Featured Football Movies and Series on Netflix

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Featured Football Movies and Series on Netflix

During a pandemic, routine activities for people to watch films and series  seemed to  increase significantly. 

Various genres from Korean dramas to action films from the west color each other's cellphone or laptop screens. 

So it becomes commonplace for us if today, tomorrow or the day after, the timeline is filled with news about the release of a new film or series about the Korean drama-style romance genre or the excitement of Western action films. 

These mainstream film themes seem to get us trapped when looking for film recommendations. Because when we searched, it came out again with the same genre or theme. 

That is what football lovers might experience when they want to enjoy football itself but from a different perspective. 

They seem very difficult to find a film or series  that is truly a recommendation from other film connoisseurs. 

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Therefore, I try to take the initiative to give a film or series recommendation  with a football nuance that is quite neat and certainly inspiring to watch. 

The following films, documentaries and series- its themed around football and of course can be watched via streaming service Netflix subscription namely:


The first is a documentary called Antoine Griezmann: The Making of a Legend . Of course from the title we already know that this documentary tells the story of a French player and FC Barcelona at this time, namely Antoine Griezmann. 

And it is true, the film documentary raises a struggle from Griezmann from the beginning of his amateur football career until 2018 that curls at once impressive.

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Having a height is not ideal as a player, especially a striker (his position), making him continue to be refused to join the junior teams in his homeland Macon, a city in France. 

This documentary film also shows scenes  that change backgrounds, from the highlights of interviews with his father and his talent discoverer in the Real Sociedad youth team, to the times when he played with Sociedad and his move to Atletico Madrid and even his struggles with colleagues in the French national team. when facing the 2018 World Cup in Russia.

He also told how the process was when he finally decided to bet on his life when he decided to take part in the selection to Spain at the club Real Sociedad with no guarantee of being selected. 

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Determination, perseverance to hard fighting with all the advantages and disadvantages possessed gave extraordinary results in 2018 by obtaining the Europa League  title when defeating Marseille, as well as the most extraordinary title, the 2018 World Cup when they beat Croatia in the round final with a score of 4-1.

In my opinion, this film brings the audience to know how Griezmann's struggles are, which may not be widely understood. The majority of us only see him as an extraordinary player in the French national team and Atletico Madrid or FC Barcelona at the moment. 

This documentary also makes me put my deepest respect  towards a player who is identical to the number 7 jersey. Because previously, what was in his mind was only what was seen, so his understanding of Griezmann was only limited to his quality in the field.

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By the way,  for those of you who are connoisseurs of the Griezmann game in the current era with FC Barcelona, ​​don't expect a scene  when he is in the Los Cules uniform . Because this documentary was made when his move from Madrid was still an issue.


Next we move to a documentary series from Argentina, which tells about one of the famous clubs there, Boca Junior. The series itself is titled Boca Junior Confidencial,  and consists of four episodes.

The background story is also the process of Boca Junior 's struggle to face the new 2017/2018 season. Starting from the pre-season, purchasing players, as well as the various matches they went through in several events such as the Argentine Super League, the Libertadores Cup and the Argentine Super Cup were presented in this series.

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In fact, the pre-season they did was not only training scenes  , but how from the process they rented a hotel in Buenos Aires to become a temporary camp for  the players until the season started and showed how close the players were there.

This documentary series also features quite a few dramas that are rather emotionally draining. Injuries to their core players at that time such as Fernando Gago the captain and top scorer of the Benedetto team. This makes the team really exhausted to find new concoctions which are of course also the best. 

Here also shows the return of Carlos Tevez into the arms of Boca Junior after several seasons of traveling to Europe. Tevez was brought in to fill the void left by Benedetto on the front lines. He also struggled with other players such as Magallan, Cardona, Nandez to his compatriot on the front lines, Ramon "Wanchope" Abila. The winding struggles that involve the emotions of each player make this series interesting to enjoy.

A note also for fans of supporters and ultras, this series also shows the process of how Boca Junior's supporters packed La Bombonera, the home of Boca Junior. And how they, with all their struggles and creativity, gave continuous support to the Azul y Oro team (nicknamed Boca Junior which means Blue-Gold).


For this one is a film with the nuances of football from our beloved country, . This film is the work of a director whose name is quite poor in 2020, namely Angga Dwimas Sasongko, simultaneously produced by the legendary  singer from , Alm. Glenn Fredly. 

The most interesting thing is that this film raises the nuances of football in a place that produces talented footballers in , namely Ambon, Maluku. We know that Ramdani Lestaluhu, Rizky Pellu, Alfin Tuasalamony, to Hendra Adi Bayauw are some of the star players in  and came from Maluku.

This film tells the story of a Sani Tawainella (Chicco Jerikho) who is a motorcycle taxi driver in the city of Tulehu, Central Maluku. He felt moved and annoyed when he had to see children participating in conflicts between religious communities in Ambon. The story of this film is based on real events in Ambon around 1999-2000. 

The way a Sani is in separating children from the conflict that occurs is what is in the spotlight in this film, namely through football. He trained the Tulehu children to play football, on the pretext that they would not continue to join dangerous conflicts. 

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