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For fans of South Korean films, they may be familiar with a film called Miracle in Cell No. 7 . The film, released in 2013, successfully brought laughter and brought tears to the eyes of its audience through its touching and heartwarming story. This success also brought the film, which was directed by Lee Hwan-Kyung , to reach more than 12 million viewers in his own country.

Just like Miss Granny and Sunny , the success of Miracle in Cell No.7 made it remade by a number of countries including  which is planned to be released this year and starring Vino G. Bastian as the main character.

Before , Turkey had released a remake version of this film with the same title or in the original language Yedinci Koğuştaki Mucize .

Memo ( Aras Bulut Iynemli ), a mentally disabled man who lives with his grandmother ( Celile Toyon Uysal ) and his only daughter, Ova ( Nisa Sofia Aksongur ). Although his father was often labeled as a madman by his peers, Ova was not at all ashamed and understood that his father was different.

Living in harmony and happiness, the Memo family begins to shake because of a bag. It all started with a bag Heidi wanted to buy a Memo for Ova to sell to another girl named Seda. A few days later, Seda, who was on an excursion with his family and children his age, met Memo who was tending sheep. When the other kids were called for lunch, Seda didn't join and instead invited Memo to play and led him with his Heidi bag. Not heeding Memo's warning that the place where he was walking was getting more and more dangerous, Seda fell, hit his head with rocks, and died.

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Realizing that his son is missing, his father, who is a high-ranking military officer and his friends, conducts a search and finds Seda in the hands of a bloody and lifeless Memo. The innocent memo was thrown into prison and had to be separated from his family.


Re-creating a blockbuster film from another country is arguably a challenge for a filmmaker. The reason is, it takes a touch of creativity and a touch of local culture in order to present a remake that gives a new taste but does not lose the main essence of the story.

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Miracle in Cell No. This 7 Turkish version underwent some significant changes from the details of the story. Now, the daughter is said to live not only with her father but also with her great-grandmother. The addition of this character deepens the reason how Ova can understand so well about her different father. In addition, this also makes his family story thicker.

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Not only that, the director, Mehmed Ada Öztekin also chose to remove the strong comedy elements inherent in the original film and make this film completely into a drama. Inevitably, the story became even sadder and more dramatic. Even more so when Ova who could not meet his father in prison ran to the other side and shouted, " lingo lingo ", a special tradition between him and his father. Separated by two high walls, the two of them shout to each other with the lingo lingo and şişeler (bottle). Apart from these scenes, there are still many father-son scenes in this film that make the audience feel touched and have difficulty holding back their tears.

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The warm family story that is displayed both from the Memo-Ova relationship is further strengthened by the capable appearance of Aras Burut Iynemli who managed to display convincing acting as a man with mental and innocent disabilities. Not to forget, his sweet chemistry with child actress Nisa Sofia Aksongur made the father-son relationship guaranteed to make viewers fall in love and condemn the actions of the military official who tried to separate them because of his daughter's death.

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Apart from Memo and Ova, the story of the father-son relationship is also conveyed through other characters. For example, the relationship between military officers and their children who died. Even though he was strict and stiff in his teaching, he did not hesitate to do everything he could, including making sure Memo received the death penalty. Here too, criticism of the abuse of power is carried out. The position of high-ranking military officers is easy to use even though many know that Memo is innocent. Everyone can't help him just because he's a great person and Memo is a nobody and doesn't have the connections to help him.

The prison background to be precise in cell number seven which is the center of the story starting in the second half shows the relationship between Memo and the other prison inmates. Unfortunately, because there are too many prisoners in one room, there is a lack of in-depth exploration of each character. Only a few are quite conspicuous, namely, Askorozlu (I lker Aksum ), a prisoner who often helps others get whatever goods are needed, Hafiz ( Yildiray Sahinler ), a man who is devout of religion and Yusuf ( Mesut Akusta ), a man who is isolated by himself and often looks Wall.

Despite this, Memo's relationship with the other prisoners was successfully displayed touching. The change in their relationship is shown without haste, the presence of Memo, which at first was not accepted, actually brings a miracle and changes in the lives of some of these characters. Ultimately, all the relationships that have been formed from the beginning lead to an unexpected ending.

Turkish Remake of Miracle in Cell No. 7 is a film that comes with a story that is more focused on the dramatic side and removes the strong comedy elements from the original version. Inevitably, this story, which is more focused on the father-son story, is more heartrending and makes the audience increasingly unable to hold back tears. Like the title of the film, the choice of the ending of the story will make it agree that cell number 7 is the place to produce miracles. In the end, this film about family love and justice will leave a deep impression on the audience. No exception for those who have seen the original version.

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