Review of the film "Tenet" (2020) by Christopher Nolan: Scratching the Head vs Scratching the Stomac

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Review of the film "Tenet" (2020) by Christopher Nolan: Scratching the Head vs Scratching the Stomac

Tenet is a film released in 2020 by the super-super genius director (he said) who else if not the one and only Christopher Nolan. Oops. This Nolan seems to be affected by the physics of the syndrome. Doi not feel bored at the physics theory of time and space. Starting from the parallel (sentimental) world of the interstellar style to the "inverted" world (which is flat) a la Tenet. 

The idea of ​​the story brought by this filmmaker from England is indeed a genius, so he is more suitable to be a physicist (and maybe this is his first goal) or a cosmologist so that his wild imagination can be placed in the right medium. But, the question is this doi is really a genius or is forced to always look a genius (because his fans "already" label him a genius). To me, genius is not just about ideas but also about character. And Tenet is a real example of how a film with a story idea that is "WAW" is delivered in a very mediocre way.

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If it is possible to summarize more or less, this film tells about how the state of the world is when the past is abolished, for example, this is how you time travel to the past and you kill your parents before they meet then what will happen to you. There can be no future without the past. This time Nolan made it easy for the audience. 

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Tenet film runs linearly with the use of two time settings. The way to distinguish the present from the past is the mechanism of action of nature. In view of people visiting the past objects will move backwards due to the entropy of objects in the blablablabla laws of physics also they have to use oxygen-brought tools from the present. 

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With spices of action scenes ranging from regular shootouts, regular fighting choreos, ordinary car chases and very ordinary loves. This film is more interesting to discuss in terms of characters and mistakes in choosing actors than to discuss how the film is told.

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The main character is an anonymous agent with an unclear background. At the end of the story, it turns out that this is the cause and effect itself. Calling himself The Protagonist. Delivered very unflatteringly by John David Washingtonh. 

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The John is very flat throughout the film. The usual fighting scenes, ordinary anger, ordinary sadness, the last time expressing love for a character named Kat is not even seen (at least flirting or gesturing) lucky to be helped by dialogue and moving camera movements.

This Kat character is the second story lighter after the time reversal technology. Si Kat, played by Elizabeth Debicki, is very neat, more or less, she is a young victim of domestic violence who cheats (whichever comes first between cheating or domestic violence) and is very fond of her child. 

Kat is one of the reasons the antagonist is angry with the world, the bridge that connects The Protagonist with the antagonist is also the cause of The Protagonist to improvise in its mission. The Protagonist is touched by his native language and wants to save Kat from the cruelty that is mediocre by the antagonist.

The antagonist named Andrei Sator (husband of Kat) played by Kenneth Branagh seems more like ordinary rich men than criminals who have the intention of destroying the world. Either the script is like that or the actor is unable to lift the character of Andrei Sator. 

In essence, the expression on Kenneth Branagh's expression throughout the film is less evil, with minimal changes in expression. I don't think he has a lot of acting business in stock, so the important thing is that the dialogue is over.

Finally, a supporting character named Neil who is in charge of the mission partner of The Protagonist is played quite well by Robert Pattinson. Rather than being mysterious, the ending of Neil's character is more ambiguous between him coming from the future or he changing his future. 

But what is clear is that Neil's character really helped The Protagonist complete its mission and also gave the clue that The Protagonist itself was the cause of the mission itself. No complaints for Robert Pattinson.

The "Tenet" ending tried a plot twist but was unremarkable. Don't make it finish watching swearing. Tenet's film is enough with the response oh so. Still better than his previous work, namely The Prestige, even though we are both forced. Instead of scratching your head because you are confused and have lots of questions, after watching this film, it will feel good to yawn while scratching your stomach. 

Yes, we still need to appreciate the way the Genius stunned the audience not to scratch his head but his stomach. My version of Nolan's work, if it's best to bad, starts with Memento, Dunkirk, Inception, two films The Dark Knight, Interstellar. Then The Prestige, Tenet's last insomnia.

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