A Reflection on Death with SHE DIES TOMORROW

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A Reflection on Death with SHE DIES TOMORROW

An idea. Resilient. Easy to catch. Once in the brain, an idea is difficult to erase. Ideas that are formed and understood will be embedded in the brain. The idea lives in the brain ”- Cobb in  Inception .

I remember the sentence uttered by the character played by Leonardo DiCaprio while watching  She Dies Tomorrow , a thriller film  that might also work as a horror written and directed by Amy Seimetz. This may be a film that works quite deeply, a film that carries a motive about death in a unique way, but watching it I felt that this film could not draw me into as it attracted every character.

The main character in this film is a young woman named Amy (Kate Lyn Sheil). Amy is sure she will die tomorrow. There were no such signs, no signs that he had caught a disease or wanted to harm himself, but he firmly believed he would die tomorrow. His actions are disturbing and even make his friend, Jane (Jane Adams), become worried and always make sure that Amy will not die. But Amy didn't believe it. He was sure he was going to die. And he was also sure he would change into a leather jacket.

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Kate Lyn Sheil did give a pretty challenging appearance, playing a young woman who spends a lot of time in films daydreaming and always thinking about something. If I usually don't like that kind of character, it's different from Amy, who even though I don't understand a lot of her behavior, there is something behind her drunken behavior that is hidden by a fragile character. A trait that convinced me that there was something in Amy's character.

What reminds me of Cobb's words is when Amy told Jane that she was going to die tomorrow, Jane also became concerned and began to follow Amy's belief that tomorrow will be the last day she will live. An idea that was forming inside Amy has now flowed into Jane, whose job is to look at samples under a microscope.

Jane also - although not taking as much time as Amy - has a significant role in the film. When she already has the belief that tomorrow is her last day, she goes to her brother-in-law's birthday party, even though she knows that her relationship with her brother-in-law is not good because Jane's character is eccentric and different from most people. It was evident when he started talking about himself going to die tomorrow, which made his brother, Jason (Chris Messina) and his wife, Susan (Katie Aselton), uncomfortable.

But remember, ideas are parasites. And quickly Jason and Susan also believed they would die tomorrow. Likewise with their invited guests, lovers Tilly (Jennifer Kim) and as Brian (Tunde Adebimpe), who believe they will not live after the next day.

The concept of  She Dies Tomorrow is truly unique, because the idea for the spread of a phobia about death reminds me of the pandemic situation that strikes us today. Not only that, this film also asks the audience in its own way, if you knew tomorrow was your last day, what would you do? How would you react if you knew tomorrow was the time? What business will you finish or perhaps begin before taking your last breath of air?

She Dies Tomorrow isanother visually stunningexample of an arthouse  film - with a play of lights between blue, green and red that, while epileptic but beautiful - has a melancholy, though not very noticeable, storyline that may be quite slow. This is probably what keeps me from calling this a really good film and simply calling it an interesting film.

During the first few tens of minutes, the narrative is still very floating and loose. Even until this film ends, the narrative is still quite open, and this is an example of a film that leaves the audience to interpret what happens in the film. It is true that the visuals of this film are impressive, support its open narrative, but also make the story, which is meant to reflect on death, not easy to digest. Or maybe that's what the film was made of, because death itself is not something that is easy to digest.

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