The SWORD analysis wrong on Wandas background ???

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The SWORD analysis wrong on Wandas background ???

In the fourth episode yesterday, the WandaVision series opened the answer to what happened after Avengers: Endgame.

In addition, the beginning of the reality of Wanda in the city of WestView is also explained quite clearly. However, even so, some big questions remain unanswered. Moreover, Marvel a few days ago also released spoilers of some video footage on its official YouTube account.

Apparently, some of the footage released by Marvel appears in this fifth episode. One of them was when Wanda and Vision got emotional and showed as if they were going to fight.

Okay ... Before we discuss the fifth episode any further, remember SPOILER ALERT!

The fifth episode of Wanda Vision's story begins when Wanda and Vision begin to act like a happy family with two sons, Billy and Tommy.

Like most young mothers, Wanda said it was difficult for her to sleep because her son Tommy was fussy. Vision then appeared carrying Billy, who now has quite long hair, adjusting to the conditions of the 80s sitcom

They feel confused about how to care for a pair of twins. Wanda had used her ability to keep her child quiet, but it didn't work. When they felt they needed help, Agnes suddenly appeared. From the beginning of this episode, Agnes's figure turns into a central character and makes the audience wonder.

Agnes, who suddenly appeared, knew Wanda's children didn't want to sleep. Suddenly it appeared and seemed to know what was happening at Wanda's house. Of course it was a question, does this mean anything? Given that Agnes is the only person at WestView whose real identity is unknown in the reality sitcom Wanda

Another oddity appeared, as if Agnes knew that Wanda could repeat the incident again when something went wrong. This happened when Agnes wanted to carry the twins, but Vision tried to prevent her. At that moment, Agnes said, "Do I need to do it again?"

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Vision felt something was wrong with Agnes. But Wanda tried to get the vision to think positively. At the same moment, Agnes sprayed a liquid on the twins. He claims it's lavender liquid.

Oddities for the sake of strangeness reappear. In just a few seconds, Wanda and Vision's twins changed and were as big as 5 years old children. Moreover, Agnes seemed neither surprised nor confused when this change occurred

The scene changes to a sitcom intro, with some interesting footage. One of them is when Billy and Tommy the twins celebrate their 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th birthdays at one time. This shows that they are now 5 years old

Monica Rambeau did a number of tests to determine her health condition after being thrown out of Wanda's reality. In that scene, also tucked into what dialogue he remembered the first time. Monica then replied, the pain she felt for the first time entering Wanda's reality.

Then, Monica explained next that she heard Wanda's voice in her head. Monica also revealed that there was a feeling that came up and held her back after entering Wanda's reality. A feeling of despair, sadness.

After undergoing the examination, the results came out. It turned out that Monica's medical examination was wrong. When a kind of X-ray examination is done, the results look blank. Even the lab results are the same, the team of doctors wants to confirm again by needing new blood samples again. However Monica refuses. 

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When referring to Marvel comics , Monica Rambeau has super powers. Is this the beginning of the appearance of Monica's superpowers?Wanda's family background is clarified in this fifth episode. Wanda was born in Sokovia 1989 to Irina and Oleg Maximoff. Both of Wanda's parents died when Wanda and Pietro, his twins, were 10 years old. They died in an air strike when sokovia was attacked. This was revealed during the film Avengers: Age of Ultron. It was because of this incident that they became radicalized and volunteered at HYDRA.
In this episode, Wanda explained that she got her ability after becoming a HYDRA experimental mouse by using the ability of one of the Infinity Stones, the mind stone.

It's definitely a bit different from the Marvel universe in the comics. In the comics, Wanda and pietro are the sons of Magneto, one of the famous villains and key figures in X-Men.

In the X-Men: Apocalypse film, Pietro aka Quicksilver is the son of Magneto.

Thus, is this proof that it is difficult for X-Men to enter the MCU ? Even though the presence of Wanda and Pietro was a sufficient introduction to present X-Men like Wolverine in the MCU.

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There is an argument between SWORD Director Tyler Hayward and Monica, Darcy and Agent Jimmy Woo. Tyler thinks Wanda is a terrorist. Given his background with HYDRA and added to the incident in Lagos during Captain America: Civil Wars.

However, Monica thought differently. Wanda is not a terrorist because he also quarantines WestView City. Because without the quarantine, it is possible that the victims of the disappearance of people and the wider city.

During the debate, Tyler Hayward opened the secret CCTV footage from SWORD headquarters. It appears that Wanda tries to break into SWORD headquarters and forcibly retrieve Vision's body.

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This cctv recording took place 9 days earlier, or about a week before Monica was sucked into Wanda's reality. Interestingly, from the CCTV footage, it appears that SWORD experts are trying to dissect Vision.

According to Jimmy Woo, the FBI agent who held Ant-man under house arrest, what Wanda did violate section 36B of the Sokovia Agreement agreed during Captain America: Civil Wars. In addition, Wanda was against Vision's will that he didn't want his body to become a weapon for anyone

Monica looked confused. Even Agents Jimmy and Darcy are also confused about how Wanda brought Vision to life without a mind stone. In this debate, it is increasingly clear that Wanda in the MCU is not a character in the X-Men known as Scarlet Witch. This is known when Tyler asks if Wanda has a strange nickname or nickname, apparently Wanda does not have that name.

The story then continues when Billy and Tommy tell Wanda that they want to raise the stray dog ​​they have found. They took the dog home and bathed it in the sink. Then, Vision suddenly appeared with his human appearance. Wanda then wondered, why did Vision appear in his human form?

Vision's answer was interesting, because he answered he felt something would come soon and Agnes appeared!

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This is the second time in the fourth episode Vision is correct about Agnes. Something's wrong with Agnes. The sudden appearance of Agnes with a portable dog house when the twins brought the dog home, what an extraordinary coincidence. 

Officially, the Wanda family then named their dog Sparky, an idea from Agnes. Vision had protested to Wanda when Wanda did her magic to make a dog collar named Sparky.
This was done when Agnes was in the house. Wanda then replied that he was tired of hiding. In the dialogue between the lovers, disagreements began to emerge between them.

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The SWORD analysis wrong on Wandas background ???

The SWORD analysis wrong on Wandas background ???

- The SWORD analysis wrong on Wandas background ??? In the fourth episode yesterday, the WandaVision series opened the answer to what happened



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