Top Notch And Amazing Benefits of Onions For Everyone

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Top Notch And Amazing Benefits of Onions For Everyone

Onions are present in the recipes of many delicious and healthy dishes. And nothing can replace it. The same vegetable is used in folk and traditional medicine as an adjuvant for the prevention and treatment of a large number of diseases. This demand is due to the unique complex of valuable properties of common onions. Let's dwell on each of them in more detail. Onions and greens are considered strong natural antibiotics, as they contain a large amount of phytoncides. These are biologically active substances that kill the pathogenic microflora or suppress its growth and development. Onion phytoncides exhibit very high bactericidal activity. Therefore, those who regularly consume this fresh vegetable are much less susceptible to viral and fungal infections. In case of acute respiratory infections, acute respiratory viral infections, bronchitis, inhalation of freshly prepared gruel from grated onions also helps. Volatile phytoncides help cleanse the respiratory tract from infection, tone and heal the body.

Antiviral activity

During the flu season, it is useful to take an infusion of onion juice with natural honey at night. This recipe is approved by official medicine as an effective antiviral agent. It is best to use purple onions to prepare the medicinal mixture. It contains the maximum amount of vitamin C and less bitterness than other types.

Recipe :

  • Grind 0.5 kg of onion turnip in a blender or grate on a fine grater.
  • Squeeze the juice out of the resulting gruel using gauze.
  • Add 100 g of high-quality natural honey, mix.

This remedy should be taken in a tablespoon after dinner, or dissolved in warm water.

General strengthening properties

Onion contains a lot of ascorbic acid and substances with antioxidant properties. Therefore, with its regular introduction into the diet, the following positive effects are observed:

  • immunity increases, susceptibility to colds decreases;
  • the condition of the teeth and gums improves, the prevention of caries and gingivitis is ensured;
  • metabolic processes are normalized, metabolism is accelerated;
  • preconditions for weight loss are created, since onions are among the effective fat burners.

All of the above in the complex has a powerful general strengthening effect on the body.

Antihelminthic effect

When infected with helminths or to prevent this phenomenon, it is not necessary to buy expensive pharmaceuticals. An ordinary onion-turnip, which has a pronounced antihelminthic activity, will help to cope with the problem. It was proven in the course of a scientific experiment: parasites placed in an alcoholic onion extract died in just 4 minutes.

To combat worms, you can eat a small raw onion daily. Or take half a glass of onion tincture three times a day.

The recipe for its preparation :

  • chop two large onions to a pulp consistency;
  • pour over the spicy pulp with half a liter of boiling water;
  • insist the product in a sealed container for 12 hours.

The duration of the use of such an infusion to combat helminths is 4 days. There is no alcohol in this product, so it can also be used to treat parasitosis in children.

Antidiabetic properties

With high blood sugar levels, onions are useful in any form, including boiled, baked, fried. The product has a low glycemic index, so diabetics can include it in their diet without restrictions.

This vegetable promotes natural insulin production and lowers blood glucose levels. But when onion is included in the diet for people with diabetes, it is necessary to observe the dosage recommended by the doctor, and take into account the contraindications to its use.

Stimulation of sexual function

Onions contain a complex of substances that have a stimulating effect on male libido and fertility. Regular consumption of this natural aphrodisiac also helps to improve vascular health and increases testosterone production. This has a positive effect on potency, as well as the quantity and quality of seminal fluid.

The healing properties of onion peels

The outer shells of the bulbs are also exceptionally rich in chemical composition. They contain the flavonoid quercetin, a substance with pronounced antioxidant properties. In addition, onion peel contains many vitamin-like compounds of carotenoids, which give it a specific yellowish-reddish color. These substances also belong to the group of antioxidants, therefore, they protect cells from damage by free radicals. In addition, phytoncides, vitamins C, E, B, nicotinic acid, potassium, iron, and calcium salts were isolated from onion shells.

The complex composition, rich in biologically significant substances, determined the complex of useful properties of onion peel. In particular, preparations prepared on its basis help:


  • slow down the aging process in the body, thanks to its pronounced antioxidant properties;
  • prevent an increase in cholesterol levels, and therefore serve as the prevention of atherosclerosis;
  • reduce the risk of developing diabetes, heart and vascular diseases;
  • improve the condition of teeth and gums, as well as bone and cartilage tissue;
  • normalize the digestive system.

The high content of quercetin provides anti-cancer properties to onion peels, as evidenced by scientific research.

Contraindications to the use of onions

With all its positive properties, this valuable representative of vegetable crops benefits all of them. Some of the features of its action on the body to individual people can do more harm than good. For example, raw onions are contraindicated for people with diseases such as:

  • Hyperacid gastritis and peptic ulcer disease. Onions increase the acidity of gastric juice, so it can worsen the condition of people with these pathologies.
  • Hypertension and chronic heart disease. Eating this spicy, fresh spice in salads or other dishes can lead to an activation of the nervous system and an increase in blood pressure.
  • Renal dysfunction. Onions are irritating to kidney tissue and can cause pain and other unpleasant symptoms.

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