Best Uses of Collagen For Bones And Human Health

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Best Uses of Collagen For Bones And Human Health

Collagen is responsible for a number of biological functions, one of which is providing structural support to connective tissue, muscles, and skin. Collagen is a protein responsible for skin elasticity and plays an important role in joint and bone health.

There is no doubt that collagen can make your skin firmer and more radiant, as it is the main structural protein in skin that gives it strength and shape.

There are 29 different types of collagen. The most common types of collagen are:

  • Type I Collagen: It is found in our skin, tendons, ligaments, bones and teeth.
  • Type II Collagen: It is found in our cartilage and the gel-like tissue in our eyes called the vitreous humor. Type III Collagen: It is found in our skin, muscles, and blood vessels.

Dietary sources of collagen include: meat (but not organ meats), poultry, fish, foods containing gelatin (such as jelly), and bone broth. Collagen from our diet is difficult to digest and absorb, so many supplements and foods contain hydrolyzed collagen, which is partially broken down for ease of absorption.

As a person gets older, collagen levels decline rapidly. This can negatively affect health and well-being, as well as appearance. Collagen makes up over 80% of our skin. It is responsible for maintaining the elasticity and hydration of the skin, which can greatly help reduce the signs of aging.

Why is it important to take collagen by mouth?

Unfortunately, as we age, it becomes more and more difficult for the human body to produce collagen. This makes it even more difficult for the body to replace the lost collagen. This is why high quality and highly effective collagen supplements are essential. The body begins to lose 1% of collagen every year from the age of 20. By the age of 60, more than 50% of all collagen in our body disappears. Collagen supplements are a safe, clinically proven way to replenish your stores.

Other Health Benefits of Collagen

There are several benefits of taking a collagen supplement:

  1. Reduces wrinkles and maintains skin elasticity and radiance.
  2. Helps strengthen hair and nails.
  3. Prevents and helps eliminate problems such as arthritis.
  4. Helps boost metabolism and energy levels.
  5. Helps achieve weight loss goals by keeping you feeling full longer.
  6. Helps strengthen bones and joints.
  7. Helps in solving problems associated with menopause.
  8. May help reduce the risk of bone disease.
  9. Supports a healthy gut.
  10. Supports a healthy heart.
  11. Helps support liver function and detoxification.
  12. Helps maintain a normal nervous system.

Collagen and anti-aging effect

Some research suggests that taking collagen supplements can boost your body's ability to produce collagen. It's important to remember that the most significant decline in collagen production begins around menopause, so if you're considering supplements, it's a good idea to start taking them sooner rather than later.

Look out for supplements such as collagen powder that contain hydrolyzed collagen, as this means the molecules of the substance have been broken down into smaller pieces that can be absorbed by the body.

 “Collagen contains 18 amino acids, [including] eight essential amino acids,” says the professor and nutrition expert. Nicole Avena , Ph.D. "These amino acids help our bodies perform important functions." Your gut, your joints, your hormones—you can all benefit from a bone broth latte or your collagen smoothie .

Sounds too good to be true? But there's one caveat: Collagen won't do you any good if you're not eating a healthy, balanced diet. “Collagen is not a panacea,” emphasizes the founder of BZ Nutrition.

However, if you already have that balance in place, then a collagen supplement may be just the thing to take your health to the next level - in and out. (Both Dr. Avena and Zeitlin love Additional Food Collagen Powder , while Zeitlin also loves Vital Proteins .) Maybe it's time to change that superlative to "Most Successful"? For the health of the digestive tract, you can never play too much, as it affects everything: skin health to mood . And according to experts, collagen has many benefits in this regard. “Collagen plays an important role in building and maintaining the health of the connective tissue that lines our entire digestive tract,” Zeitlin says. “Tissue damage can lead to inflammation and leaky gut syndrome .”

If you suspect that the intestinal mucosa may be damaged - perhaps after years of taking painkillers or overexertion "Collagen can help with healing," says Dr. Avena. "Because collagen is a key component of the gut wall, supplementation can help restore it," she says. “Another amino acid in collagen, glutamine , may help prevent inflammation of the gut wall and may help heal leaky gut .”

Your stomach can benefit too. “Collagen is high in glycine and proline , which can help heal the stomach lining and prevent stress-induced ulcers,” says Dr. Avena. Stress is key: If your nervous system is constantly stressed, it can really disrupt collagen production , Zeitlin says. "If you're stressed out a lot, you might want to add collagen-boosting foods and peptides.

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