Tax Attorney: How to find the best one?

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Tax Attorney: How to find the best one?

The Tax Foundation grades tax law specialists. One way to determine whether a lawyer has practical experience dealing with issues that relate to the IRS is to ask him about specific cases. If you do not know anyone who can give you this advice, then your best bet is to contact a well-respected business law firm. See my bio box below for more information on selecting a qualified business firm. If you cannot locate one in your area, you can always check with a professional association, such as the Chamber of Commerce.

Get help from Bar Association

If you cannot find a business or professional group that can provide you with firsthand experience, then ask your local bar association. These professionals may have suggestions for you as well. It is a good idea to seek out opinions from people that are not related to the tax law firms. You should never take any recommendations for legal representation from anyone who is not an attorney. This advice could prove to be damaging if you later discover that the attorney in question does not have practical experience with issues that pertain to the IRS.

Don’t be scared

Do not let the title of your tax law firm scare you. Many successful tax lawyers started their careers by attending law school. The most popular specialization that graduates earn is tax law. Many of the nation's top corporate executives began their careers by going to law school. Here is a fun fact: many of the world's most successful business leaders studied or earned a degree at an Ivy League university.

Find the Federal Tax Attorneys

Attorneys also serve as federal tax attorneys, as well as state tax lawyers. The states provide briefs and arguments on the federal tax laws, while the lawyers argue on behalf of their clients on the state tax laws. You will need an attorney for tax law because a layperson may not have the appropriate knowledge to present an argument for the client in a state tax court. You will have to give the lawyer all of the necessary information and he will determine what the best course of action is for your particular situation.

Find Private Tax Accountants for assistance

Many tax attorneys like Tax Attorney Johns Creek choose to retain private tax accountants as assistants. Certified public accountants (CPAs) are the best choice because they already have the appropriate tax return experience. They are extremely knowledgeable about tax laws and can present a sound argument for your tax return. A tax assistant does not have this type of experience and if you are unsure of something on your tax return it would be best to have a CPA represent you.

Your attorney must know business law

Another type of lawyer who might be helpful for you is a business owner. If you are a business owner, you will likely be responsible for managing your business finances. For this reason, you should have someone who is trained in business law present during all of your financial meetings. This is not the only time that an attorney could come in handy. If there is an accident or even a defect in the product that you manufacture, an experienced business owner can help you claim insurance or even put together a payment plan.

Your lawyer should have a good history

One of the most demanding facts about the lawyer is the success history. If you want to have the best attorney for your cases or business, you should first go for analyzing their history.

If an attorney’s history is full of success, then it will be best for you. However, the selected lawyer doesn't need to be having a 100% success rate rather you should analyze the difficulty of the case as well as the strength of the case.

For example, if the case is about murder, then there are fewer chances of success especially when the case is one-sided.

The best way to do this is to ask directly from your lawyer to provide the history of their records.


A tax lawyer represents clients on a contingency basis, which means he receives no fee until he wins his case. In this way, he is in business with you as his client and therefore you should always try to select a lawyer that you intend to work with long-term. Your attorney will provide you with the representation that you need and also act as your liaison with the IRS so that he is present during the preparation and processing of your tax return.

Remember, finding the best lawyer will be helpful for your business rather than just spending the money and wasting your time on it.

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