Wackrow declined to elaborate on the specific precautions his company advised its customers to take.

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Publish Date : 2021-04-08

Wackrow declined to elaborate on the specific precautions his company advised its customers to take.

Wackrow declined to elaborate on the specific precautions his company advised its customers to take.

Cities, states and businesses brace for unrest in the United States

Concerns range from isolated violent incidents to a long series of mass protests, violent clashes between extremists and widespread property damage, whether the election outcome remains uncertain or hotly contested for weeks or months, according to consultants in security, extremism analysts, police. officials and local elected officials who spoke with CNN.

“It keeps me awake at night,” Cincinnati Mayor John Cranley, who chairs the US Conference of Mayors, Mayors and Police Chiefs task force, of the threat of violence. In recent months, federal law enforcement, led by the FBI, has had discussions with sheriffs and local police who are said to be responsible for policing any protest that may

Among the concerns are armed extremists who may try to interfere with or stop the counting of votes carried out by local survey commissions. Groups ranging from right-wing activists and white supremacists to antifa and anarchists have been active in recent months amid George Floyd's protests.

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City police chiefs from Baltimore to Seattle and Portland told CNN they had banned police officers from taking days off during the election. and closely monitor any information leading up to the election that could create problems affecting public safety. ”managing director of Teneo, a consulting firm in management that assessment of business risks.

to prepare them for the full spectrum of threats and their consequences. threats can weigh on their organization, their people, their processes and their technology so that they can continue to operate in the midst of chaos, ”he said.

Control Risks, another risk security consultancy, is working with several national retailers and dozens of companies with a national presence to prepare them for election-related unrest, said Jonathan Wood, the company's senior analyst at the United States. Potential steps for them include securing locations to protect them in the event of riots, granting some employees polling day and other measures, he said.

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A recent Control Risks analysis that the company shared with CNN estimates the likelihood of trouble on election day to be limited, but warns: “We expect credible election results will likely be delayed days to weeks after the day. of the ballot. During this time, partisan protests aimed at putting pressure on state political and electoral officials are likely, especially in states where election results are near or in dispute. ”

Trump's False Mail Voting Claims Do More to Damage Election Than Threat of Fraud, Experts Say
He added: “Political activists - including militant activists - can mobilize to 'defend' an apparent preliminary election result against so-called 'rigging', triggering counter-protests that pose a localized threat of violent clashes. A contested electoral process, meanwhile, could expand. this delay, including - in extremis - until the inauguration itself. “

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A threat assessment from the New Jersey Office of Homeland Security and Preparedness similarly warns that a contested election that takes months to be certified or ends in the United 

And while right-wing extremists and white supremacist groups are still seen as the main threat by US officials, there is also evidence that left-wing anarchists are using social media to director of Network Contagion. Research Institute, a non-profit organization that tracks extremism on social media.

Finkelstein said the institute's research shows anarchist collectives coordinated violent action on July 25 in Richmond, Virginia; Portland and Eugene, Oregon; and Seattle, sharing tactics via social media, like throwing And he expressed concern that extremists are seeing the electoral turmoil as an opportunity for further action.

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Many of those who track potential security threats say red flags abound. For example, some experts interviewed by CNN pointed to an increase in online discussions among extremists about the prospect of armed and bloody clashes on election day. “Someone has to do something for Antifa and the left because it's not a right wing problem, ”members of the Proud Boys immediately celebrated online, updating their logo to.

Authorities have also noticed unprecedented consumer demand for firearms and ammunition: Americans bought a record $ 13.8 billion in guns through August of this year, according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, which tracks retail sales. Ammunition sales through June have more than doubled from a year ago, NSSF spokesman Mark Oliva said.

Historically, he said, gun sales increase during presidential election years, especially if buyers fear a change in administration could lead to new regulations. Trump's suggestion that his supporters “go to the polls” on election day and “watch very carefully” has been widely seen as a call to intimidate voters.

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Believe me when I say it: you do it and you will be prosecuted ”. Eleven Democratic governors issued a statement on Wednesday calling for a peaceful transfer of power. He also stated that `` it is a criminal offense for individuals to usurp the role of law enforcement, and therefore it is illegal to go to the polls to attempt to perform roles that rightfully belong to the forces. order >>, noting that the prohibition may apply.

Trump's anti-truth campaign continues to clash with its own officials
Other law enforcement officials, analysts and former homeland security officials said they were also troubled by Trump's strategy.through their reckless backing, misinformation, racial bait and fear,” said Brackney said.Elizabeth Neumann, former Deputy Secretary for Counterterrorism and Homeland Security Threat Prevention, said she was concerned that “if he really digs and can't accept defeat, things will be stuck in court. 

But he does the opposite: he stirs up the confrontation. ”And I never had to speak to the Chief (of Police) of Election Security, ever. And now we talk about it every week. ”

Hope for a new political course in Algeria fades a year after popular uprising

"free and democratic". The old corrupt system - in which he had spent his entire career - was gone, he insisted. In the streets below Mr. Tebboune's office, the old Algerian realities are reasserting themselves.Dissenters and state prison seats were for sale - the list price was around $ 540,000 according to the testimony of a parliamentarian in court - in the same Parliament that ratified the new constitution proposed by Mr. 

The street revolt that began last year, known here as Hirak , initially seemed to signal a new dawn in a country that had been stifled for decades by its massive army. Other advocates for change in the Arab world have watched with envy as week after week tens of thousands have moved peacefully to protest the continued rule of Mr Bouteflika, Soldiers in uniform are omnipresent in Algiers. 

They also judged the army's push for the presidential elections to be premature. But the all-powerful army chief of staff, Ahmed Gaid Salah, rejected the move. The pandemic ended the protests in March, and since then the government has played cat-and-mouse with Hirak's remains, freeing some and arresting others. 

Editor-in-chief of a widely followed website, the Casbah Tribune, and local correspondent for a French television station, Drareni covered Hirak with a mixture of activism and detachment. “We call for freedom of the press. They respond with corruption and money. "This remark exasperated the authorities. 

"Khaled Drareni, freelance journalist!" protesters shouted before police entered to disperse them. "Scram! "He didn't even have a press card," the president stormed during the interview, presenting Mr. Drareni, however, interviewed Mr. Tebboune insisted on a contrary account during the three-and-a-half-hour interview, affirming that his country was now "free and democratic". 

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