Until now, animated films produced by Disney and Pixar which is a Disney subsidiary

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Until now, animated films produced by Disney and Pixar which is a Disney subsidiary

Even though they have had great success through live-action films produced by Marvel Studios, animated films are still an inseparable part of Disney. This is understandable. Because cartoon films are the forerunner to the birth of the giant media company and the entertainment industry.

In fact, until now, animated films produced by Disney and Pixar (which is a Disney subsidiary) are still the most awaited in the world. Which almost always sells well in theaters and further strengthens the film industry in Hollywood.

Apart from being liked by the audience, Disney's animated films are also almost always responded positively by critics and cinema people. Since 2003, Disney (and Pixar) animated films have won 13 Oscars for the Best Animated Feature category at the Academy Awards.

Compare with other animation film studios, such as Dreamworks Animation, Studio Ghibli, Aardman, Nickelodeon, and Sony, each of which was only able to win an Oscar once. Very far from the achievements of Disney Animation (3 times) and Pixar (10 times).

In 2021, despite the pandemic, Disney's activities do not stop. The plan, they will release three more animated films. Two films from Walt Disney Animation Studios: Raya and the Last Dragon and Encanto. As well as one film from Pixar Animation Studios: Luca.

Among the three animated films, the closest is Raya. Which, initially, will be released on November 25, 2020. However, due to the Covid-19 outbreak, like other films, finally, its release has to be postponed to March 5, 2021. Which will be broadcast simultaneously on the Disney + streaming platform and the cinema (which is already open). , Of course).

The release of Raya and the Last Dragon itself was, in fact, announced long ago by Disney. To be precise, at the biennial D23 Expo at the Anaheim Convention Center, California, on 23-25 ​​August 2019.

The announcement made Disney fans in  enthusiastic. Because the story of Raya and the Last Dragon is inspired by the culture of Southeast Asian countries. Including, . While the genres are animation, action, adventure, and fantasy.

Recently, Disney has become more and more aggressively promoting the theme of cultural and racial diversity. After successfully presenting black characters as the main focus in the animated film Soul (made by Pixar), this time, it was the turn for the face of Southeast Asia to be appointed by Raya. This film is noted as the first Disney animated film that focuses on Southeast Asian culture.

Producer Osnat Shurer admits that his production team really wants Disney films to increasingly reflect the diversity of the world. When the idea for the film Raya came up, they found Southeast Asian culture very interesting to explore.

Initially, the directors for Raya and the Last Dragon were Paul Briggs (head of story Big Hero 6 and Frozen) and Dean Wellins (Tangled story artist). However, in its development, there has been a change in the story and a change in director.

In August 2020, Disney announced that it had appointed directing duo Don Hall and Carlos Lopez Estrada to take over control of the Raya film project. Meanwhile, the producers are Osnat Shurer (producer Moana) and Peter Del Vecho.

Meanwhile, to match the background of the story, the screenwriters of Raya and the Last Dragon are arek-arek native to Southeast Asia. Namely: Adele Lim from Malaysia and Qui Nguyen who is of Vietnamese blood. In addition, there is also Fawn Veerasunthorn from Thailand as the head of the story.

Previously, Adele Lim had experience as a co-screenwriter for the film adaptation of the novel Crazy Rich Asians (2018). That horrendous. He was born in Malaysia and spent his teenage years in Petaling Jaya. Hence, he had great influence in the writing of the Raya script.

On the stage at Hall D23 Expo in 2019, as a Malaysian child, Adele Lim expressed her happiness because she was able to write a story for Raya and the Last Dragon. In fact, he and his team had time to show a video recording showing the natural beauty of tropical Southeast Asia. Including, Bali, .

In order to present Southeast Asian culture appropriately, before writing the scenario for Raya and the Last Dragon, Adele Lim and her team of writers had visited seven Southeast Asian countries to do research. 

The research lasted for 10 months in 2019-2020. In addition, the production team also made observations by meeting directly with the local community. Therefore, the natural beauty of the tropics and Southeast Asian culture, they promise, will be portrayed in this film.

What is interesting is that as one of the countries where the research was conducted, it can be said that  really inspired the film Raya and the Last Dragon. In 2019, the Disney production team visited Bali directly and met local residents there.

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At that time, gamelan musician Dewa Berata invited producer Osnat Shurer and the Raya production team to tour the villages in Bali. They then observed a series of traditional dances and ceremonies on the Island of the Gods. In addition, because Dewa is a gamelan musician, they also studied gamelan to appear in the background music of this film.

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Besides Dewa, Disney also recruited two more people as n cultural consultants. Namely: Choreographer Emiko Susilo and translator Juliana Wijaya. In addition, there is also a Disney animator from : Griselda Sastrawinata.

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The consultants were allowed to see first hand the process of making this Raya film. So that they can still provide input until the final stage of the production process. So, it doesn't just stop until the consultation process.

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For example, in the battle scene, one of the martial arts styles used is pencak silat from . Griselda Sastrawinata was involved in the consultation and production process.

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In addition, Adele Lim revealed that Griselda also provided ideas for the opening scene of this film. Which is inspired by the typical n leather puppet.

Btw, according to the title, the main character of this film is a heroine named Raya. Which, initially, was voiced by Cassie Steele. Yang, together with Adele Lim, appeared on the D23 Expo stage in 2019.

At that time, Cassie Steele admitted to feeling a great deal of interest in the character of Raya. Because, according to him, as a powerful female warrior, Raya was a very breakthrough character.

However, unfortunately, in the end, Raya's voice actor had to be replaced. In order to be more related to Southeast Asian culture, Disney then appointed the star of the Star Wars film franchise, Kelly Marie Tran, who is of Vietnamese descent, as the replacement for Cassie Steele.

Raya himself is told as a lone warrior, aka lone warrior, from Kumandra. A world in the form of a dragon. It consists of five states: Heart, Fangs, Claws, Back and Tail.

Raya is the daughter of the chief of the Negeri Hati tribe. Yang, initially, was educated by his father, Benja (Daniel Dae Kim), to become a Dragon Jewel Keeper. However, as a child, Raya was betrayed by his best friend. So that the jewel is destroyed.

Raya's childhood friend was named Namaari (Gemma Chan). Who is the daughter of the chief of the Taring Country tribe. He had used the Kingdom's trust to seize the Dragon Jewel. The incident made them hostile to adulthood.

Once upon a time, Kumandra was hit by a disaster. Wrought by the evil monster called Druun. In order to save his place of residence, Raya must go on an adventure to find Sisu (Awkwafina). The Last Dragon, aka the Last Dragon. The one who once saved Kumandra from being destroyed.

During his adventure in search of Sisu, Raya is accompanied by Tuk Tuk (Alan Tudyk). Which is both a pet and a mount. Which looks like a combination of armadillos and giant insects. The name Tuk Tuk itself is inspired by public transportation in Thailand.

After finding Sisu, Raya had to find Kumandra's fifth Dragon Gem shard. It was torn apart by the war 500 years earlier. During the trip, Raya met new people from various backgrounds.

One of the interesting characters that Raya meets in his adventures is Tong (Benedict Wong). A giant. Which, although scary at first, in the end, was able to cooperate with Raya. Besides Tong, there is also Boun (Izaac Wang). A little entrepreneur who has many minds. Who helps Raya with his boat.

Next to Tong and Boun, in the trailer that was released at the end of January, there is also a cute, but nosy toddler who tricked Raya. The one named Little Noi (Thalia Tran). The one who is good at stealing and pickpocketing at the Cakar State floating market with his three pet Ongis.

What is interesting is that the floating market that Raya visited in the trailer is, in a way, similar to the floating market found in several regions in . Likewise with the appearance of the river and its vegetation.

In addition, there are also ornaments that are usually found in temples or temples. The natural wealth and unique views of the archipelago are manifested as a beautiful Kumandra landscape.

Producer Osnat Shurer admitted that a number of elements in this film were inspired by the richness of n culture. Which, in his opinion, was very beautiful. Which got the Disney production team excited when working on this film. He hopes that the audience in  can see it.

Meanwhile, according to Adele Lim, Kumandra herself is actually a fantasy world. Which is made based on the appearance of nature, society, face and culture of Southeast Asia. This is manifested in rivers, villages, tropical plants, interaction patterns, floating markets, and temples. So, not only from one country, but from a combination of a number of countries.

Apart from natural and cultural appearances, the Disney production team also observed the body shapes and gestures of Southeast Asian people. The goal is that they can design the characters and their movements appropriately. Which, one of the results, we can see in the figure of Raya. The one with brown skin and black hair. Whose face is typical of Southeast Asian girls.

According to Qui Nguyen, the film writing team really wanted to make Raya a figure representing Southeast Asia. Because it had been a long time since they wanted a character like Raya in Disney films to exist.

And, in accordance with Disney's policy, which recently had a girl power theme, Raya was also described as a tough female warrior. Not princesses or princess-princesses who are weak and wilted.

According to Fawn Veerasunthorn, Raya is a leader who is really focused on his adventure and mission. Usually, the type of independent girl like Raya is single, or doesn't have a boyfriend. However, when asked whether Raya would have any love interest, Fawn simply replied: "Maybe."

In this film, Raya is indeed told as a warrior who is good at fighting with a sword. He dared to explore Kumandra with a dragon. Then meet strangers on the way. However, Raya always remembered his cultural roots.

Interestingly, the sword that Raya always carries looks curved like a keris. Producer Osnat Shurer admitted that the production team used n keris as their inspiration.

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