Watch the Sweet and Simple Romance in the Drakor Lovestruck In The City

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Watch the Sweet and Simple Romance in the Drakor Lovestruck In The City

Actually I am not the type of person who is so crazy about Korean dramas (drakor). The films are not bad, even I often review Korean films in Kompasiana. 

It feels like the film is shorter and doesn't need to be wordy until you have to wait for the continuation of the story every week. Because I rarely watch Drakor, I have only completed 2 series , namely Sweet Home  and Lovestruck In The City  , each of which can be watched officially on the Netflix streaming platform  .

At that time I chose Sweet Home because it is my favorite horror-thriller  genre . Then while watching the Sweet Home series, I tried to watch the Lovestruck In The City series, played by Ji Chang-wook  and Kim Ji-won . Initially it was just for fun to fill spare time. But it turned out that when I watched the initial episode, there were a number of things that attracted me to the point that I continued to follow this story until the final episode.

Well, all right, let's start the review.

The first episode of Lovestruck In The City featured the main characters chatting directly in front of the camera as if they were chatting with the audience. This is the first uniqueness of this series. The audience will be invited to enter each of the cast's points of view to find out how their story is going.

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Just like the title, it is predictable that this series puts forward the theme of romance  like most other drakors. Some Korean dramas usually take the love story of teenagers, households, or office employees. So, in Lovestruck In The City, the emphasis is on adult romance, where each character already has a job but is also faced with a complicated love story.

The story begins with Park Jae-won  (Ji Chang-wook) who is on vacation at Yangyang Beach, then meets a beautiful woman named Yoon Seon-a (Kim Ji-won) who works at a ramen shop on the beach. Long story short, the two of them had an interest in each other until they agreed to continue their relationship as lovers. The romance of the two initially went smoothly with Drakor characteristics that made the story even sweeter.

Another story comes from the life of Choi Kyung-joon (Kim Min-seok) where he is the male cousin of Park Jae-won who both work as architects in a company. He has a sweet love story with his girlfriend, Suh Rin-yi (So ​​Joo-yeon). In fact, I think the story of the two is too sweet to seem cringe . If it is described more or less like the romance of a teenager, even though the age of both of them is almost three heads.
The last one is the story of a male novelist, Kang Geon  (Ryu Kyung-soo), who in the past two years has never dated another woman. The last time he was dating was when he was with the beautiful woman Oh Yun-song  (Han Ji Eun) who was a sports teacher. Both are like water and fire where Kang Geon is a calm person, but Oh Yun-song is a perfectionist woman whose attitude seems arrogant.

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Of these three couples, Park Jae-won's story was highlighted the most throughout the episode. After he finished his vacation from Yangyang Beach for about a month, he should be able to meet Yoon Seon-a again in the city. Unfortunately, the woman did not keep her promise and instead stole her camera. This is where their conflict started. Park Jae-won felt cheated. He tells his story to the audience in a back and forth plot.
Yoon Seon-a herself is actually Lee Eun-oh , a freelance marketer who deliberately faked her identity while on Yangyang Beach. He has a reason why he should do this, even to the point of having to disappear without giving Park Jae-won certainty whether their relationship will continue or end.

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This made Park Jae-won frantic and tried to find the whereabouts of his lover, even reporting to the police station on charges of theft of goods. In each episode, the audience will be made to ask what secrets Lee Eun-oh is hiding until she has to disappear like that.

Park Jae-won's struggle to find his heart's desire will make the audience excited because there are always obstacles that will make it difficult for both of them to meet, even though they are in the same city.

What I like about this series is the small humor that is inserted in each episode. I don't know whether I am too small or something, I always laugh at the behavior of each character. Really laugh. Even when I showed it to my younger brother, he took it for granted.

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Simple stories with interesting concepts such as the beauty of beaches, cities, snow, unique interiors of offices and residences, are the main attraction when watching them. The audience can also be brought baper even though the story is not too heavy. But for me personally, there are still some plots that are not right (maybe), it's better to just remove them.

The pattern of each episode which is approximately 30 minutes long will usually discuss light stories in the early minutes. Then in the middle to the end, there were several conflicts that made the audience nervous and wanted to immediately watch the next episode.
One more thing that makes me relate  to their story is about how to live life as an adult. Kasmaran but can be heartbroken, refused work but can find a replacement, also how to survive even in simple circumstances. The story of friendship between characters also makes us learn that there will be friends who stay with us regardless of the conditions.

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Lovestruck In The City has 17 episodes, all of which can be watched on Netflix (please watch the legal ones). Readers who are still curious about the stories of these three couples, especially Park Jae-won and Lee Eun-oh, can immediately watch it. Moreover, the duration is fairly short, so you can enjoy it when you are free. I also sometimes steal time in the middle of work to watch this, hehe.

This series may not be the best I've watched. But I still recommend it for readers (who like Drakor, in particular) who want to watch stories that are not too complicated, but still sweet and romantic typical of Korean dramas.

For the value that I can give from the Lovestruck In The City series, it is 7.5 / 10  with some of the considerations above.

Well, that's it for this movie review (series, to be precise). Hopefully it can be useful for readers. Finally, see you in the next article!

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