin. Therefore, playing an essential role in reversing the effects of ultraviolet radiation.

Strawberry and yogurt mask

In a bowl mix some yogurt and mashed strawberries. Gently apply the mixture all over your face and leave it on for 15 minutes. Wash your face. Follow up with a moisturizer. Repeat in your skincare regime every day, until you achieve the desired results.

Cleanses the skin

The alpha hydroxy acids in strawberry cleanse the skin by eradicating dead cells from the skin surface. It acts as a natural exfoliating agent by cleansing dirt and toxins thoroughly from the pores. Thus if you are suffering from a dull complexion, all you need to do is apply a strawberry based skincare product on your face.

Softens feet

When it comes to skincare, we often tend to neglect our feet. If you want to maintain soft feet, you can combine glycerine, ground oats and strawberry and apply it on your feet. This will scrub off all the dead skin cells on your feet surface. Thus giving you soft feet.

Controls the overproduction of oil

Being acidic in nature, strawberries are effective in controlling excess sebum on the skin surface. It is rich in vitamin C and proves as an excellent facemask in your skincare regimen.

Strawberries serve as a wonderful skincare ingredient. So incorporate strawberry based products in your beauty regime, and observe the complements pouring in!
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