Apples Can Cure You From Different Seven Diseses

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Publish Date : 2021-09-20

Apples Can Cure You From Different Seven Diseses

According to legends, from this day you can start eating apples of the new harvest. For both pleasure and health.

According to legends, from this day you can start eating apples of the new harvest. For both pleasure and health.

Rejuvenating secret

Even the ancient Greeks talked about the healing properties of apples. And now there is a saying among the people: "An eaten apple replaces a visit to the doctor." But when scientists decided to check how much this corresponds to reality, it turned out that there are not so many vitamins in this fruit. Vitamin C, for example, is 10 times less than oranges. And an apple weighing 150 grams provides only eight percent of the daily value of vitamin C, two percent of vitamin A, and even less other vitamins. What, then, is the healing secret of this fruit?

Further research has shown that the main wealth of apples is antioxidants. It is these substances that protect us from cancer, diseases of the heart and blood vessels, and from aging in general. And in terms of the content of these substances, apples occupy a leading position among other fruits. And, very importantly, unlike vitamins, antioxidants are not destroyed during storage.

Scientists at Cornell University in the United States found that apple extracts effectively blocked cancer cells. Only cranberry extract had a more powerful effect. And it turned out that apple peel contains the maximum amount of healing substances. Therefore, those who like to eat apples, peeling off the skin, lose a lot.

Doctors have come to the conclusion that apples themselves do not cure diseases. But with their help, the body can already cope with many dangerous ailments.

Here is just a small list of useful "apple properties":

1 Apples restore blood. They are rich in iron, and regular consumption of apples increases hemoglobin levels, which is useful for anemia and after a lot of blood loss.

2 They stimulate the surge of vitality, help with stress and fatigue, strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve brain function. This is due to minerals: magnesium, phosphorus, calcium, potassium, selenium and iodine, as well as vitamins C, B1, B2, PP, E.

3 Apples are very useful for hypertensive patients, as they remove excess water and salt from the body, thereby helping to lower blood pressure. Those suffering from hypertension should eat at least one sweet and sour apple every morning or drink 1/2 cup of green apple juice an hour before meals.

4 Apples are useful for poisoning. Their plant cells are a natural sorbent and therefore well remove poisons from the body.

5 This fruit improves digestion because it contains the necessary organic acids: malic, citric, salicylic and boric acids. Thanks to them, apples stimulate the production of bile and gastric juice. It is believed that one apple 20 minutes before a meal guarantees a good appetite.

6 Apples help you lose weight. It is believed that the best diet for slimness is to eat baked apples with kefir for several days. In this case, the load on the stomach will be small, and toxins are removed from the body. For obesity, juice mixtures are made: apple juice - 100 ml, melon juice - 50 ml, tomato juice - 5 ml, lemon juice - 25 ml.

7 Apples even lower cholesterol! To do this, it is enough to eat two or three apples a day. Nutritionists have noticed that a two-week apple diet reduces the presence of this substance in a person's blood by almost 30%.

What else you need to know about apples

Greens are healthier than reds. They contain more valuable substances. In addition, they do not cause allergies, therefore they (or their juice) are recommended to be given even to the smallest children and pregnant women.

For diseases of the kidneys, liver and cardiovascular diseases, sweet varieties of apples are good, for obesity, diabetes - sour varieties.

Apples can partially compensate for the harm from tobacco: they contain antioxidants that protect the lungs from nicotine. It has been noticed: for apple lovers, the lungs work much better.

Apples increase the body's resistance to radiation.

In terms of iodine content, apples are second only to seafood. It is especially abundant in apple seeds. They say that if you eat 5-6 apple seeds a day, then the daily need for iodine will be fully satisfied.

It has been established that the juice of Antonov apples destroys microbes that cause dysentery.

Especially valuable varieties "Antonovka" and "Semerenko", in which all nutrients are stored for several months after they were removed from the tree.

An apple is a truly unique product that can be not only beneficial, but also harmful to the human body. Aplles are also clearing the mucus and it gives lot of strength of your heat vessels.

Among fruits, the apple is a very common product and is present in our diet for almost a whole year.

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