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For those who don't know, Eurovision is a singing contest held in Europe with every country in Europe participating. Held annually, this is one of the biggest singing competitions in the world, maybe even the biggest. Unfortunately this year, after more than 64 years of being held, Eurovision must be postponed until next year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

But with Netflix, we are still able to watch a Eurovision but not an actual program but a comedy film that tells the story of two fictional characters who want to take part in the biggest singing competition in Europe. Will Ferrell , who is also a writer and producer, stars as the main character.

However, it is not Will Ferrell who actually shines in the  Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga , but  Rachel McAdams who plays as a friend of Will's character  . They play two Icelanders, Lars ( Will Ferrell) and Sigrit ( Rachel McAdams ), under the name “Fire Saga” duo, who aspire to sing the song they have created at the Eurovision contest.

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When watching, the thing that annoys me is why they use film players who come from the United States and Canada to portray characters from Iceland. Not only that, his father Lars is also played by an Irish actor who is known for playing James Bond, Pierce Brosnan . In fact, it is not uncommon for  Will Ferrell to speak the American dialect, where he should have a typical Icelandic accent.

Even so, the story is actually interesting. Cliché, but also cute and sometimes funny. The two of them finally made it to the Eurovision contest, but not by talent but by luck. And not just once, but twice and without telling too much about what happened, it could be said that luck was ridiculous.

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For a film that is more than two hours long, the Eurovision Song Contest  feels too long for the story it has. The reason I get to why this film broke two hours is because of how many side stories are included in the main story of the film but not all of them work.

One side story is about the romance between Lars and Sigrit, which may be important for character development, but also submerges the main story of this film. Another side story that extends the duration of the film but doesn't make the film better is when one of the top officials of the Icelandic national bank wants to sabotage the contestants due to state financial problems.

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The main story that sounds noble, where this film tells of a person who is trying to pursue his dream, also does not have a meaning that is deep enough or touching so that I do not really feel Lars's ambition, which is actually big. It's a shame, because the Eurovision Song Contest  could be an inspiring film.

What really grips the entire film is not the story or  Will Ferrell , but  Rachel McAdams who is able to subtly deliver the comedy in the film alone. His face that often feels confused and flat when the situation doesn't make sense is why he should do more comedy films. He was, in a great way, also able to stand out more than Will Ferrell , the more veteran comedian actor.

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And I can say, the songs that belong to the Eurovision Song Contest are really nice to listen to. Not only the two main characters, the songs in the film are also sung by several other characters, one of which is played by a singer who may be familiar,  Demi Lovato . How can he appear here, let alone the character ends up silly, I did not expect.

If I pay attention, this film probably looks more like a satire for real Eurovision. I didn't watch the contest, so I don't know how the show should go, but the Eurovision Song Contest with its flashy and comedic tone seems to describe the Eurovision show as an event that attracts narcissistic yet talented contestants.

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This is an example of a film that wants to achieve something very high, but its ambition is to drown the entire film with lots of stories that don't feel synchronized and inconsistent. I also became wondering when  Will Ferrell last starred in a really funny film and I only remember The Other Guys , a film that was released 10 years ago.

They finally randomly chose candidate candidates and Fire Saga was chosen as one of the candidates. Prior to the Eurovision event, the Icelandic candidates appeared. Fire Saga appears on behalf of Húsavík, but problems arise on stage and they become laughing stock. Lars runs away crying, while Sigrit chases to calm him down.

Lars and Sigrit were supposed to be on the ship partying with the Icelandic candidates, but they broke away due to their unsuccessful performance. Suddenly the sound of a large explosion was heard from the partying ship and killed all the candidates. The committee had no choice but to send Fire Saga as Iceland's representative because there were no other candidates. Underestimated by many people, did they succeed in winning Eurovision?

Full of Insanity and Catchy Songs
Produced by David Dobkin who previously worked on the comedy film  Shanghai Knights and Wedding Crashers. No wonder you will see the silliness insistently in this film. Lars's character, who is belittled by his father and the rest of the city, but still persistently dreams of going to Eurovision.

Bad luck always follows the Fire Saga every time they appear on stage, there are always problems that arise. Starting from falling from the ceiling, Sigrit's scarf stuck on the hamster wheel of the stage. Get ready to laugh at their hilariousness! Eurovision is indeed synonymous with stage acts and unique costumes. There are many funny moments in this film and will cheer you up during this pandemic.

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