Amazing And Advanced Benefits of Content Writing

Author : mubinfaisal
Publish Date : 2022-04-20

Amazing And Advanced Benefits of Content Writing

For a more or less experienced copywriter, there are quite a few options for earning money. Of course, the most popular of these is the fulfillment of orders for content creation. However, it is not necessary to dwell exclusively on this type of activity forever.

There is at least one more fairly popular way to make money on texts, which, in terms of its financial benefits, is not much inferior to writing texts to order. We're talking about creating articles for content stores.

Of course, as in every business, there are both advantages and disadvantages. For some, writing articles for stores seems to be the only possible option, while others do not even theoretically consider this way of working. In order for you to form your own opinion, let's look at the main pros and cons of selling materials using content stores.

Pros of writing content for an article store
Freedom to choose topics . Often a copywriter has deep knowledge in a particular area. Naturally, it is already much easier for him to create texts on well-known topics. However, it is far from always possible to find a sufficient number of orders on a topic of interest to you.

In the case of selling articles, the web writer independently chooses the subject of future texts . And this means that he will be able to increase the efficiency of his work by writing articles about what he really knows and is well versed in.

 Self-assessment of your work . By placing this or that article in the content store, the author himself sets its cost. Thus, in contrast to the execution of orders, the trade in articles allows you to determine the most convenient pricing policy for your work.

No rigid framework . Being engaged in the execution of orders, the copywriter has to strictly adhere to the conditions specified in the TOR. Trade in articles allows you to get away from any kind of framework and show your creativity, unique author's style , and so on.

 A small number of conflict situations . Copywriters involved in the implementation of spot orders often find themselves in conflict situations. With the participation of employers, of course. With ready-made articles, everything is much simpler, since in the event of a claim, the buyer can simply return the text that did not suit him. To understand whether the claims are justified, in this case, will not be the author, but the administration of the exchange.

Maximum labor productivity. In order to get started, a "custom" copywriter needs to find a suitable job, and, in addition, get the approval of the employer. The article merchant, on the other hand, can write and post any number of materials in the content store.

At the same time, as practice shows, the vast majority of articles found in the content store are purchased sooner or later. The main thing is to be patient and not to underestimate the value of the stale text too much.

Cons of trading finished articles
Unstable financial situation . If, when fulfilling orders, the author can more or less accurately assess the level of his earnings, then in the case of the article store, everything is somewhat more complicated . Even the willingness to work "here and now" does not guarantee that you will receive a reward immediately upon completion of work. On some day, articles are sold out in batches, and sometimes there is completely “non-flying weather”.

Lack of serious professional growth . No matter how hard the creator of ready-made content tries, sooner or later he will still face routine and monotony. Yes, in a sense, the creator of articles "in reserve" will become a real expert in a certain area.

And yet, limited topics, a single writing strategy, the same style - all this leads to stagnation. There are no new sensations and experiences, there is only one and the same disgusting work according to a previously known algorithm. Not a creator, but only a typesetter of unique and painfully familiar texts.

It is also important that over time, the creators of ready-made content get so used to their limited world without conflicts and criticism that the very idea of ​​leaving the comfort and going online seems seditious to them. If ordinary copywriters sooner or later "grow" out of the stock exchange and go to a new level of profession and earnings, then the authors of texts for the store are almost tightly chained to the place of their earnings.

Limited price cap . If you look at successful authors, you can see that their prices can differ by several dozen times from the rates of ordinary performers. How did they achieve this? We worked on the development of style, constantly practiced in the "point" writing of specific texts, mastered the most expensive niches - selling texts, press releases, articles for the media, and so on.

The creators of the finished content are deprived of all this. The versatility of ready-made content also becomes its price limiter: one can hardly seriously hope that ordinary articles in the store will be bought at the high prices that the client is willing to pay for personalized content. Unfortunately, "in reserve" it is impossible to write either a specific press release, or a selling text or an article on the main page.

Lack of criticism . As you know, you learn from your mistakes. If an ordinary copywriter is forced to endure criticism , then there is an excellent excuse for this: in spite of everything, it is thanks to criticism that he grows professionally. He draws some conclusions, improves approaches to work, reads special literature, constantly works on style, and so on.

When a person prepares articles for content stores, then there will be only one criticism - if the articles are absolutely terrible. If they are performed at a more or less decent level, then the author will not hear any special complaints. Moreover, he will even be praised in the reviews and thanked. Perhaps at this moment comes the false confidence that everything is fine. Alas, everything is fine and nothing more.

In order for everything to be really good, you need to have actionable feedback, which writers of finished materials usually lack.


It so happened that in the article the pros look much paler than the fat cons. We did not achieve this on purpose, everything happened somehow by itself. Our attitude towards ready-made content stores can be expressed as “neutral-negative”. Of course, you can write for content stores. For example, if you do not have special ambitions and plans for copywriting. So, earn some small money and live from it.

If you are obsessed with the great idea of ​​​​maximum professional growth and creating a brand name, then the content store is contraindicated for you. We do not impose this opinion on anyone. Thank you all.

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