Learning to Appreciate Life through the Movie Soul (2020)

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Learning to Appreciate Life through the Movie Soul (2020)

Life is actually a very beautiful blessing. God gives humans the breath to live life in the best way even God always gives humans a second chance to atone for past sins. It's just that people who have different mindsets and paths sometimes don't understand that life actually needs to be enjoyed in peace sometimes.

which should have aired in December 2020 through the Disney Hotstar application. This film was produced by Disney and Pixar animation which was also worked on by Pete Docter, a director who is famous for several of his works such as films that always appear during the holidays of Monster Inc, which aired in 2001 or films that tear tears like Up (2009).

This film tells the story of a music teacher who dreams of becoming a musician named Joe Gardner who is voiced by Jamie Fox. Joe is very good at Jazz. He was so diligent and dreamed that his dream could come true because he loved jazz music from his late father, unfortunately there were some things that didn't match his plan.

Joe also did many things to achieve his dream by teaching a student less private, he also played in a music club until one day he got the opportunity to play music again with a reliable musician named Dorothea.

he returned home to tell his mother, who from the very beginning did not support his career. But he is determined to tell the good news, but it turns out that ease is not always on Joe's side.

On the way home he got into an accident so he fell into a coma and was lying in the hospital. In this film, a soul who begins to adventure in another dimension is shown.

On his way, Joe still wants to achieve his dream even though he has become a spirit but it turns out that he is met with another soul named 22. 

Here Joe must be a mentor for Soul 22 who really doesn't want a second chance at life back. 

to live again because with it he can return to his soul until it comes when 22 begins to be drawn back to life through Joe's body. The plot of the film is interesting and at the end it is enough to make Disney movie lovers wipe away tears.

The first lesson is to value your life

The first lesson is to appreciate life that life should be enjoyed beautifully, not only continuing to pursue life goals but forgetting what life means. 

Joe has always loved Jazz, it's just that Joe closes himself to his surroundings and even Joe has no intention of improving his relationship with his mother who is so stubborn against his dream as a musician. Joe could have achieved his dream but he also shouldn't forget the people who are meaningful in his life.

The second lesson is watch your step

The second lesson, of course, is to watch our steps. Not just a footstep but the next step of a life. 

The part where all human beings have a plan but God is in action is what should be focused on. A human like Joe can continue his goal but pay attention to other interesting things like what if he opens another business or he digs another field so that his steps will not fail in its place then he will not regret his choice of life.

The third lesson is to be grateful for the life that you have, no matter what happens, no one knows when the creator took our lives and in what way but we should do at least good things by being grateful for all the things that happen. 

Joe has a life and he is not grateful for what he has because he is always complaining about his career. It would be nice for humans to always be grateful to the creator because God always sees the good side in every journey of his people. 

Therefore, being grateful and trying can make us appreciate the meaning of life more.

In this film , the moral message that can be taken is to be persistent and strive in pursuing your dream but remember the people around you and be better in living your life as well as possible.

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