Huge And Super Benefits of Paint

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Huge And Super Benefits of Paint

Advantages of Teknos varnishes

The Teknos brand is well recognized all over the world: household and industrial paints and varnishes of high quality and environmental friendliness provide reliable protection of various surfaces from mechanical and other influences.

On the market, Teknos SPb products are widely represented by various compositions for processing metal, wood, brick, concrete, tiles. In its development, the company focuses on safety and durability, which has led to a growing demand for decent products.

Constant quality control, scientific and laboratory research and development allow us to create a new generation of paints and varnishes - affordable, environmentally friendly and durable. If necessary, it is possible to create paint of any shade. The company has implemented and is using an ultra-precise automatic tinting system, which makes it possible to prepare mixtures with the most accurate shade.

Assortment of Teknos SPb paints and varnishes

St. Petersburg are represented by a wide range of compositions with specific features. Each line from the manufacturer is developed taking into account the needs of the consumer and the current achievements of the paint and varnish industry.

The list of Teknos products includes:

  • compositions for household use, construction and finishing works in apartments and private houses;
  • industrial paints and varnishes with additional anti-corrosion properties, increased strength and durability;
  • practical and easy-to-use powder paints;
  • joinery and woodworking products.

You can buy Teknos compositions in St. Petersburg on any basis. The range of paints includes enamel, polyurethane, alkyd mixtures. Each product undergoes strict quality control, certification, safety and environmental checks.

All Teknos products can be divided into two large groups: professional and household formulations. Household products are characterized by ease of application, durability and excellent performance.

Products from the industrial category require professional application. They are designed for objects operated in aggressive conditions, harsh climates, with high mechanical loads. In this group, there are special lines for airports, power plants, bridges, and the furniture industry.

The environmental friendliness of Teknos paint formulations in St. These are schools, kindergartens, clinics.

Advantages of Teknos varnishes and paints in St. Petersburg

  • High indicators of environmental friendliness and safety, compliance with international standards, the absence of solvents in the composition of paints.
  • Reasonable cost of production, simple use, uncomplicated operation.
  • Unlimited colors.
  • A wide range of formulations to handle all types of materials.
  • Special offers for different areas of industry, paints for private and professional use.

A successful experiment of the manufacturer was the production of water-borne paints for metal, wood and plastic processing. With high environmental friendliness, Teknos compounds are distinguished by a long service life and high strength.

Teknos products in St. Petersburg are sold in brand stores with an official guarantee. You can choose a composition for specific purposes with the help of consultants.

Teknos SPb special products for industry

The Teknos brand is in demand in private and professional construction. The list of manufactured products includes means for processing metal, wood at machine-building plants, furniture production.

Industrial paints from Teknos in St. Petersburg include a large selection of fire-resistant coatings for natural wood, which significantly increase the fire safety of the material. For medical institutions and the food industry, special coatings based on pure urea are produced.

Among Teknos' offers in St. Petersburg, you can find heat-resistant paints for protection against graffiti and vandals, special paints for road markings, high-strength products for covering concrete and asphalt.

The binder is an acrylic polymer dispersion made from acrylic resins. It determines the technological properties of the paint, adhesion to the surface, its durability, resistance, etc. Acrylic resin is the polymer from which acrylic dispersions are made; when the paint dries, it forms a structure that holds the pigments in it (see picture below). High quality acrylic resin is a necessary component of high quality paint.

Pigment is a dry fine powder that does not dissolve, but remains suspended when mixed with a binder. It gives color and opacity to the paint.
Pigments are organic, inorganic, natural and synthetic. They have practically no affinity for the surface to be applied.

Solvent (or Thinner) - Either an organic diluent or water. Used to reduce the viscosity of the paint.

Filler - larger particles of pigment, which are added to improve adhesion, strengthen the paint film, matte, preserve the binder, etc.

Additives are auxiliary components. Used to change the properties of either liquid paint or paint film after application.

What is important to remember when applying acrylic paints:

- surfaces must be cleaned of dirt and dust and degreased;

- materials that absorb water (wood, cardboard, plaster, etc.) are best primed with acrylic varnish or special primer ;

- before use, the paint must be mixed and, if necessary, diluted with water (or thinner ) to the required consistency;

- acrylic paints are applied by brush, roller or spray;

- all work is carried out at a temperature not lower than 10 ° С;

- brushes, tools, containers, stains are cleaned with water until the paint dries .

Dry Paint Amazing Benefits

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