Neither did Conor. He went to London in a tiny ship

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Neither did Conor. He went to London in a tiny ship

Currently, is still experiencing a recession due to the global SARS-Cov-2 virus outbreak. The growth of our gross domestic product (GDP) in the third quarter of 2020 was  minus 3.49 percent . It is still better than the second quarter of 2020 which was minus 5.32 percent, but it is still wallowing in the mud of recession.

All countries in recession, including Ireland, whose economy shrank 8.5%  in the second quarter of 2020.

In the early 1980s Ireland also experienced a fairly severe recession, causing the economy to stagnate. Many teenagers who quit school and try their luck to England, around Europe, even to America. 

owned by his late the Irish Sea with his beautiful lover, Raphina. Raphina is really beautiful, so she wanted to be a model in London after leaving school at the age of 16.

Raphina is talented to be a model. It was thanks to him that the band's music video for Conor was stunning, that's what Brendan, Conor's brother, said.

Conor formed a band called Sing Street after moving to an all-boy, government-owned Christian school.

Conor's parents were hit by the recession, their business went bankrupt and Conor had to move from private school to public school.

In fact, Conor is not good at playing any musical instrument. He can only play acoustic guitar with genjrengan alakadar. But, yes, he's good at composing lyrics and composing songs, assisted by Eamon who mastered keyboard, guitar and drums.

but also about social conditions, and criticisms of the school which he judged were too rigid.

in the 1980s during a recession. It is depicted that Ireland is plunging into a recession as a result of which young people are becoming apathetic about their future. Many of them want to go abroad, but still want to work in their own country.

that aired in 2016, watching it today is still fun. We can look nostalgic to see old school equipment such as tube television (in , there are still many, tube TVs), rotary phones, gramophones and LPs, cassettes, songs by Duran Duran, Joe Jackson, Adam Levine, to The Score. The retro 80s style that sticks to the players is also fun to stare at without getting bored, especially if you like music.

The director John Carney who also wrote the film script is also known as a producer and lyricist .

If a songwriter is a person who writes songs and their musical compositions, then a lyricist only writes the lyrics without music.

Writing lyrics like Conor? Yes, because what happened to Conor in the film was written based on his story as a teenager in Ireland. Maybe it's like a biographical film full of meaning and inspiration, but crisp, light, and entertaining.

Sing Street was nominated for the 2017 Golden Globe for Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy, despite losing to La La Land starring Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling.

Conor's shrewdness in "recruiting" people who often bullied him to become subordinates was also Jewish.

while their band is performing, as well as equipment manager. Darren did a good job and was proud that his skill with muscles was channeled.

Because the bully has become his subordinate, Conor is free to focus his mind on music. He composed several songs, made amateur records, and gave small concerts in school halls.

Conor's decision was good too. Going to find a better life in another country than staying in your own country there is no future, but usually blame the government on.

The story of Conor who formed a band called Sing Street can be watched on Amazon Prime

"Before I Fall" Mystery of the Day that Keeps Repeating

Maybe you can wait. Maybe for you there is a tomorrow. Maybe for you there are a thousand tomorrow, or three thousand, or ten, so much time to please you, over and over, leaving like a coin in your fingers. you can spend, but some of us are just today. And what you do today, in due time, and maybe unlimited. But I didn't know about that, until I really fell. "

Opener movie spectacular, the audience will be served directly lyrics like poetry at the beginning of the opening movie. Ry Russo-Young the director adapted from Lauren Oliver 's novel of the same title " Before I Fal l".

After the novel Before I Fall was released on February 14 to coincide with Valentine's Day, it immediately received a positive response from the public. From there, Ry Russo-Young started shooting in 2015. Although the distance between the novel released and the shooting process was far apart, it did not make the story of this novel stale. Even after the film was released on the market, it received good ratings at 65% on Rotten Tomatoes and 6.5 / 10 on IMDB.

Lauren Oliver is an accomplished novelist. He created many quality novels to read. I also have one of his novels entitled " Curiousity House: The Fearsome Firebird " No wonder these works are loved by many people and made into films. The genre Before I Fall belongs to the mystery genre.

Played by Samantha ( Zoey Deutch ) and her three friends Lindsay (Halston Sage), Ally (Cynthy Wu), and Elody (Medalion Rahimi), these four friends are popular teenagers in their school. But unfortunately they are so popular, they treat other people at will.

Including bullying Juliet Skyes (Elena Kampouris) and Kent (Logan Miller). Whereas Juliet used to be close friends with Lindsay, while Kent is close friends with Samantha. Of the four teenage figures, Samantha is the main character.

Samantha has a life that is practically perfect. Popularity, rich family, popular boyfriend also named Rob (Kian Lawley), to his close friends. But things start to change when he gets into an accident in the middle of the night.

Samantha got a message from Lindsay containing " Happy Cupid Day Bae! ". Cupid Day itself is the same as Valentine's Day in life. Cupid day is celebrated at school. Each student may write a short message for the person they like and associate it with the roses that have been provided. After that, place the roses on the table where the class name is already written. Later, several people will collect the roses, and send them to the recipient. Yes, such as online shopping, sender, courier, and receiver.

These four friends are competing to get the most roses every year. Until Kent invited Samantha and his friends to attend a party on Saturday night. Samantha of course ignored Kent's invitation, but she still attended because her friends and boyfriend were also attending the party.

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