Want to create a mobile application?

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Publish Date : 2020-09-22

Want to create a mobile application?

We have been following the online website publisher market for more than five years. Creating a simple website is not much of a problem today.

But can the same be said of mobile applications?  

Is it possible to create a mobile application without knowing programming?

When my wife considered creating one for her mavendigital site, we took the opportunity to try out some of the best online mobile app builder tools on the market. There is no shortage of companies that offer this kind of service: we have identified more than thirty of them.

Update: We have now created and launched the app thanks to Mavendigital Dubai. You can test it yourself here.


The tools for creating mobile apps in 100 seconds

How to create an app in 5 steps:

Visit the site of a platform like mavendigital Dubai, Dubai or Appling

Choose an application category: Restaurant, Boutique, etc.

Add the functions that suit you: info page, online video, etc.

Update the content by changing the images and text in the app.

Sign up for the service to publish the app. The price varies depending on the platform (iOS or Android).

Usually, it's that easy. Some platforms let you go to the last step without registering. Others ask you to sign up up front.

There is application and application

Most of the mobile app makers we tested offer two types of apps:

A Progressive Web App is similar to a mobile version of your existing website. It opens on an Internet browser for smartphone, tablet or computer. You will have access to the same functions as with a native e-commerce application, user accounts, blog, etc.

Speaking of native apps, these are the ones most people are looking for. They can be downloaded from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store application stores. A native application will also allow you to send these handy little push messages that hardly anyone knows how to deactivate.

While you can build your own PWA app for around $ 8-30 per month, building a native app isn't going to spare your wallet. For an application intended for the Android ecosystem, most publishers will ask you to shell out about 35-60 € every month, and this can go up to double for an iOS application.

We have discovered a young and promising market, with a lot of new things to come. Here are our favorite online mobile app makers right now:

This application editor with the original name comes from Corsica and impresses us with the aesthetics of its themes. They also offer the most advanced functions, such as Geofencing and iBeacons.

Create a web browser application that works on smartphones and computers for € 25 per month. Adding an Android app to it will cost you € 48 per month. With an iOS app for iPhone and one for iPad in addition, it costs 96 € per month ( see prices in detail ). In addition, we can now create a “shopping” application for online commerce.

We appreciate: the beautiful models and the ease of use are unbeatable. Functions like push notifications are also superbly used. You can even add a live chat or create a complete e-commerce app and site.

Needs improvement: some functions are chargeable, and publishing an app on iOS is expensive.

Another “made in UAE” application editor, Dubai offers two particularities: it gives you access to the source code of the application, but you must also install the platform on your own Internet domain. It's worth it, because you can build an app completely for free!

Obviously, they also sell you lots of additional modules, and you can even pay them to install the platform for you (59 €). Most prices are for a 1 year license, which is still cheap compared to a monthly subscription. There is also a Multi-App edition with which you can create an unlimited number of applications for 399 €. Resellers pay € 799 for a white label version. The latter two offer assistance in UAE.

The designs are not necessarily the most captivating, but you have access to many options for customization and layout. The functions are quite impressive, like push notifications, m-commerce, and more. It will take a bit more of a technical effort, but if you know how to install files on a domain, you won't have too many problems with Dubai.

We appreciate: the completely free version can take you very far and create really professional apps.

Needs improvement: the editor is sometimes a bit poorly designed.

Mavendigital - Mobile Application Creation

This editor, founded in UAE, claims the creation of more than a million applications in the world, which makes it one of the major players in the application market. The tool offers a wide range of blocks to assemble: management of loyalty cards, appointment booking, e-commerce, user reviews and event management, etc. Most of the examples highlighted in the application gallery relate to restaurants, bands and other structures organizing events.

Mavendigital has just implemented a new price list, with a single price level and the choice of a monthly ($ 57), annual ($ 48) or biannual ($ 41) payment, respectively 50 €, 42 € and around € 36. Add to that a bold six-month success guarantee, meaning that Mavendigital will give you six months of free membership if you don't get good results with your app.

We found seven different designs to combine with six sailing styles. You can customize the colors, background images and icons with your own graphic elements.

Mavendigital Editor

Mavendigital Editor

Mavendigital Templates

Mavendigital App Store

Mavendigital App Store

We like: the editor, very well done and easy to use. It is among those that offer the greatest number of features. The designs are really a plus. A UAE version is available.

To improve: their marketing. After registering, you will receive promotional emails every day for almost a week...

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