Tune Into Radio Player Italia App For Better Experience

Publish Date : 2020-05-20

Tune Into Radio Player Italia App For Better Experience

“The new application Radioplayer Italia was released on April 28 for Italy. Dive in to know more about the technology and the functionalities that it offers.”

The original announcement about the application was made in October 2019, and now the app has finally been released. The app allows a total of 44 million listeners from Italy to tune into its seamless services available on iOS and Android. One can conveniently search through the glut of radio stations and get hold of the favorites from a single access point. With it, the accessibility remains intact even if the user is out of the coverage area of the selected station.     

The developed solution would allow the user base to listen to the most loved broadcast and music of Radio Rai. It is basically a large private network and broadcasters that operate locally. Three different components have been brought together in the PER company, i.e. Player Editor Radio. The company has selected to depend on Radioplayer Worldwide for the development of the application, and it will be managed directly by the broadcasters. After the users have downloaded the application, they would be displayed a privacy reminder.

More Information About Radioplayer Italia

It is a single app that seamlessly aggregates Italian broadcasters. The tech promises to revolutionize the complete picture of radio enjoyment by Italians. The application is created by PER company that is a group of the country's national and local broadcasters. Its introduction makes the process of listening to streams simple. One can get hands-on a vast variety of channels from a single access point.

Italian radios have authorized Radioplayer as the only aggregator. The number of radios ranges up to 140 radios that users can tune into whenever and wherever they want. From large networks to city stations, users can easily find their favorites as the options are wide-ranging.

Why Radiopayer Italia Was Needed?

There is no doubt in the fact that radio is an extremely powerful and constantly evolving medium. This application allows its users to have unique and simplified access to multiple Italian broadcasters on a variety of devices. For example, TVs, connected cars, smartphones, and voice assistants.

What Does It Offer?

Radioplayer is basically a free service that does not need any subscription or registration. After installation one can tune into the unbeatable sound quality of the favorite radio.

How To Use The App?

As we have already mentioned above, that to use the service there is no need to register. Therefore, there is no scope of sharing any information or data with the app. The brand, Radioplayer Italia has informed that different radio stations would require a particular recording to be listened to. In such cases, the user base would be subject to the list of all the privacy terms and conditions provided by the broadcaster.

Instead of the details, the app would use the position of the device in order to improve its services. This would allow the brand-

  • To show and allow the search for local radios
  • To get access to the listening history
  • To help the user keep track of the favorite broadcasts and stations

During the initial access, the Live tabyou will be welcomed by a page that is empty. The reason why the page is still empty is that the application is not aware of personal tastes. Once the user adds the favorite radios, the page would soon be populated. This can be done with the help of the Search tab. Visit the official website, for details. 140 stations are now available which includes Radio Rai, Radio Deejay, R101, Radio 105, Rtl 102.5 and many others will be included in the future.

The third and final tab, on the other hand, is the Podcast. It would provide the user with the possibility to view all the latest releases, that too in the chronological order. One can also search for them by entering specific categories like entertainment and news.

Take A Look At All The Connected Devices

Here the automotive industry is also involved. In order to design and develop the next generation radio interfaces, Radioplayer Worldwide has been collaborating with a bunch of automotive brands. They are easily accessible to the user base through voice commands and touch dashboards.

For many Audi, VW, and Porsche cars the Radioplayer data feed will provide the Italian stations’ metadata to seamlessly hybrid radio interfaces. This procedure allows hybrid devices to automatically switch between streaming, DAB, and FM. With this, the listeners are locked into the most favorite radio stations.

According to the Radioplayer, the information coming from this data feed would allow advanced receivers to enable listeners with personalized radio recommendations. One can get search results and a variety of content, in an extremely simple and natural manner.

Radioplayer Italia will be available on all sorts of connected devices. The devices include smart-speaker platforms, for example, Sonos, Bose, Amazon Echo, Google Assistant. These will integrate with a bunch of others like Chromecast, Apple CarPlay, Airplay, Apple Watch, Android Auto, Android Wear, and a couple of other technologies.

Take A Look At Some Other Functions

The application successfully provides two immaculate timer and alarm functions. After setting these functions the user can comfortably go to sleep or wake up the very next day with the most preferred radio. But there is no doubt in the fact that the Radioplayer project is wider. It does not only involve the use of your Smartphone but the complete idea, in fact, is to boost the broadcasters.

The aim is to make almost 140 broadcasters available also on multiple devices. For example smart speakers like Amazon Echo, Sonos, Bose, Google Home, or smart TVs. It is also making the most of Fire TV keys or Chromecast. It will be literally available on the user's wrist. One can download the application for Apple Watch or Android smartwatch. Thanks to CarPlay and Android Auto the application can also be integrated into the user's car.


That is all about the application of the radio player. From allowing the user base with a lot of options on the radio, it also opens up the doorway to unmatchable business opportunities. If you are interested in giving your revenue funnel a boost the reach out to the experts.

Connect with the professionals and know more about the technicalities. But until then stay tuned to this space for more information.                           

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