JOKER and Its Origins One of the Most Iconic Characters

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JOKER and Its Origins One of the Most Iconic Characters

Brave, crazy, thrilling and dark. It seems that those few words are very suitable to describe how the audience feels when watching the latest film from DC comics, namely Joker . Starring Joaquin Phoenix ( The Master ) who gave a terrific appearance, Joker is certain to be the hottest film this year and could be one of the best films of 2019.

As the name suggests, this film tells the origin of one of the most iconic characters in the comic world, namely Batman's nemesis, the Joker. Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix) is a clown and comedian failed who has a medical condition where he can suddenly laugh until he shed tears because he can't control his laughter. If you see the Joker in other films, such as Suicide Squad or The Dark Knight , the Joker's laugh looks cynical and cunning. However, it is different from the Joker film , where every laugh is very painful and tight.

Every day, Arthur has to work hard as a clown in the city of Gotham, where it is chaotic and chaotic because of the very visible class differences between the rich and the poor. Entertaining young children in the hospital to playing board by the roadside, he is actually an optimist and always works hard to help his mother (where they live together) as well as to help him achieve his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian .

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With his worrisome condition, Arthur is often the subject of public ridicule, where he is often beaten by many people, either because they really just want to bully a clown who looks ridiculous on the side of the road or because he is annoyed because Arthur's sudden and unexpected laugh under control. He has also taken seven different drugs, but all of them seem to have no tasteful effect, and with the chaos and mess of his life, Arthur's patience and sanity, the longer the film runs, the more eroded out.

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Of course, one of the reasons why the Joker film is so thrilling is because of Joaquin Phoenix's appearance, which is arguably one of the best acting this year (even beating DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood or Brad Pitt on Ad Astra ). He is often known as one of the actors who if he has been selected to play a character for a film, he will be very committed to transforming into that character.

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Just look at the movie The Master or You Were Never Really Here where Joaquin is able to grab the audience's attention with his unexpected behavior and his expression that can be both passionate and calm. In both films, he also plays someone who is mentally disturbed, so when he plays Arthur Fleck for the Joker , he is actually no stranger to playing a character who is not far from crazy.

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Arthur Fleck's character is different from the Joker in previous films. Call it Heath Ledger in The Dark Knight or Jack Nicholson in Batman . The Joker, played by Heath Ledger or Jack Nicholson, is a maniac who also happens to be the leader of their respective criminal gangs, with the aim of destroying the city of Gotham and most importantly, to always be Batman's mortal enemy. It's all different from Arthur.

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There is no Batman in Arthur Fleck's world. Arthur is a failed comedian who has fallen into the dark world of crime because of how chaotic Arthur's world is. He has no lover, only his mother cares for him, he failed in his dreams, every day he has to fight the bullies who always mock and insult him. He does not become evil because he is insane, he becomes evil because his society is not functioning properly. Just look at Gotham city in Joker , a dirty city with a society that can be said to be chaotic.

is to describe the life of Arthur and other people who have experienced the same disaster. At the beginning of the film, he always felt sorry for himself because he thought about how ruined his life was. However, by the time the film is nearing its end, it can reverse its own world as well as the real world with Arthur's tenacity and madness, and it's all the result of a failed society.

What really makes me amazed by the Joker's story is how original it is. The Joker is a character who has been told a lot, both in the form of comics, cartoons, TV series and films. There are also many different origin stories, where one of the most famous of his early stories is that he was immersed in a chemical that made his skin pale white and his hair green and gave him the ability to smile very broadly.

The writer and director Todd Philips (Yes, who usually makes comedy films like The Hangover ) tries to make the Joker a different film from other films that also have the same character. Todd Philips also did not hesitate to draw inspiration from previous films with the same theme, such as Taxi Driver and The King of Comedy , with both films being directed by Martin Scorsese. Finally, he was able to make the Joker film into a work that touches various elements at once. The destruction of a society, the madness of a person because of the destruction of that society, and the contrast between the common people and the rich people.

Todd Philips succeeded in changing a story from a comic, a character from a comic, into something different and original. Joker is a film that is more of a character study than the superhero films we usually see. This is not a film that uses a lot of CGI, but a film that relies on the emotions of each character to bring this film to life. Aided by the appearance of Joaquin Phoenix which is not only majestic, but also extraordinary and powerful, the Joker is a masterpiece.

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