123 Questions and Answers about Spain in a Quiz

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123 Questions and Answers about Spain in a Quiz

Are you looking for some entertaining questions about Spain? You've arrived to the right location!

You'll find over 100 questions and answers about Spain in this ultimate Spain quiz, which includes geography, history, and gastronomy rounds.

There are also several games and image rounds available.

So, are you prepared to begin our Spain trivia quiz? Take a pen and paper with you; you'll need them!

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Round 1: Questions from a general knowledge quiz about Spain

Let's get this Spain quiz started with some easy-to-answer questions.

1 What is the name of Spain's capital?

2 In Spain, what currency is used?

3 In the year 2020, who was the King of Spain?

4 With which nations does Spain have a land border?

5 In Spanish, how do you pronounce "Spain"?

6 What is the date of Spain's national holiday?

7 Who is Spain's head of state?

8 What is the length of the longest river in Spain?

9 In Spain, how many autonomous communities are there?

At CNN+ and TVE, what did Queen Letizia do?

Round 2: Spain-related multiple-choice questions

1 Magaluf, a popular tourist destination, is located on which island?


2 Ibiza

3 Mallorca

4 Gran Canaria is a small island off the coast of Spain


2 What is Spain's tallest mountain?

1 Teide is a volcano in the Canary Islands.

2 Mount Aneto is a volcano in Italy.

3 Veleta (Mount Veleta) is a

4 Monte Perdido is a small town in the state of Florida.

3 Which of these cities is not in the southern part of Spain?

1 Seville

2 Almeria

3 Granada

4 Bilbao

4 What is Aragon's capital city?

1 Huesca

2 Teruel sCalatayud

3 Zaragoza

5 The 'Tomatina' festival takes place in which little village near Valencia?

1 Buñol sChiva

2 Catadau sAlginet

CNN Business reports that This article was initially published in the "Reliable Sources" newsletter. You can sign up for free right now by clicking here.

There is no other relationship like it in politics or the media: A pair of brothers, one ruling the country's fourth largest state and the other hosting one of the most popular cable TV shows. Right now, both men are standing in a very bright spotlight. PELICULA

Governor Andrew Cuomo's alleged sexual harassment and misuse of power, as detailed in document by New York Attorney General Letitia James' report, is putting him on the path to impeachment. Chris Cuomo's role as a member of his brother's inner circle, a role that raises serious questions about journalistic responsibilities and ethics, is also detailed in the report. Chris surely has a lot to say about his brother. But for the time being he is staying silent: He did not mention the scandal on "Cuomo Prime Time" Tuesday night.

Everyone else is talking about it, though. The political uproar around Governor Cuomo was the headline story on all nightly newscasts. CNN's coverage of the governor was critical throughout the afternoon and evening. In the 8pm hour, for example, "Anderson Cooper 360" led with the news out of New York while MSNBC and Fox went with other stories. "It's not clear" if he "can do the basic function of government and governing in this state," Maggie Haberman said.

Per Haberman's NYT colleague Katie Glueck, "Events could move swiftly: A person familiar with the process said it could take just a month to complete the inquiry and draw up the articles of impeachment. A trial in the State Senate could begin as soon as late September or early October." Details here...

The CNN angle

Can Chris Cuomo continue to host his 9 p.m. show while being linked to one of the greatest political stories? On Tuesday, CNN management said yes by keeping him on the air. Last week, Chris began referring to his show as a "Covid command center," and he continued the theme on Tuesday, beginning with the Covid case rise among the unvaccinated and interviewing Jerome Adams about it.

Some CNN employees I spoke with on Tuesday were supportive of Cuomo, realizing that no one picks their family members and that viewers expected to see him on the show. For "Prime Time," one of the network's highest-rated shows. Other employees were "extremely unhappy of the company's choice not to penalize Chris Cuomo for his role in the incident," according to BuzzFeed News.

That's because of Chris Cuomo's role advising his brother, and even collaborating with members of his brother's senior staff, as the sexual harassment charges crested earlier this year. The Washington Post broke the story in May, and CNN publicly rebuked Chris for taking calls from the governor's staffers. Chris also publicly apologized to his coworkers for placing them in a "difficult place" at the time.

On Tuesday, a CNN representative declined to speak further on the topic. Chris appeared several times in the AG's report. As the NYT's Michael Grynbaum wrote, "One document included in the report shows Chris Cuomo participating in an email chain on Feb. 28: the group wrote a formal public statement for Governor Cuomo, which was issued later that day by the governor's office. Chris Cuomo appeared to weigh in on the wording of the statement, although it was unclear if he wrote it."


"A unique challenge"

People listening to the CNN host's lunchtime radio show on SiriusXM have heard his feelings about his brother in recent weeks. He has been steeling himself for the AG report, expecting that it would hit in early August. On the air, he has sounded protective of his brother at times; bitter about the political warfare at other times; and detached from it at other other times. Overall, I'd say, he sounded realistic about life as a member of his famous political family.

>> In May, Chris apologized on his show, saying, "Being a journalist and the brother of a politician is... a unique task, and I have a special obligation to balance those duties."

How it's being reported

-- Right after Chris Cuomo passed over to Don Lemon for "CNN Tonight," Lemon noted, "the calls are getting louder and louder," referring to calls for "Gov. Cuomo to quit..."

At this hour, the top headline on NYTimes.com is "Biden Calls for

Cuomo's Resignation Following Sexual Harassment Report."

— Charlotte Bennett, one of Governor Cuomo's accusers, spoke exclusively to Norah O'Donnell for the "CBS Evening News." "If he's not willing to stand aside," Bennett stated. Then we have a responsibility to act and impeach him..."

-- Lester Holt had an exclusive with Albany County District Attorney David Soares, who said "we will conduct our own independent investigation..."

-- Philip Bump said "the most abominable allegation against Andrew Cuomo centers on a New York state trooper." Note the parts about the Albany Times-Union...

-- The 19th: "Andrew Cuomo's response to the harassment report is nothing new for men in power..."

"Cuomo must go," say newspapers across New York state.

For Wednesday, a front-page editorial in all 12 of Gannett's local New York publications called on Cuomo to resign, as did many other elected leaders. According to the editorial, "we renew the request we made in early March — that Cuomo must quit his office for the sake of good governance and the dignity of women everywhere."

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