Reality Check On Shopify Vs Magneto 2 Development Services

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Publish Date : 2020-09-24

Reality Check On Shopify Vs Magneto 2 Development Services

Ecommerce trends are now changing every year. We see the tremendous changes in the technology and features used by the ecommerce developers. One of the big battles of ecommerce platforms is Magneto Vs Shopify. Both are an amazing platform for ecommerce development but how to know which is better for your business. Here we are going to mention some of the bottom-line differences between Magneto and Shopify. You must before considering the right ecommerce platform for your ecommerce website.

Reality check on the Shopify Vs Magento 2 Development Services in India helps you to find the real and genuine points to select anyone platform for your ecommerce business website. Nowadays, many options are visible for the people in the range of ecommerce platforms. They are still confused and stuck in myths for selecting the right one. Thus, this reality check can solve lots of issues for the beginners between Shopify and Magneto 2.

Shopify: Beginner Friendly+ Fully Hosted Platform

The best thing about the Shopify is Full Hosted Platform. That means you don’t need to spend money on the hosting of this ecommerce platform. Most of the businesses are adopting Shopify for the development of an ecommerce website just because of the zero cost of hosting. Thus, if you also want to take this kind of advance for your ecommerce portal then you can go with the option of Shopify.

At next, Shopify features are easy to use. Users never face any kind of issue for the set-up of the Shopify ecommerce store. This ecommerce interface also known as the beginner-friendly interface. The speed loading time o the Shopify portals are also eye-catchy for the users because it takes less time for loading and that’s why UI UX is also better of the Shopify based website. Users can also integrate the Shopify website with other ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart.

Magneto: An Open Source Platform With Rich Features of Customization:

To get extra-ordinary and advanced features in your ecommerce store you have to move towards the services of Magento 2 Development Company. The reason is a fully customized and open-source platform. Nowadays successful ecommerce platforms have become an example of authentic features and navigation systems. Thus, these things can only possible in rich features of customizations of Magneto. You may face the issue of design limitation in the Shopify ecommerce store but this limitation is not available in the Magneto 2 Store.

Magneto 2 Stores developed in 1-Click Selling Process. Thus, this is good for both buyers and sellers in the ecommerce store. Shopify charges a transaction fee on every sale (that is the worst feature of Shopify). Thus, smart users are always avoiding this kind of issue because they don’t want to lose the big part of their ROI for the commissions only.

Shopify is Not for SEO Lovers &Can’t Customized Everything:

Now, come at the cons of Shopify Development (these are also reasons for going towards the Magneto 2 Development Services in India). First of all, SEO Lovers should stay away from the Shopify development notion because this platform is not working on the search engine optimization friendly principles. The features and plugins of the Shopify are not giving the SEO Optimized benefits to the users. Maybe, you can’t accomplish favorable ranking on the search engine of your Shopify Ecommerce Website.

On the other hand, Magneto is the best friend of SEO. We are not joking and according to the features and trends of the ecommerce market, Magneto is a full search engine optimization friend. This also enhances the chances of higher ranking on the SERP of your ecommerce store. Without ranking, owning an ecommerce store is just useless for the users and they have required the top ranking on the search engine. Even, you can customize everything that you want with the Magneto Development Services.

Magneto or Shopify-: Which is Good for Better Scalability?

Now come at the scalability feature. Which ecommerce platform is integrated with the heist percentage of scalability feature? This also matters for us because this gives a realistic experience to the users of your website. When we compare both Shopify and Magneto 2 for the scale of Scalability feature we can say that the highest votes go in the favor of Magneto 2 because it is a realistic choice for the users all the time.

Final Words:

Being an IT Trend Analyst and Researcher, I just want to say one thing that Magneto is providing everything to the users that they want on their business website. Endless customization features are only possible with the Magneto 2 Development Services. From scalability to features and faster checkout processes everything is available in the Magneto 2 store for the business. You can choose the best Magneto Development Company to garnish your Magento 2 Store.

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